Maybe Maine Girl

by Ricky Manoel
(Girgarre, Victoria, Australia)

Mother cat

Mother cat

I bought my darling off Sales website Gumtree thinking she was nothing more than a standard house cat.

She was given to us at a very young age, I was told age was 6 weeks but after getting her home and realizing she hadn't even learnt to eat or drink on her own, I did some research and aged her at about 4 weeks, poor thing.

Anyway, as she got older she started showing some usual traits.

Firstly, she was very slow growing, but I just assumed she was going to be a small cat, She was super affectionate which I guessed was a result of my virtually becoming her 'mother' when she was younger.

She has an odd obsession with water, loves playing in the small pool of water in the bottom of the bath tub, and splashing the water out of her bowl until it is completely empty. The most noticeable trait of all though would be her 'talking'. She constantly talks to me all day every day, and everyone who has met her has claimed they have never known a cat to talk half as much as she does.

For the first year and a half of her life she had a very fluffy coat, long body and very fluffy tail.

But despite all of this, it wasn't until I happened to be watching a documentary about cats where they talked about the Maine Coons that I realized her personality and features were almost spot on.

Now, 8 months ago she went on heat and escaped outside for the very first time (bad owner, I know I should have got her spayed). But anyway, she fell pregnant.

After she had her kittens she all of a sudden lost all the 'floof' out of her coat now having a very flat slicked back, but still very long coat and she got quite slim, but her personality hasn't changed and her tail is quite fluffy still.

Now to mention her litter. It was a set of 3, 2 boys and 1 girl. One of the boys and the girl are very typical looking 'house cats'.

Now at 6 months, They are medium haired tabbies, that I would consider of average size for their age. They very much have their mothers possibility though, especially the talking, love of water, and obsession with sleeping on people. The other make however is what I would say, unmistakably a Maine Coon.

With the same personality as the others, he looks completely different. He has a very long fluffy coat, the raccoon style tail, and he is huge. He is bigger than his mother already, weighs about twice as much, he's very stocky, his paws look like puppy paws, he is just big all round.

I'm fairly confident that they must at least be some part Maine Coon, but if you could help confirm this it would be greatly appreciated.

I've included pictures of 4 of them (a friend of mine adopted one of the kittens). The first picture (light coloured cat) is the mother (now 2 years old), second picture is the female kitten, and third and forth picture (obviously larger one), is the male kitten. Also, for perspective, the table he is standing under is approx. 40cm tall from floor to base.

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