Mr. Whiskers

by L. Curran
(Moses Lake, WA)

Mr. Whiskers relaxing

Mr. Whiskers relaxing

Mr. Whiskers, a Black and person said he looked like a tuxedo, maybe in color. He has always been a unique cat in my area and in my 68 years of owning cats.

I was given him as a birthday gift 12 years ago. He was living wild on a farm with lots of cats and his mother had a Siamese type head, so I assumed Mr. Whiskers was part or probably part Siamese. I did not see the father of Mr. Whiskers.

Mr. Whiskers was 4 months of old when I brought him home from the farm he was born on. He was skinny, small and the vet argued with me that he was only maybe 2 months old. When I asked the vet to look at his privates, he had to admit I was right. As soon as Mr. Whiskers had enough weight on him, and after having his basic vaccinations, we had him neutered.

He has one front foot with two extra nails, one growing between his toes, that have had to be watched that it didn't grown inward and into his foot. That foot looks like a hand and he uses it accordingly. Mr. Whiskers does not tufts of hair on the top ends of his ears, but his ears do come to a point.

He is two coated....the black and white top and soft and the undercoat the maddening, shedding everywhere all over the house, beautiful gray downing undercoat.

Mr. Whiskers and our medium female tiger cat, spayed, are inside cats only. Mr. Whiskers loves my daily massages the other cat only occasionally, about once a week and he loves to be brushed, enjoying it for long periods of time, if I would only outlast

Mr. Whiskers is my greeter whenever anyone comes to our door to visit us. He runs over to the door with his long, fluffy tail straight up as he often does whenever happy, is trotting across the floor in our home to something going on that might interest him. He hears me pull out a drawer and the hand can opener and comes running. He takes treats from my hands, pulls my hand down when I hold it a bit higher then his head, then eats out of my hand. (A friend taught him that while young)

He loves to lay in my lap; when he does and wants to be petted or petted more, he bumps gently his head against mine or my face to get my attention; when he walks slowly, it is more like a lumber, then a regular cat walk...if it was faster it would be like a fast stalking walk. Mr. Whiskers weighs 16 lbs.

It would be great to know he is a Maine Coon mix so when I take him next time to the vet, I don't have to hear...Wow what a big cat, he is

Mr. Whiskers still plays with moving feathers and other such toys at age 12, but he is more ampt to lay out, comfortably on the floor and watch Joy our tiger cat play that way or our Chiweeni and Joy chasing each other around the house. Mr. Whiskers being fixed so early in life at age 4 months I thought he would never show the male tendencies, but he does. At least 4 times a week, he must chase Joy around, grab her by the neck and act as if he were mating her, so, has to make him stop before he hurts Joy.

Mr. Whiskers has been a joy in my life and now a joy for my new husband for the last 5 years we have been married. Mr. Whiskers has won my husband's heart, when he was not a cat person.

I did have to learn two years ago to really watch the houseplants around Mr. Whiskers. He was suddenly loosing weight, had gotten down to where his backbone was showing and ribs I could count. Yet when I took him to the vet, he said automatically upon seeing him that he was overweight...until he felt him through his long hair. He couldn't tell me why he was loosing weight, but if he continued to bring him back and we changed his diet to what the vet recommended. About a week later....wah lah...I caught Mr. Whiskers nibbling on my Christmas Cactus plant I had on a desk (he was trained not to get up on counters and tables and such). I moved the plant out of reach. It took about a week before the weight started back on him. I felt terrible, that for I don't know how long, Mr. Whiskers had been slowly poisoned by nibbling on my Christmas Cactus Plant. Now he is healthy and weighing his normal weight. His body, under the hair, reminds me of a lion, the way his body weight is carried.

Well, enough...a bit too long. If you want more information on Mr. Whiskers....not that I probably left out ask.

Sincerely, L. Curran

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Dec 26, 2012
Mr. Whiskers
by: Jessy

A[l mys longhaired cats run with their tails straight up in the air. The shorthaired cats don't.

Dec 24, 2012
Never Enough
by: Susan

I could go on all day about my 2 kitties so don' t think telling everyone your story is to much. In fact I would love to hear more! Please keep us updated on Mr. Whiskers!

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