March 2012 Mixes and Maybes

Meet the Maine Coon mixes and Maybes in our March 2012 Album, and see what others think about their heritage.

Could my Flurrie be part Maine Coon?

By: Moomi in Seattle, WA (USA)
Taking a break!

We (my husband and I) had visited a few cat rescues when someone told us about an "adoption event" that was happening the next day. This is where we found an adorable fluff-ball that was quietly sitting in her kennel just waiting for the right person to come along... and for whatever reason, I knew I had to take her home!

After several name suggestions from family and friends, we decided to call her Flurrie since it was snowing on the day we adopted her. It took a few days for Flurrie to adjust to our home, but once she got used to her surroundings she was no longer QUIET!

Posing for the camera

She now loves to talk and follow us around. And she's a "flurry" of activity when we pull out Da Bird - she loves to chase that thing! We didn't give much thought to what breed she could be, but someone mentioned she might have some Maine Coon in her. So I had to search it and of course that's how I found this website (which I LOVE, by the way!)

I don't think Flurrie is pure Maine Coon since she seems a little on the small side and she does actually have a meow. Regardless of what breed she is, I love her quirky personality, the way she talks to me, and her lovely tortoiseshell coloring!


Jessy: (sigh) I'm such a sucker for torties and calicos!

Emma- The Sweetest, Most Vocal Cat I Have Ever Met

By: Sarah B in Sheldon, Iowa


Just Relaxing

Emma Emma Emma Emma

I picked out Emma from a shelter in Maine; They estimated that she was about three years old, but they weren't sure because she was left abandoned in an apartment when the owners moved out.


Even in the shelter she would rub up against me to be pet and purr loudly. At home she is extremely vocal and needs/wants attention constantly. She is usually waiting by the door when I get home and will meow at me until I pick her up.

She follows me from room to room and will jump on my lap any chance she gets. She loves to be pet and brushed and will brush herself if the brush is lying on the table. She always needs to be by me, even if it is just sleeping next to me while I am on the computer. She occasionally tries to get on the computer while I am on it (see attached picture).

I was unaware of Maine Coons, but a friend mentioned that Emma might have some in her. She does seem to match the personality traits and I am afraid I will never find another cat as sweet as her.

Physically, she matches some of the descriptions of Maine Coons, but not all. She is quite large (11 pounds) and has big, bushy long fur and a main in front. She does not have the tufts of fur on top of her ears, but she does have tufts inside her ears and in between her toes. She has a long bushy tail. She has five fingers in the front and four in the back.

When I see pictures of Maine Coons, I do see similarities.

What do others think? Do you think she might be part Maine Coon?



Catherine Wilkes: She sounds like her personality is exactly like my Cat Digit. She also follows me everywhere and sleeps by me on the pc. I'll bet Emma has a lot of Maine Coon in her!

Needy and Claude

Needy and Claude

By: Mona in Virginia

They were listed online at the shelter as Maine Coons and their pictures were adorable - but I didn't really believe it until I did a bit of research. They have every characteristic except the tuffed ears!

Claude, the darker kitty, is a classic brown tabby. He loves to play in water, but he is more cautious than Needy. He prefers to sit next to you rather than on your lap. Needy won't get off! He is a brown mackerel tabby and very affectionate and adventuresome.

In this picture they are around seven months old and already have a 13 inch tail!

I am not sure if she has Maine Coon in her, it does kinda look like it

By: Jeanette File in Shelbyville, IL

This is Iggy.. She was a neighborhood stray.

From what I have collected was she was given to someone out here from someone that had to move and these people was supposed to give her a good home instead they threw her out. She was spayed and declawed.

She just started coming over to my house on a daily basis, well now she lives with me and Bengal cat Ollie. She is so adorable and sweet.

I can't see how no one would want her. I love her, and I started looking at her trying to figure out what she is. I can see some similar traits to a Maine Coon. But I would like some other ideas. Either way she has won me over and I love her. Thank you

Yoda's REAL heritage...

By: Katt in NC


Yoda Yoda Yoda

I've had Yoda for almost 14 years. She was one of a litter of 4 sick, abandoned kittens I found in my old neighborhood (I never found their mother and they were nearly starved to death when I found them).

They all had the same big personalities (though all very different) and were all similar in appearance (with different color patterns).

