Never Fear, Creamy Puff Is Here..

by Creamy Puff Evans
(Bristol, Tennessee)

My name is Creamsickle Eduardo Evans. I am about 3-3 1/2 years old my humans have had me for 3 years now.

I was found in the wild by the Animal Rescue Shelter in Tennessee. Luckily my human owner was working at the shelter the day I came in.

I took one look at my human and knew she was the right owner for me. Honestly my human had the exact same feeling about me as what I had about her.

I was placed in the feral room when I entered the shelter which I am still puzzled as to why just because I had burrs matted in my long beautiful well kept and groomed creamy orange and white fur. They for sure thought I was going to be mean!

Finally after getting settled in the rescue shelter my human came to my cage and I reached out with my long paws and tapped her on the shoulder, she opened my cage door and I greeted her by walking out of my cage and basically hugging my new friend but it got lonely at night when she was gone and it was quiet so I got bored and I would break out at night and go mouse hunting hey felines gotta eat and not a fan of rescue food…

So every morning I would be sitting in the cat room at the door waiting and my human would come in and find me waiting for her assistance with getting back in my cage before the head players came in. I was in the shelter for exactly 5 days.

Well I have matter that builds up in the corners of my eyes after sleeping and because of that the shelter big wigs thought I was sick beyond repair. My human knew better I had a connection with her and she with me that she can read my mind and vice versa. So with all this said here is almost the most heartbreaking moment my human has ever encountered.

It was a chilly, rainy April morning and the hit on my life was ordered. She was handed a slip of paper with the Euthenization form for that day, and guess whos name was on it. Yep my human went to the office to talk to the boss (there was a protocol that workers couldn't adopt an animal while working there.) about adopting me.

She was told no again and again but refused to leave that day without me and promised me eye to eye that I would not spend another night in that place no matter what.

But while my human was on a break another worker who had not been informed of my fate yet loaded me up in a carrier and sat me in line for Euthenization. I thought this is it the end of life as I know it and I died homeless.

Luckily for me my owner came back from break early and saw me sitting in the line of death and I was to be next. She picked me and my carrier up and carried me around with her until finally a decision was reached.

When my humans husband, my new dad, showed up paid the fee for me I got my shots, micro Chipped, and also got snipped and clipped. I got a new home, new toys, new food tray, new clothes, new everything.

At first I was a little nervous and shed quiet a bit but after a day or so I was familiar with my everything new. I now have the best life a cat could ever ask for. I have run of the house, I have my humans trained, I get fed fancy feast, and best of all I have my own room and bed.

Although I sleep in or around my mom and dad at all times I am certain that my humans wouldn't have it any other way. My mommy and I we have this never ending bond unlike anything she has ever seen. I look at her and she knows what is wrong with me, what I am wanting, or not wanting.

I am dedicated and loyal to my dad but more so with my mommy she did after all stop my life from ending before it even got started. However I have saved my mommy's life twice so I have shown her that I know what she did, and went through for me.

I follow her and love on her all the time to show her my appreciation for all the love and devotion her and my daddy show me.

I am very intelligent and curious, I am not certain that I am 100% MCC but my owner is almost convinced. I have the best life a cat could ever dream about. I love my humans and my humans love me I am kept inside out of the cold and hunger is no longer an issue. Although my life almost ended before it even began I wouldn't had wanted anything to be different.

Creamy has brought so much joy to my husband and I. He is treated, acts and knows he is our baby. I honestly would choose death if need be for my cat. He is a one of a kind type of personality.

The happiness that he expresses for our attention is beyond heartwarming. When we first brought Creamy home every meal time he would love on us and I assumed he was thanking us for feeding him and we would always say to him you don't have to thank us for loving you baby boy but without incident still to this day he still shows his appreciation.

You can ask him to
give you sugar and he will. He knows when I am not feeling well and for as long as I lay in the bed he will lay in the bed. Creamy has always had this habit of following me to the bathroom and he still does but if I take a shower/bath just using the bathroom or washing my face, hands, and teeth he will sit there until I am finished with my business.

