March 2013 Maybe Coonies

Meet the March 2013 Maybe-Coonies here! This is where cat lovers come to ask one another, "does my kitty have some Maine in him?"

Maybe-Maine Coon Cats For March:

Is "Dishes" a Maine Coon?

By: Jessica Edelman in Denver, CO


Dishes Dishes Dishes Dishes

We found "Dishes" as a 3 month old kitten outside of our house in Early May. We began to notice the little things he would do around our home.

First, he loved being near the water. He actually taught himself how to flush the toilet so the water would flow. He would use the side of the bathtub to scale the edge while in the water, he has even taken showers with us.

We started realizing how smart he was when he started rolling over, sitting, laying down, and staying in place on command.

He also has an addiction to baby socks. He will gentley steal them from her feet and get into anything and everything that he can to get them. He would rather play with those than anything else.

He also recently starting running at strangers. When anyone new comes into our house, he instantly runs at their feet, otherwise, he couldn't care less.

The next thing we noticed is that he is extremely particular with his water. If it has been sitting out longer than a day or isn't filtered, he will not drink it.

Lastly, his favorite game is tag. He will chase anyone through the house back and forth for fun. Once he is tagged, he will chase you; once you are tagged, you will chase him.

There are many other things he does on a constant basis, there is never any prediction involving Dishes the 1 and a half year old cat.


Cathleen: Absolutely!!! This sounds EXACTLY like our almost one year old Maine Coon, Figaro. We also found him outside at 3 weeks old & he's our third cat. It'd be impossible to name all of the clever/insane/hilarious things he does on a daily basis, but one thing is for sure-he loves water!

Fluffy- In Vermont

By: Jolene Snelling in Bethel, Vermont
Am I part Maine Coon

We got Fluffy back in October of 2012 for my youngest son's birthday . Wondering if she is part Maine Coon.

Very Fluffy tail, hair under paws, long whiskers, fluffy ears, and tuft /fluffy around neck. She is very lovable.

Greets us at the door, and if she hears someone pull in, she has to look out the window (much like our dogs lol).

She loves to climb up and sit on your shoulders & try's to lay across them. She's very playful and tries to drink out of your water glass.

She loves to play in her water dish, but not to keen on Bath time. What do you think?

Meet Tiger!!!

By: Tami Pottenger in Cincinnati, Ohio USA


Tiger Tiger Tiger Tiger

Tiger came to us as a kitten 3 years ago. A friend had a pregnant cat appear on her front porch just a few days before delivering her 6 baby kittens.


I knew nothing about cats, but my daughter wanted an "orange one with stripes!!!" Tiger stood out from the rest!!! His fur was much more fluffy, his facial structure, and the little tusks of hair at the tips of his ears.

His behavior was so crazy and fun it caused me to start researching cats behavior. This is how I found an article on Maine Coon cats and it described him perfectly! When we have visitors, he greets them before our dog can make it the front door!

My kids were 5 and 2 when we got him and he has chosen to lay down right in the middle of their playing and chaos. He has to be right with us at all times. He is very vocal and speaks to me every morning and greets me when I come home.

He is an indoor cat, but like any cat, loves all the big windows in the house!!!

My husband is not fond of cats....until Tiger came!!! He says he loves Tiger so much because he acts more like a dog than a cat. He is very playful, loves to be in our company, very smart, and just great to have.

We have always wondered what kind of mix he is. We are suspecting Maine Coon and we want to get a second cat, but this time a full breed. Tiger is absolutely amazing!!!!

I would love to hear opinions and thoughts if Tiger could be a Maine Coon mix. He has all of the characteristics and personality traits. He is simply an amazing, loving cat!

Is My Bunnee a Coon?

By: Laurie in Linn Creek, MO



Bunnee Bunnee Bunnee

She fetches, she's quirky, and def a one person kitty! She'll spill her water before drinking it 'day old'!

Eats pork and beans, but no other table food! She loves to sit in the window and chirp at the neighborhood kitties!!


Laurie Bunnee's Mommy: I have a couple of questions for anyone who can relate or help! Bunnee has had a habit of 'nipping' at us since she was a tiny kitten. It used to be cute, but we knew it was going to be a problem as she grew, so we attempted to curb this 'love-biting'. We used a spray bottle and tried using some of the tactics learned while watching "My Cat From Hell" on Animal Planet, such as using a low, commanding voice. Now that she is over a year old her bites have become painful. She even bit my head the other day---HARD! There is usually no warning and I can't figure this out. Sometimes I'll just be petting her and she'll even be purring. There are other times she will do it when we are playing and I figure that is her way of saying "I'm done now", so I don't want to punish her. What should I do? Thanks! And still wondering if she is a Maine Coon Mix.