Her brothers were MUCH bigger, as she is only about 8 pounds soaking wet. As I recall, her biggest brother weighed in at nearly 15 pounds. Other than her small size and minimal tufts from the tops of her ears, she seems to have every other characteristic listed - toe tufts, neck ruff, fur type, personality, tail, large feet for her size, vocalization style (I've regularly had 5-10 minute sessions meowing back and forth with her).

She has even routinely converted cat dis-likers to cat lovers with her affectionate and playful personality. She is a very intelligent girl and is usually curled up next to me in whatever room I'm in.

While I held onto all of her littermates until they passed away, she is the only one who made it past 3 years (all 3 of her male siblings contracted various diseases since they didn't get immunities from mother's milk).

I've suspected for some time that she is part Maine Coon and am regularly asked if she is, but I just found this site to get some outside opinions!

Oliver The Shelter Coon???

By: Peggy & David in Irving, TX


Oliver at bedtime

Oliver Oliver Oliver Oliver

We were looking for a playmate for our female tuxedo cat Phoebe and went to our local shelter first. His profile explained that his family had given him up at 10 months...he missed them very much and needed a new forever home. He immediately captured our hearts with his loving personality and as a bonus he was also tuxedo colored.

At 10 months he weighed 8 lbs. and we thought he was probably as big as he was going to get. Boy were we wrong! He is now almost 4 years old, weighs 12 lbs and we think he is still growing. His paws have gotten huge with long tufts of fur between his toes and his whiskers span 6 in. from tip to tip. His voice can be quite deep at times and sounds like no other cat we have ever had.

Oliver has the most beautiful soul and I call him my shadow. He even follows me into the bathroom if I don't get the door completely shut. He is so strong that he can open the door just by putting his front paws on the door and then pushing it open with his nose. (Our female cat Phoebe waits for him to open the door and then she follows him in.)

He always wants attention and just like Phoebe will resort to tapping us on the arm with his paw if he thinks we are ignoring him. It doesn't matter what we are doing, he is always right there. When Phoebe gets tired of his antics, she will bite his ears. He never reacts but will give her this face that says "really??" and then he walks away.

Anytime I am sitting still he will lay next to me and turns into the sweetest cuddle bug. I don't think he knows he is a cat.

This cat is such a joy and brings so much life and laughter into our home. He is truly priceless as is his playmate Phoebe and he will never lose his family again. We hope you enjoy the pictures and just like everyone else, we wonder if our big boy could be a Coon.


By: Jenni in England

Ruby was found abandoned when she was 2 months old. Our friends took her in but due to their personal circumstances, we were given her when she was 2 and a half years old.

She's grown a great deal in the past year since we got her. Originally she seemed to be a small cat - but having compared her to friends cats, she is definitely a lot bigger!

She has a huge fluffy tail, a very long coat, and her personality traits seem to match those of a Maine Coon. She's very affectionate and follows us from room to room, curling up next to us on the sofa, and likes to have one paw out to touches us at all times. She's very playful and will play fetch with small toys.

However, she doesn't have tufts of fur poking up from her ears and from between her toes!


By: Joyce in Pinckney, MI, USA

Is he a Maine Coon or a Mixed Maine Coon?


Linda: I have a Maine Coon Siamese mix who looks like Kegg. My Ricky was the product of a Siamese mother and Maine Coon dad. Ricky's mom is a show cat who heard about this blond bombshell hunk and escaped for two days. When I heard about this litter of kittens I asked if I could have the fuzzy blond with bad hair and at first she declined because she was going to euthanize all 5 kittens because of the mixed breeds -- all 5 found homes and my Ricky is now 2 years old. He has all of the Maine Coon qualities except his size. He only weighs 10 pounds but he's got the biggest ear tufts and paw fur like you would not believe. Most of all he makes me laugh with his antics.I cannot imagine someone being so cruel to think that the 5 kittens were not worthy. If Kegg is a mix so what -- he will always love you unconditionally.


Bibsy... he's definitely NOT the normal cat!!!

By: Angie in Pennsylvania

Angie has sent in quite a nice page about Bibsy! So visit Bibsy's Page to get to know him!


By: Cheri


Baby MacMuffin

MacMuffin MacMuffin MacMuffin MacMuffin

I found MacMuffin in my yard screaming his little head off when he was a tiny kitten. I can't understand why anyone would throw away a perfectly good kitten, especially considering how beautiful he is. I said "Kitty?" and he came flying toward me looking at me with his shining little face. When I picked him up, he started purring like crazy and looked at me with such love in his beautiful little eyes.

