My cat Basil seems a lot like a Coon!

by Lucy Woolvin
(Cardiff, UK)

Bag Of Fluff!

Bag Of Fluff!

He was found hanging around my mother's house and I adopted him. He's very friendly, affectionate and loves his cuddles(likes to put his head on my chest like a baby!). He's great around kids and other cats and even washes our kitten! He's a very gentle soul.

He follows me everywhere and likes to chat when he wants a cuddle. He loves to drink water directly from a tap - no bowls please! He loves to play and he can jump very high in the air as he does so. He also seems to think he's part dog; stands up on his hind legs 'begging' and when he goes to sleep, he likes to lay his head on his front paws. He is almost always at my heels.

He has a very long body, looks fatter than what he is because of all that fur! He also has white tufts between his toes and a tail like a fox (hence his name). He's nearly four years old and yet still has a hint of blue in his eyes. Very much still a kitten at heart.

Is he part coon?

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Feb 17, 2019
Me too
by: Wendy

Found a kitten behind a store and when she grew into a furball . She has a HUGE mane around her neck about 4 inches long. Medium to large body. She's very shy with strangers but super loving. Climbs on to my chest and outs her face just inches from mine and purrs. She follows me thru the house meowing demanding I sit down so she can get in my lap

Sep 19, 2010
Fluffy Basil
by: Maine Coon Cat Nation

Hi Lucy,

Wow, Basil's personality sounds just like my Leo's! You've clearly done your homework, and Basil has the dog-like personality down pat. He sounds like a sweet boy.

With that personality, and his fluff (tail and toes particularly) I would think he very well could be a Maine Coon mix.

There are some cats that look so strongly like a Maine Coon that we can say "yes, he's probably a Coon mix!" and some who are probably not a Coon mix. Basil falls right in between.

He certainly could be. I wish I could be more definitive for you! It's so hard to say, based on appearance, with a natural breed, and a mix at that. I think he might be.

So, the rest is up to you. Do you think Basil is a Maine Coon mix?

Basil sounds like a joy to have. These are great photos, we'll be sure to add him to the photo galleries!

Thanks for sharing Basil,

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