Lily's Mom: I certainly think your Bunnee is a Maine Coon. She looks so much like my female MC it's funny. Lily doesn't have the behavioral issues you mentioned, but I have been around another cat with similar tendencies. I would recommend you speak with your vet for some ideas on behavior modification. Hang in there!

Seamus (a.k.a. Moose)

By: Tina in South Central Kansas
Seamus sleeping on my pillow

Seamus, pronounced Shaymus, is an Irish name. My son named him that because he is a Ginger and Seamus is a masculine Irish name.

Often we call him Moose because he is a large beautiful kitty. We love him dearly. We think he may part Maine Coon. He was found at a shelter in a town not far from my home. When we first met him we took him out of the cage at the shelter.

I was amazed how he went around the room checking everything and everyone out. Wanted to play and wasn't afraid of anything. He immediately started playing with my son and myself and then he bit me (playfully, of course). I told myself, "This cat is special".

So we adopted him. I paid $15.00 to get him out of kitty-hock. I just don't understand how anyone could be so stupid, to let him roam the streets, not care about him and he ended up in a shelter. One person's trash is another person's treasure. And a treasure he is!


By: Anita in San Diego, CA


Sonny Sonny Sonny Sonny

I adopted Sonny from a foster mom, who didn't know anything about his background. He was in a litter of just 2 kittens (that we know of) that the foster mom had taken in when the elderly lady's cat down the street had kittens and she was going to take them to a shelter.

His sister was almost all white, with cream points, and not as fluffy as he was. He was this little scruffy looking orange and white fluff ball, with giant yellow-green eyes.

At one point he weighed in at 23 lbs, then the vet told me to put him on a diet. Now he weighs a healthy 17 lbs. He has white ear tufts, and loooong whiskers. He has a thick white ruff of hair around his neck like a lion's mane.

His toe hairs as I like to call them, are almost 2 inches long sticking out from his feet. His coat has gotten darker as he's gotten older (he's 5 now) and is long orange hair on top with a fluffy white undercoat. He also has a giant fluffy tail.

His personality is amazing, people who say they "don't like cats" often say "but I like Sonny." He may take a while to warm up to someone enough to sit on their lap, but he is always in the mix. When I have people over he often sits in the empty chair as if he is part of the circle of friends, part of the group and conversation.

He never hides. He is quite goofy, often laying stretched out in crazy positions only to look at you and say "what?!" He also makes this funny "Meh!" sound when he wants something that my boyfriend calls "barking" since it's so un-catlike.

I've often suspected he is part Maine Coon, what do you think?


By: Beth in Windfall, Indiana

This is Festus, a 5 month-old male mix. We brought him home from a local shelter as a companion for our Maine Coon, Sunny.

Shelter thought he was a mix, as we wanted a bigger cat that could stand-up to Sunny.

They are best friends, though Sunny remains the dominant male. Festus is a great addition to our family!


By: Sharla Bowling in Okemah, Oklahoma


Domino Domino Domino Domino

We adopted Domino about 3 years ago from a local shelter. He is really large and we get comments from visitors about his size. He has the extra paws and very long fluffy tail.

He also has the lion fur around his neck. He does trill or talk most of the time and likes to be held like a baby by me (mom) in the mornings and after a nap. He sometimes drools. He actually drooled alot while being loved when we first got him but not anymore.

He lays upside down and kicks his belly alot especially when he wants to play.

Do you think he might be a Maine Coon?

Napoleon and her brother Lafayette

By: Bella Lacazotte in Copperopolis, CA, USA

Napoleon and Lafayette

Napoleon's paw in my hand.

Napoleon and Lafayette Napoleon and Lafayette Napoleon and Lafayette

Napoleon and Lafayette were found wondering, alone, in a backyard of a neighbor. The neighbor saw the mother before and after she got her kittens then she diseppeared. I didn't think anything special about them when I rescued them. But, my firends were joking about their size and the fact that they had ears looking like bobcat's ears.

At 9 months, they both were weighing 12lbs and looked huge in comparaison of my two other cats (a 12 lbs 7 years old female and a 3 years old female).

Their paws are very big with hair between their toes, huge long fluffy tail and long silky hair. They follow us everywhere, talk to us, cuddle a lot and act like they are dogs (we called them our "cadog").