The first thing that I noticed about him was that he was growing exceedingly fast. He would look bigger when he woke up in the morning than he did when he went to sleep. People would tell me that he had big feet and that his fur was as soft as a rabbit's fur. Soon his hair was getting longer and his tail was becoming a huge puff. I also noticed his long ears.

When I fix his food I'll call "Baby Kitten!" and he'll run excitedly to his food location. He'll stop to look back to see if I'm coming. His tail will be a plume in the air.

He also has the cutest little fat cheekbones which stand out when he "nurses" on his blanket.

He licks my hand constantly. He never meows. He just goes "Prrrrrp!"

One day I was looking at pictures of black & white cats on the internet and came across one that looked almost exactly like MacMuffin. When I read the information it turned out to be a Maine Coon cat.

He is presently 8 months old and weighs 10 pounds. He is a LONG kitten.

He is terrified of cars which I think is probably a good thing. He is also afraid of hair dryers and vacuum cleaners. I thinks this is because someone threw him out of a moving car on a highly trafficked road. I'm sure it's by the grace of God that he lived long enough for me to come home from work. What's interesting is that just that day at work I was telling people that I needed a baby kitten to keep my old cat company. And then, there he was.


Jessy: Like the way you put it: throwing away a perfectly good kitten. Glad you were there.

Are they or aren't they? Need some help!

By: Erin
(Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)


This is Paquito. He's just over 4 years old.

Paquito Serge Squidge Siobhan

Greetings from Canada! I've been told repeatedly by several people how captivated they are by my cats. I was blessed with 2 sweet rescue cats not too long ago.

The female, Zahara is pure black short hair, while the male, Paquito, is nearly lionesque, incredibly long with a squirrel tail.

Zahara has had a couple of litters and the kittens have the most amazing markings and beautiful coats. Only 2 have been short haired.

I'm including a few pics in the hopes that someone can tell me if they either are or aren't Maine Coon, or possibly a cross breed? Any feedback would be appreciated!!!


Is Stanley a Maine Coon Mix?

By: S in (Australia)

Our Stanley is 5 months old and already a big boy! He has a super long and super thick fluffy tail, adorable tufts of thick hair between his toes, a think soft medium coat, low shedding, he 'fetches' and retrieves it back to you!

He is besotted by me and will climb my body to be near me. He isn't overly vocal except when hungry! which is ALL the time!So, do you think he has some Maine Coon in his mix?

I adopted Stanley who was rescued from a situation where he needed to be hand raised, we love him to pieces!

Flynn the shelter cat...

By: Sam
(New York)


Flynn as a kitten

Flynn Flynn Flynn

We got our kitten Flynn at a local shelter about four months ago when he was about three months old.

We were never really curious about what breed he was, until he started to get quite large. Recently a friend of ours asked us what breed he was, to which we replied, "we actually have no clue!" so they mentioned Maine Coons. We looked it up and we think our little kitten (who's not so little anymore) may indeed be a coon cat.

Personality wise, Flynn is very goofy. He's always eager to play, and very curious. When you introduce him to strangers, they're always so confused by how friendly and sociable he is. He loves to sit in your lap or sleep on you if you're free.

One of our favorite things about him as well are the noises he makes! Instead of meowing, he squeaks! It's adorable! The noises are so high-pitched and unlike anything we had ever heard before--and he's a very vocal, talkative cat.

And of course, there's his appearance--he's got a huge, fluffy tail that makes up about half of his length, the furry paws, the tufts on the ears and the long coat. He's also very big for 9ish months.

But since we got him at a local shelter for free, we were wondering if maybe he's just a mix, or just a big long-haired cat! We love him no matter what, but we're just curious!

Thanks for any guesses! :)


Heather: Looks like my black Maine Coon Talmage.

Is My Squishy Part Maine Coon???

by Julie
(Bozeman, MT)


About two years ago my Father's three cats each had a litter of kittens which I now have acquired two of them.

I know that the mother is not a Maine Coon but have only seen the father a handful of times. He is white, orange, large, and very fluffy! My Squishy is also large and very fluffy. He is truly one a kind!