Then one day I had an incident where I was soaking in a tub of hot water for pain relief of fibromyalgia and I began having a seizure while in a tub full of water.

Well believe it or not he began meowing, chirping, belting out some meow's in a very high pitch and he came running through the hallway, saw his daddy at the stove, went over and started head butting his leg while meowing and looking up at him. He said that Creamy would go to the hallway turn and look at him and meow - so he thought what if… and when he followed Creamy he found me face down in the bath tub having a seizure.

Had it not been for my Creamy Puff Cat I wouldn't be here to even write about this story. I owe not only all of my love to this wonderful animal but I owe him my life. I have never loved anyone or anything the way I have love for this wonderful Cat. The mold was broken when Creamy puff was made. He truly is a one of a kind and my shining knight in armor.


Our Simba
by: Lori

I clicked on your story from our email from MCCN because Your Creamy Puff looks exactly and is laying exactly like our Red Maine Coon Cat.

Simba who is almost 9. We lost his brother Oreo last June at the age of 8 to heart attack. HCM. We have not and doubt ever will get over that. He was much larger then Simba who weighs in at a mere 16 1/2 lbs. I could not lift Oreo easily. Simba I can.

What I wanted to share was that when I got done reading your story, I cried. It was because Simba ALWAYS knows when I am going to have a seizure.
I live with Secondary Progressive M.S. They are simple partial seizures. He alerts my husband and myself when I am going to have one. Then we get on the bed and he lays by me, then when I am about to go into full seizure he goes and gets my husband, just like your Creamy Puff, and when the seizure is over, Simba comes back and lays by me with his 35 hz. purr healing power. When he gets up to move away, then I know it is completely over.

You are so blessed to have such a wonderful child, because they are our children and they are super loving and intelligent.

Simba of course is devastated over the loss of his brother just like we are, and still looks for him all over the house. He even calls his name. You can hear him saying it. Oreo.

Take care of yourselves. Love your story. So happy for you. Get well.

Phenominal Creamy Puff!
by: Debra from Redding, CA

After reading your story I feel I know Mr. Creamy Puff so well!! You are very fortunate to have such a loving Cat in your life! I know I don't even need to say it, but, Cherish each other!! That's a one of a kind love!!

Creamy Puff
by: stephanie

Such a wonderful heartwarming story of Love and kindness. I'm so happy you both got to rescue each other. My Maine Coon follows me around and I feel so blessed because of her.

I can relate
by: Shell

Hello, your story is one of a love that I know. My boy, Sandy Man, was my best friends cat. He was an indoor/outdoor kitty at her house. When I first meet him I fell in love, and every time I went to her house the first thing outta (no joke) my mouth would be "where's Sandy".

Then I would proceed to grab him up into my arms and love on him as much as I could during my visit. In 2010 I became very sick for the second time in 3 years (the 1st time I got sick I was, what I know now, in a major flare for a year and put on an FMLA by an Oncologist.

I was well enough for a year before it happen again, this time so bad I couldn't walk and they thought it MS.Needless to say my bf asked me if I'd like to be Sandy's new mommy.

I was shocked, as I could never part with my cat, but so excited and of course said yes! He quickly became my true bf. And his love has saved me from suicide a couple times back when I was first diagnosed as disabled.

I'm so glad you found your boy and I too am so grateful for mine. Many Blessings.

What a knight
by: Karhy

This is an amazing story of true love. Creamy Puff i think your an amazing kitty. I am so glad you found a forever home and you are happy. Human mommy I'm glad you got this cat , saved your life and i think you were meant for each other. Be well both of you.

by: Brenda

Wow! That's a story of love!

Lucky Creamy!
by: Briana Beckstrand

What a wonderful story! You are such an angel for adopting this lovely soul! Thank your for befriending this breed - my favorite.

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