They love the entire family, including, dogs (sleeping between our 210lbs mastiff and our Aussie), horses and other cats.

After having people kidding us about our large babies and their ears lynx like, I decided to look what kind of cats they could have been mixed with and I came accross the Maine Coon with which they are shring a lot of characteristics.


Scrollwork California

Charlie Charlie Charlie Charlie

He hung around our porch all summer until one day I discovered he was bleeding from the chest. Emergency surgery! Vet said it was likely a BB gun.

I promised to adopt him and keep him indoors. We bonded over antibiotics and drainage tube flushing. He's slept with us most nights for the past eight years. Every time someone sees him for the first time they blurt out, "That's a mountain lion."

He is such a quiet, undemanding fellow. He doesn't like to sit on laps, but loves to be petted. He barely tolerates our grandsons when they visit because they make loud noises. He seems to recognize the words, "deck" and "treat."

He finds small spaces to tuck himself into, instantly cozifying it by his very presence. It's great therapy to watch him sleep contentedly or listen to his purr when you stroke him. I was never into dolls growing up, but Charlie's my live baby doll and he sure needs a lot of brushing!

He comes to greet us at the door when we come home. I had to laugh when I read that Maine Coons are the Golden Retriever of the feline world.


Bob Cypher / Hancock, NH: Charlie appears to have all the necessary characteristics of a Maine Coon. We have two "giant" coons, a brother & sister. At 7 years old, they both wiegh in over 20 Lbs. each. They are obsessed with water, you can't take a shower without them opening the door and watching you & the water. When you get out of the shower, they jump into the wet base & languish in the puddles. Charlies facial features look very "Maine Coon". Very loving cat, always wants to be near you and follows you around the house. They actually think they are dogs. Good luck with Charlie, he is going to triple his wieght! Bob


By: Klarissa in Independence, MO, USA


Cleo Cleo

My cat Cleo was born a barn cat. We rescued (from what could have been a tragic death from the highway) her when she was just weaned from her mother.

She had/has unusually large paws, body, and her tail, whiskers, and paw tufts are freakishly long. Haha she's a VERY outgoing cat well she thinks she is a large dog...

Though she seems like the sweetest cat she still lets her feral roots come out time to time. It wasn't till just recently I noticed she looked a lot like my first cat who was a Maine Coon. Please help..

Cosmo- My loving boy!

By: Christina Jennings in Phillip Island

My darling boy is so loving but has his own personality. He waits at 9:30pm on the dot for me to come home from work, and cries until I do (my son told me this).

He sleeps with me and wants cuddles very cheeky.. and is so fussy with his food ! He's my baby boy.


But one question remains for me... Is he Maine Coon or a Mix ? Please help... :)

Note from editor: Hi Christina, I'm not able to post the 3rd pic you submitted, the popular online photo of the big ginger cat (due to internet copyright and plagiarism regulations).


Geraldine: I guess he is, he has tips on his ears and he doesnt like to be alone. Maine Coons are very social and need a friend in the house (this can also be a dog or an other cat) when their boss is away.

Sylvia: He is Beautiful! He looks like a Maine Coon..especially how furry he is on his back:) I have 2 Maine Coon brothers He could be a mix but either way He is Awesome!!!.

Christina Jennings: That's fine, thank you for sharing my boys picture. And thank you for your advice.

Sebastian - Maine Coon or Mix?

By: Christa in NC


Sebastian Sebastian Sebastian Sebastian

This is Sebastian. He is just over 1 year old and around 14 pounds.

He makes my poor little 6 pound Yorkie look so tiny. I adopted him from the shelter when my all black kitty Pluto had to be put down. They and the vet also said he is a Maine Coon, but I'm not too sure. He has a big fluffy tail, very fluffy all over, and tuffs of fur in between his toes.

His meow honestly sounds like he is trying to talk to me. He also chips. HE is very vocal and will let you know when he needs more food or needs out of the room the use the litter box.

He is a very loving cat. He always has to be right beside me where ever I am and when I'm not there, he followes around the rest of my family.


Robin: Christa he sure looks pure Maine Coon to me and seems to match the personality.

Could Dozer be a MCC?

By: Beth in San Diego


Dozer Dozer Dozer Dozer

Bull Dozer, "Dozer" for short, is a kitten we adopted from our local animal shelter.

He was turned into the shelter as a stray. At his first visit the vet said she thought he was six-months-old. He weighed 9 lbs. I was told he'll be "huge".