Squish is very playful, he loves to run as fast as he can through the house and slide across the kitchen floor with the help of his extra furry toes. He is also very very affectionate! He's not very social with most people; mainly myself and my fiance.

Squish sleeps on my pillow every night with his paws on my shoulder or chest. He also loves to nuzzle and rub his nose on mine. Every afternoon Squishy takes a nap in the bathroom sink in which he is almost too big for now. He also loves to hang out next to the shower when it is occupied. He loves the water to splash out from the shower curtain onto himself.

He also like to drink out of the sink faucet. (As you can see he even likes to hang out by the shower when it's unoccupied)! Squishy is a very intelligent cat and is a great hunter (of bugs and toy mice since his is an indoor cat).

He is also very talkative love to chit chat with me when I'm in the shower.Squish is very particular about what he eats. He will only eat hard treats and canned tuna aside from his regular cat food.

I think that he maybe part Maine Coon as he fits many of the personality traits and physical traits of a Maine Coon cat. Please help me!


Dagny Garner: I have been looking at the Maine Coon website for a few months now and came across todays page and all the "Maybe Coons???" Well, the cat I just adopted, cause I could not find a Main Coon,is a purebred Somali excactly the color of Squishy. Some of the habits also remind me of my Somali,so maybe there is a genetic connection. Who knows!! By the way, if anybody knows of a main coon in my area( San Diego) in need of adoption, please feel free to cotact me. THANKS, D. GARNER Dagnygarner[at]

Cheeto the 'maybe maine coon mix'

By: Breanna
(Fort Wayne, Indiana)


Cheeto Cheeto Cheeto Cheeto

This is Cheeto. I had people asking me if he was a Maine Coon mix from the very first day I adopted him from the shelter.

I didn't think too much of it mainly because I guess I just thought I would never know. But reading through this website leaves me wondering if he does have a bit of Maine Coon in him?!

He is a fairly large 4 month old kitten, with ear tufts and excessive paw tufts. Looking at his paws, his are pretty large!

He follows my boyfriend and I around like a dog and if he wants attention he will yell until we give it to him! He kisses us with his tongue every chance that he gets! And he is just an overall LOVER! I love the little fella! What do you think?

Is he a maybe Maine Coon mix??


Jessy: If he is, then so is my Jasper, who even has some of the strange white markings. Is he named for Cheetos the cheese snack?

Breanna: Yes! After cheesy Cheetos! His paw tufts keep getting longer and longer!!! And his tail is bushier than ever!

I named her Visa because she is "every where I want to be"

By: Gwen
(Dayton Ohio)


Proud Visa. She has such a pretty mane

Visa Visa Visa Visa

She is most definitely part Maine Coon. She is so beautiful.

Long tufts between the toes.
Little tufts on her ears.
Likes to take baths with me (against my will.)
Loves water so much.
Studies everything like she is mentally remembering every move you make.
She loves computers. The her favorite. She likes laying right across the keyboard when I type.
She argues with me all the time. If I tell her "No" I get this really long meeeeooooooorrararaarar. She also plays fetch. She is so pretty. She is all tiger striped with red tabby colors and she has one toe that is completely leopard spotted. Her favorite thing in the house is our straw drawer. She can put her paw in the handle and open it herself and get bendy straws out and flings them all over the house. I find them everywhere. Every room of the house.
She stays everywhere I am no matter what. Not exactly on my lap but she has to be right next me.
I have to replace the carpet on the thresh hold of my bedroom door because if I am in there and she isn't then she is flipping out trying to dig a hole under the door. Yes even though its carpet. I mean There isn't carpet there anymore and even the padding is missing. JEEZ. Not being in the same room as me is like punishment or torture for her. Sometimes I have to put her away in a bedroom while I clean because she constantly tries to anticipate where I am going to move around the house and which room I am going to walk into so she rockets around the house like a speeding bullet tripping me up all the time just so she can beat me wherever she thinks I am going.

I love her. I hope some of you enjoyed my story.


Jessy: Doesn't that computer keyboard thing drive you nuts? It does me. Sometimes I just close the office door, but I'm apt to get complaining scratch-scratching.

Gwen Lienhard: I know. I really get irritated that she has to lay on the keyboard at all time. I can't even remember how many times she has pushed a button or key and messed everything up.

Kathy: Oh my goodness.... you described my Murray to a tee! He cannot handle a closed door. He's my baby! He's listed in the March cats too!

