October 2014 Maybe Coonies

Meet our Maybe-Coonies for October 2014!

Maybe-Maine Coon Cats For October:


By: Spud's Family in Devon, England

We've had Spud from his birth.

As kitten he would sleep on his own pillow in our bed, but soon he grew too big for that. Spud is an indoor cat and is a big scaredy cat - he doesn't like going out.

He is spoilt rotten although he has his own mind and is not a lap cat he follows us everywhere in the house.

He loves to be in our company. From nose to tail Spud measures 97cm he a big beautiful puddytat.



By: Alisha in Oklahoma

Large 5 month old kitten we got at the shelter.

Is Belle a Maine Coon ?

By: Lua in Boston


Belle Belle Belle Belle

We got her when she was 4 to 5 weeks, and its been almost 2 weeks. We think she might be a Maine Coon, she weghts 1.9 and is vocal and playful.

Tell us what you think.



By: Kimberly in South Carolina

I rescued Mufasa crying in the woods two days ago.

He was so scared and feral acting, but withing a day he turned into the most loving kitten I've ever had... and so vocal.. always talking LOUDLY.

Does he look like a Maine Coon mix to you too ???

Zoe - Is She A Maine Coon??

By: Jen in Hilo, HI, USA


Huge fuzzy tail

Zoe Zoe Zoe Zoe

Zoe was a rescue, we got her from a shelter on the Big Island of Hawaii when she was about 9 weeks old. We are not aware of any Maine Coon breeders on the island, but people do bring cats over from the mainland...

Personality: Zoe LOVES to play fetch - she brings back the mousie and wants to play all the time! She even walks around with the mousie in her mouth. She lets us know she wants to play as well as she's very demanding, in a cute and meowy sort of way!

She is very interested in water, she likes to jump in the shower when we're finished and walk in the water and inspect her paws. She loves attention to be petted.

She follows me around the house and if I close a door she'll be waiting for me when I open it. She also loves her non-related sisters. She likes to groom them and cuddle.

Physical characteristics: she has tufts of fur between her paw pads and her paws are very large. She has stalky legs.

Her eyes are green and slanted up at the corners. Her tail is amazingly full and luxurious. Her body is triangular in shape.

She is a little over a year old and longer than her non-blood related sisters and looks a lot bigger due to her being a med-long hair, but she only weighs 8 pounds.

Still, from what I've read, if she is a MC-mix she could keep growing for a few more years.

Is Zoe a Maine Coon/Maine Coon mix???


By: Molly in Massachusetts


Sigmund Sigmund Sigmund Sigmund

I adopted Sigmund a few days ago from a shelter.

He is 1 1/2 years old. He is 11 pounds and very long. He has a big fluffy tail and large paws.

I was wondering if he could be a Maine Coon or Coon mix? Thanks

Has My Kitten Some Maine Coon In Her?

By: Cory


Kitten Kitten Kitten

She is 5 to 6 weeks and weighs about 1.8 pounds.



By: Debbie Quennell in England

13 week old Male and he's called Woody.

Samwise The Maybe Maine Coon Mix

By: Shannon in Ohio


Samwise Samwise Samwise Samwise

I got my precious Sam almost four months ago when he was ten weeks old.

His mother was a stray who my friend took in while she was obviously pregnant. She died not too long after I got Sam due to tumors but she definitely wasn't a Maine Coon - she was a black calico cat and the fathers origins are unknown.

He's the only orange cat out of the litter and he's also the only long haired one out of the litter.

He's the sweetest cat, very vocal and I promise I have never heard a louder purring cat. Hes great with my niece and nephew who aren't so great with animals and he loves cuddle time.

Tomorrow he will be six months old and already he's almost the size of my four year old tabby cat. His tail is so enormously fluffy that I cant help but to squeak every time I see him. His paws have the extra hair he's definitely got a lions mane going on though its fluffy its not long yet.

The only things that make me doubt if he's a Maine Coon mix are the length of snout and the roundness of his ears. He has the extra hair on his ears but they're not very pointy.

I dont know why I'm so eager to know but I am so opinions would be amazing.

Leo, rescue kitten. Almost positive he's a Maine Coon

By: Jaime in Savannah

A neighbor found this beautiful kitten and couldn't find its home. She couldn't take in another so she asked me to take him.

