My Cat Fire

by Stacy Mann
(Caldwell, Idaho)

I've been reading about the traits of a Maine coon and my cat Fire fits some of the traits.

Fire was a stray so i have no idea what he actually is. He's 2 years old and 15lbs. He doesn't like to be held and if he allows anyone to pet him he shows the person where to pet.

If anyone one pets where he doesn't want to be petted he bites. He loves water, he sits in between the shower liner and shower curtain every time I take a shower and licks the shower wall.

He is very protective of me. One day I was sleeping in my room and my sister came up to check on me and he growled at her.

The only time he talks is when he has a certain toy in his mouth. I've never heard him talk without it.

The picture I've sent is from when he as about 6 months old. He has the M on his forehead. I've been told that's a physical trait of a Maine coon.
Thanks for taking your time to read this! Please get back to me=]

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Sep 19, 2010
Fire Boy
by: Maine Coon Cat Nation

Hi Stacy,

Fire sounds like quite an original! He's lucky to have been rescued by you.

Some of the traits you mention are definitely Maine Coon traits, like enjoying water, talking, and his large size.

A couple of the traits he has are actually not Coon traits. Being protective or aggressive is probably due to his being a rescued cat. He wasn't properly socialized before he came to you. Maine Coons are known for being friendly and laid-back.

And it's true that a Tabby Maine Coon will have the M mark, but lots of other colored Maine Coons don't, and lots of regular domestic house cat Tabbies have the M mark, it's just a nice distinctive tabby marking.

We have a couple related pages that make me think of Fire: Characteristics of Maine Coon Cats, which mentions some of these things, and Maine Coon Info Q & A.

Since Fire was a stray, he could be a Maine Coon mix, though we can't know for sure!

Have fun with him!

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