Cougar MacCougan, My Little Miracle Kitty

By: Jennifer
(Southborough, MA USA)


The day I brought her home

Cougar Cougar Cougar Cougar

My friends started feeding this stray female dsh when they moved into a new apt. Apparently she gave birth to a litter outside, and when she felt the kittens were old enough to move she carried one kitten right in their apt and left him there and they called him George.

Two days later she went to bring them another kitten, but they were not home, so she left the kitten near the back stairs. When they got home they heard a faint cry from out back, so they grabbed a flashlight, and sure enough there was another baby, much weaker and smaller than George, so at this time they let the mother come into feed the babies.

I could see Maine Coon traits in both kittens, I grew more and more worried about the little one, so I decided to take her and try to save her, then I would find her a good home. When I got her to the vet, she had worms, fleas, malnutrition, I was told that she might be too small and weak to survive.

I set up my home office for her, I slept on the lumpy futon with her for a month and a half so she would not be alone too much, and when I wasn't in my office I played soundscape music for her to feel relaxed til she was big enough to be let out with the my other two cats.

In that time both my husband and I grew very attached to her, one day I came home to find my husband playing on the floor with her saying "your just a little cougar, aren't you?" and at that point i knew he was gonna let me keep her and the name cougar just stuck.

She is going to be four years old, healthy, strong, and beautiful, I believe her dad must have been a Maine Coon. She is large, very sweet, she has three layers of fur, snowshoe paws attached to thick legs, she has the triangle shaped chest, and other Maine Coon traits.

I have been told by the vet tech at the vets, that she does have Maine Coon cat in her, also wanted to say that we brought her mom to the humane society, she was adopted, and I still see George (her brother). My friend ending up keeping him, and he has also grown into a strong handsome kitty!


Sharon Duffy: Now that is one gorgeous cat! Great story..

This is Kramer. The Oliver Creek Wompus Cat.

By: Jake Cage
(Justin, Tx)


Kramer Kramer Kramer Kramer

This little guy showed up at my house in November of 2010. The first picture is on the day I found him.

Now, I live in a very rural area with many coyotes and all sorts of other predators. I am really not sure how he got there but he did. My Grandfather gave him the nickname of Wompus Cat haha and says that a space ship must have landed somewhere and dropped him off!

He has become my best friend on this planet. I could not live without him. He has all of the characteristics of a Maine Coon. The noises, the looks, the attitude, everything. I feel he is a pure breed. But others have told me that there is no way such an expensive breed of cat, at that young of age, could just show up like that.

He is a semi-bob tail. I'm not sure if this was a birth defect or if he was injured very young. You can feel where his tail curves into a J like formation at the end of his tiny tail. So, I am not sure. I think it really makes him cuter to be honest. Please take a look at the pics and see what your opinion of this bundle of joy is. Thank you!

Conan - Maine Coon Mix?

By: Susan


Conan Conan Conan

When I was a sophomore in college, I went to the local Animal Shelter one day because my dad wanted to look at the dogs. I was looking through the cages when this huge, fluffy orange cat pressed his head up against the cage and demanded my attention with his giant green eyes. I noticed that he had a highly reduced adoption fee because he was already neutered, and the shelter needed his space for new animals.

As soon as I picked him up, he was as content as could be. An employee of the shelter told me that he was his favorite animal there because when he got a call from a family regarding a feral cat that wouldn't stop hanging around their house, he went with a cage/live trap and was shocked to find that the "feral" cat walked right up to him, purring and ready for a new friend.

I wasn't looking for a new pet that day, so after giving him some cuddles I put him back and left. But when I got home, I found that I couldn't forget about the big orange cat. I went back for him the next day and he has been my favorite ever since.

There are a variety of traits and characteristics that made me start to wonder if he was a Maine Coon. His overwhelming "dog-like" personality is one of the biggest things, as anyone who walks through the door is his new best friend. To him, there is no such thing as a person who doesn't want to pet him.

He also has tufts of hair between his toes, a beautiful fluffy tail, and as a ginger colored cat, his ruff makes him look like a little lion. His fur is shaggy looking, and water runs right off of it. He weighs a solid 13 pounds, and has a sturdy, thick frame.

The combination of these characteristics has me pretty convinced he has a little Coon in him, what do you think?

Is Mogwai a Coon or maybe a Coon mix??

