the care and keeping of your maine coon cat

Meet Joshua!

by Danielle B. Jones
(New Castle County, DE, USA)

Mommy, please hold me!

Mommy, please hold me!

Joshua Jonah Jones born on Mother's Day 2010

Joshua's Mother, Momma Kitty, a black & sun-bleached brown Maine Coon, was the runt of the litter.

Her brother, Blacky, however, wasn't. Both Momma Kitty & Blacky were bought by my neighbors from a Maine Coon breeder somewhere in New Jersey.

Joshua's Daddy, Carbon, was a HUGE beautiful Maine Coon ~ having the Mackerel Tabby appearance, w/white on his face, chest & legs ~ was bought at a pet store. Momma Kitty & Blacky, just like all the other black Maine Coons that my neighbor buys, once they became adult cats, were kept outside.

Their owners would put a bowl of dry food outside for them, but never any water. So, I, in turn, would make sure I'd have water & food outside for them to stay hydrated.

Momma Kitty always chose Carbon to be her babies' Daddy. Her 1st litter of kittens were born on May 8th, 2010 ~ Mother's Day! Momma Kitty was more than happy to have me hold her babies, but was very picky in regards to others.

Joshua is the runt from her 1st litter, & looks identical to her in the face ~ especially w/the shape of her eyes & the quirky facial expressions they have! Joshua is a bit taller & longer than his Mother, but not as large as his Uncle Blacky & Daddy Carbon.

When Joshua & his siblings were about 5wks old, I went to visit them but decided to hold Joshua last, (whom they had decided to keep & named 'Boots'), as he resembled my neutered male short-haired Mackerel Tabby, Malachi Daniel Jones, in color & markings, especially w/the white color around his mouth.

Malachi has a unique birthday, 07/07/07! As soon as I held Joshua for the 1st time, he looked directly into my eyes & chirped, Ma-ah! I immediately fell in love w/him & KNEW he would be MINE!

Joshua let me hold him like a baby ~ belly up ~ for over an hour! When it was time to put him back in the box w/his siblings ~ 1 sister & 3 brothers ~ Joshua did NOT want me to leave him, & he clawed & climbed his way back into my arms!

I couldn't take him home because that family did NOT want to give him up ~ at that time. Plus, I already had 2 cats at home, 1 of whom required extra-special attention & care ~ my 17 yr old female medium-haired white domestic cat with tan spots & gold eyes ~ CeeCee Marie Jones ~ who had a lot of health problems, as she was near the end of her life, was a handful to take care of, & I didn't have the time nor patience to raise a kitten.

Plus, she continually had loose stool accidents, especially in the hallway in front of my bedroom door. I had to continually put plastic bags & newspapers in that area, as well as in our bathroom, to make clean up a LOT easier.

It was such a stressful time in my life & my husband just could NOT understand, but saw her as doing it because she didn't like him.

I told him that it's all a part of the lifecycle of cats, the same as it is for a LOT of people who end up back in diapers towards the end of their lives.

After she died in my arms on Aug 2nd, 2010, I had her cremated, & her remains placed inside a cedar box, w/a brass plate on top w/these words engraved ~ CeeCee Marie Jones, Born on 07/21/1993, died on 08/02/2010.

Even though CeeCee had lost her hearing, she learned how telepathically communicating with me!

Just before CeeCee took her last breath, it was 7am & she wanted me to wake up my 2 children ~ my then 8 yr old daughter & 5 yr old son, so she could tell them goodbye.

She even made Malachi promise her that he wouldn't give me any kisses on my fingers, as she did! & he STILL keeps that promise even now!

My daughter grieved something terrible every single day after CeeCee died & I knew that I needed to do something to help her get through this time in her life, which is why I know God sent Joshua to us!

In October of 2010, 2 months after CeeCee went to the Rainbow Bridge, my prayers were answered, when we were blessed with our newest member of our home ~ our 4 month old male Mackerel Tabby Maine Coon, Joshua Jonah Jones, who is exactly like CeeCee was in behavior, personality, attitude & quirks, & especially in the way he talks to me, & always wants to sit w/me when I'm at my computer desk!

He either wants to sit on my lap or where I keep my keyboard! He's very picky when it comes to food, & will only eat a small amount, whereas Malachi will eat whatever Joshua doesn't, making Malachi the heavier in weight of my 2 boys!

It's absolutely amazing how smart my little Joshua is, especially in regards to how I got him to move into our home! I finally got to see his cute, adorable body & his huge fluffy tail, as he ran down the steps & under the porch of his previous home.