Just found out at the vet he's only 5 months old despite looking at least 7 or 8 months, he weighs around 8 lbs.

I had a maine Coon as a kid and this cat looks, acts and sounds like one. He's even already taking regular trips to the bathtub just to hang out.

He's a beautiful buff color with big paws and a beautiful fluffy tail. He's very friendly but I notice he prefers young children and doesn't like to be petted much. He's very playful though.

His meow sounds like a trill, when I took him to the vet his distressed meows sounded so strange it was almost like a small child's voice.

Oliver - The Kitten Who Rescued Us!

By: Barbara Rose IN Fort Collins, CO

We got Oliver from the local cat rescue in our town in Northern Colorado.

He came from a shelter in the SE corner of the state. We have absolutely no information on him at all. We think he looks like part Maine Coon.

He is the friendliest, loving, playful, intelligent, vocal kitten we have ever met. We think he is about 5 months old. He has the ear tufts, and a tail that is really "floofy". And his feet are HUGE.

Right now, he weighs 10 pounds, and is as big as our adult cats. It really does not matter if he is a Maine Coon mix, or not. We will adore him just the same.


By: Karen in Somerset, UK


Zak Zak Zak Zak

I have had my cat for a month. He his a rescue cat. My daughter has renamed him ZAK!

We went to the centre to look at kittens after losing our beloved cat at just short of 20 yrs - our house seemed so empty. But on our way we passed many cats but one in particular caught my daughters eye not a kitten but a beautiful cat.

He had been at the centre for over 5 months along with his brothers and sister and mum. When they first arrived they all had to be completely shaved as their coats were so matted, they were in poor condition very thin and very nervous of people.

He still is nervous but is getting better every day.

A good cat loving friend of mine recently visited us, she said he looks like a Maine Coon to me. Being unfamiliar with the breed I decided to do some research, that's when I stumbled across your site, looking at all the Coonies.

He has all the looks of a coonie and a good deal of the characteristics.

I would love to know what others think.
Kind Regards,

Maine Coon?

By: Kelly in Washington


Sweet-Pea Sweet-Pea

His name is Sweet-Pea and he has all the traits and characteristics of a Maine Coon.

He was a solo stray at a shelter. I have never had a cat/kitten like him before; he is super smart and very in tuned to my emotions.

He is only 6 months quite large. Loves water and plays with it every chance he gets, and lets me know when he wants something vocally lol

Steve The Kitty

By: Tammy in Oregon

This is Steve the little 8 week old kitten.

We got him from a cat rescue the ad which said they were Maine Coon kittens taken from their feral mother, so we were hesitant about getting him but you would never know he was from a feral cat.

He's very outgoing, very loving, loves the dog, not scared of anything and he's good size.


I have never seen a cat so easygoing. Most cats don't like my dog because she like cats so she tries to play with them and they are usually scared because she is so big.

This Kitten Is awesome and we have only had him 2 days. I think he may actually be a Maine Coon mix. What do you think?


Random Cat

Found this kitten outside by a dumpster.

She's very affectionate, loves to climb, and very vocal. Lots of odd sounds.

Wondering what everyones opinion is of her backround.

Mixed Divas Like Their Mommy

By: Heather in Chicago, IL
My little fuzzy divas!

My girls are absolute sweethearts but with a diva, serve me attitude that would make JLo bow down. :)

I was not even looking for my girls but instead they found me when I was walking through the rescue. The big girl, Munch, meowed, I went over and two hours later the little diva's came home with me.

The people at the shelter said that they were half Maine Coon and half street cat. Their mother was a full blood and they thought they were getting full blood kittens but to their surprise my girls popped out looking like the alley cat dad instead of the intended full blooded father :) and after they got older, off to the shelter they went because I guess the mix did not fit their breeders style. Their loss and my ultimate gain.

Although they are short hair, it's funny to see what they inherited. Munch inherited the long and big body and Munchkin inherited the forever kitten part. Both are extremely vocal, chatterers, chirpers, squeekers and trilers. In fact Munchkin (the smaller one) communicates in nothing but trills and purrs.

They are both funny too and so loving. Munchkin mistakes me as her pet and will pet my shoulder when I crash at home on the couch, while her sister Munch is OCD and has to have everything in it's place. Both cats are my hearts and just adore them, but it's even funnier to see these short hairs act like little Maine Coons.


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