By: Jennifer Collier
(Meeker Ok USA)


Mogwai Mogwai Mogwai Mogwai

He was found by a store stranded fending for himself when he was 2 months old.. he is now around 7 months old and he is bigger then my 3 year old male (neutered) cat and bigger then my 9 month old female cat..

He out grew the female cat in a matter of just a few months.. He is the biggest cat I have ever seen at his age, he is very soft he reminds me of a rag doll or something..

He has a really long tail that he loves to wrap around anything he can, like it's another arm or something..


Susan Cooper: Yes. long hair, tufted ears are two distinct traits. maine coons also love water and like to find nooks to go sleep in. my rye does. he has all the characteristics of one except the tufts. Rye was featured in the february cats of this year.

Is Milly a Maine Coon?

By: Maurita


Milly Milly Milly

We found Milly on 10/21/11. The vet said she was about three weeks old. At that time we had no idea she might be a Maine Coon cat.

But as she has grown, she has blossomed into this beautiful fluffy cat! She has the 'M' on her forehead, the fluffy ears and tail, and she 'trills' to talk all the time.

Chewbacca The Bob Cat.

By: Danna
(Bremerton Washington USA)


Bob Bob Bob Bob

We had been looking for a large greyish cat to adopt to complete our new home and came across a photo of Bob at a not so local shelter.

We drove all the way there that day to meet him and they were so surprised when we told them we were there to meet the kitteh they called "Big Bob". I guess it's harder for the larger adult kittehs to get adopted.

Bob was a rescue from a cat hoarding situation and is now happy to be our one and only kitteh. Best $100 dollars ever donated!


By: Joanne A
(Derry, NH)


Chester Chester Chester Chester

I just rescued my kitten at the shelter. He was an owner surrender (their cat had kittens). At first I just thought he was a long haired domestic cat.

Then my daughter pointed out that his ears needed a trim. Lol. He has long tufts of hair sprouting from his ears. I did some research on what type of cat he could be and I am thinking Maine Coon for a few reasons.

I clipped his nails yesterday and was surprised that he has extra toes on his front paws and tufts of hair sprouting from between his toes. He has a very long tail that is fluffier than my other cats who are DSC.

He has copper eyes and a round face and square muzzle. His personality is very outgoing. He bounces and runs about and is not at all concerned with my other two cats hissing at him. He is super friendly.

He is also very large for a kitten. Not sure of his background, but he certainly has some Coon characteristics.


Dee Kangas: Chester looks a lot in the face like my Maine Coon, So I agree he probably is a coon mix. He is very beautiful. Good luck with that cutie!

Baby Poof  2011

Poof Thinks He's A Dog!

By: Chevelle
(Brush, Colorado, USA)

Poof's owner has written a wonderful page about him. You won't believe the things that Poof can do! So hop on over to Poof's Page to get to know him and his antics!

Is Missy A Maine Coon?

By: Thomas Pengilly


Stray Stray Stray

This bundle of joy wondered to our back door hungry and thirsty. After exhausting all efforts to find her owners we have decided to keep her. She has many of the classic Maine Coon traits.

Her coat is layered with the ruff neck,she has long whiskers, her tail is long and fluffy, her ears are tufted with lynx-like hair on the tips, she has a beautiful M on her forehead.

She is very loving and has become a prominent member of our family. We believe she has the total Maine Coon package but what does everyone else think?


Deborah King: Looks just like Harley but a girl!

Thomas Pengilly: Missy now has 7 kittens. They are either mixed with Tabby or another Maine Coon! Will post pics soon

Clyde would like to know is he is a Maine Coon mix

By: Sarah in Abilene,Texas

He has most of the traits of the Maine coon breed. He is a clown and demands attention.

Even with strangers he will hop on there back to make sure they know he's there and is ready for them to pet him. He is only 1 yr old. I think he is still growing, and is the largest cat I have ever owned.

He is missing the lynx ear points but his sister has them. She however is a short hair, the softest I have ever petted. It is like she has the undercoat with out the long hair over it. His coat is soft and fluffy and does not require grooming. Their mother is a domestic short hair, father unknown. The mother had a litter mate that looked a lot like Clyde but I never got to see it.

They are from an area that is known as an animal dumping site. And many of the neighbors are not responsible pet owners. He has been saved and would just like to know if others think he might be of Maine Coon heritage.


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