I reached my hand out to him, had him sniff me, & told him I'm the 1 he held onto for dear life about 3 months ago, & that if he still wants to be w/me, then he needs to meet me at my yellow Mustang & rub up against my leg. Then I'll know for sure that he's to be my cat.

The very next day, I saw him outside, so I stood next to my car, talking to my children. Then Joshua ran over to me, rubbed up against my leg, stood up on his hind legs, reached up his left paw to me & said: "Ma'ah, up!"

So, I scooped him up like a little baby, took him into our home, gave him a bath to remove the fleas, fed him some food, gave him some fresh water & slowly introduced him to Malachi. I then had both of them stand at a mirror so Malachi could see how Joshua resembled him in color.

I then told Malachi that Joshua is his son, & that his Mother is Momma Kitty, whom Malachi liked, but couldn't mate w/her as he's neutered! However, he didn't know any of that. Once Malachi understood that Joshua's his son, he immediately began grooming him by licking him on his head, face, ears, neck, back, tail & even his butt, just like a Mommy cat cares for her babies! They are the best of friends, they play & fight together, they sleep together, snuggled up together in their bed!

Joshua does NOT like to be alone, at all! When I used to let Malachi outside during the day, Joshua would be SO MAD & CRY, CRY, CRY for him!

Joshua is also quite smart, in that he WILL open doors, by jumping up, grabbing the handle w/both paws, turn the nob & then drop down to the floor, reach his paw under the door & open it! Our front door is different, as it has a french nob, but opens out.

So, Joshua will jump up, hold onto the inside of the nob w/his left paw, push down on the handle w/his right paw & slam his body into the door so it'll open up for him! I've had to lock him & Malachi up in the bathroom, w/their bed sitting on a folded towel on the countertop, to prevent Joshua from taking off out the door, whenever we're not home!

He's gotten out before, but immediately hides in the crawl space underneath our home, which scares me b/c we have black widow spiders, brown recluses, & poisonous snakes all around us, & I'd hate for any of my babies to get injured, or worse, killed, by them!

It took me over 3 hrs to get Joshua close enough to the opening of the skirting around our mobile home, so I could grab him by the nape of his neck! & the funny part about all that is the fact that Joshua is very rebellious!

He will only attempt to take off out the front door when I haven't given him the love & attention he demands of me, when he wants it, only because I'm busy doing things like taking care of important things on my computer, & he wants to lay right there in front of my keyboard! So, I've learned my lesson & from now on, I make sure I give him lots of love, hugs, snuggles, & whatever else Joshua wants me to do for him!

If I make him wait, EVERYONE KNOWS IT because he will CRY as loud as he's able, walking past me continually from 1 end of our home to the other, watching me ever so closely to see if I make eye contact w/him & as soon as our eyes meet, he immediately jumps ontop of me again!

Enjoy his quirky expressions! 1 of my favorites is him looking at me w/1 of his eyelids closed a bit, as if he's saying to me, "OK, Mommy...are you ready to hold me NOW?" He's SO amazing in the way he is towards me, as I'm his favorite person ~ his Mommy!

He's learned to ask me if it's OK to sit on my lap! He will stand on his hind legs, & reach up his left paw to touch my arm to get my undivided attention, give me his cute, quirky look, making ever certain that I'm looking directly into his eyes, & then reach up his paw to my cheek & say in his cute, chirpy voice, "Mommy, up?"

Joshua is the runt of his litter, but that's just fine w/me! He's a sweet, loving, kind, caring, adorable, gentle angel of a cat & we are SO BLESSED to have him in our family ~ I feel the same way about Malachi, too, & all of the animals that I've been blessed w/my whole life! Enjoy!


Cute kitty
by: Anonymous

But is he a purebred Maine Coon? I didn't understand. That is too bad that your neighbor was so ungrateful to treat those kitties that way. So terrible.

I had to go for a long time with no kitties in my life because where we live kitties MUST be indoor kitties or they will die at the hands of coyotes.
Finally I was able to purchase a baby Maine Coon girl and she is the love of my life!

Good luck with your babies!

My Maine Coon
by: Brenda Hanson

We rescued a Maine Coon from the Humane Society , after losing our dear boy, Mozart. We were heartbroken, so immediately went to rescue another kitty. We came home with Alli Kat (Allegro) which is a musical term.

Seems to be a theme here. She is a beautiful orange and white, long fur, large girl. and likes my husband the best and he was never a cat fan. She loves his lap if he stops patting her, she touches his arm with her big paw. She is a sweetheart and we feel so blessed to have found her.

I love seeing pictures of other Maine Coons....they are so sweet and gentle. We are a one cat family.

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