Is it possible he's a MCC?


Tina Natalello: Dozer is definitely Maine Coon, I have one just like him, could even be his twin!

Leopold Rescued from a Gas Station

By: Summer in Marion, Indiana


The day after I found him

Leopold Leopold Leopold Leopold

The biggest cat and most loving cat that I have ever owned.

I honestly can't figure out why someone would dump him. I guess it was fate. We have had him about a year. He lays in goofy positions all over the house.

When he wants to be with you he must be in your face and he prefers to touch your face if you'll let him. He's my big loving goof ball.

Miss Courtney

By: Irene Gulla in The Villages, FL

Miss Courtney

All rolled up

Miss Courtney Miss Courtney

She was from a rescue organization and I was told she was part Siamese.

When I brought her to the vets for a checkup, she said she sees Coon in her. She was a very small cat only 6 lbs at 1 year old but look at her now. A beauty.

The only problem with her is when I play with her, she scratches and some times bites. I have scars all over me. I'm tempted to return her to the shelter but I'm hoping she will stop the biting.


Marian Goepfert: Hi! She is very pretty. The coloring is unique and not what you would see on a Maine Coon, but I bet she has some in her. As for play time. I only use toys - never my hands or body parts. I give my MC's kickers, mice and for interactive play time I use feathers on a stick (they look like fishing poles) the cats go crazy and I don't get injured! They can chew, scratch and bite like they are suppose to do all they like. Good Luck!

Linda: I was watching Animal Planet your cat from hell with Jackson Galaxy he just had a segment on a Maine Coon cat doing the same thing it just ran this sat 3/16/13 he said to be sure not to over excite them close to bedtime and to wear them out earlier in the day some don't like to have you put your had over their head I don't know if i'm saying this correcting but maybe you can find out a way to see it he is very good he gives you good ideas the show comes on on saturdays the name is your cat from hell but it is good things to help you I hope I made some sense for you :)

Is she a Maine Coon?

By: Lachelle in Taft, CA
Mrs Norris

This is Mrs. Norris. I got her from a shelter.

Both the shelter and vet I had her fixed at said she was Maine Coon but she is much smaller than I anticipated but has all of the tell tell traits. Is she or is she not a Maine Coon?

Mrs Norris

She has the "M" on her forehead, large poofy tail, tuffs in ears and between the toes, extra long whiskers, full furry face and large eyes.

But she is quite small (smaller than my adult short hair) the shelter thought she was 5 months but vet said she was 5 years.

I am confused at her lack of size but all other traits and characteristics match. please help me identify if she is in fact a Maine Coon. thanks!!!


By: K. Dunn in Burke, VA USA
L.C. 4yrs old

L.C. originally stood for Little Cat ;) She is over weight (16lbs) and on a diet.

We thought she was a Brown Classic Tabby, but some family and friends tell us that she looks to be part Maine Coon.

The run down for this is...small but noticeable ear tufts, very fluffy tail, thick mane around her face and neck, and a lot of hair under her feet that not only sticks out from under but causes her to slip when she lands.

Her hair is multi-layered and matts so we have taken to getting her a lion cut. L.C. is larger than our last cat, but we don't think she is abnormally large and do not know how to measure a cat.

Not being familiar with either type of cat we just can't decide on what she is.


Jennifer C.: I think she could be but I'm no expert! We rescued one that I think is at least part Maine and his fur matts. I got a brush thinking that it was worth a try but doubtful that he'd put up with being brushed. He is unlike any other cat I've ever had and he LOVES being brushed. Now we've avoided the hair cuts for quite a while!

Patty: L.C looks like a mix, one main thing about a Maine Coon is a square or boxed muzzle very noticeable.

Chance -- one lucky cat

By: Miki in Georgia


Chance Chance Chance

We found Chance in a storm drain under the curb on a deserted street in a yet to be built development in semi-rural Georgia.

My husband and I were taking a walk down the empty woods-lined street when we heard a pitiful yowling. It sounded close by and it sounded like a cat in trouble.

We looked in the woods. We didn't see anything. We walked a bit further down the street and the crying and yowling got louder. There was a storm drain just in front of us. I bent down and listened, and sure enough the sounds were coming from under the grate in the drain.

I bent down looked into the drain and saw only black water. The cat cried again. I needed to get a better look so I kneeled down as close as I could get to the opening in the curb and there he was. The tinniest kitten ever, standing on a recessed pipe. I told my husband.

He got down on the ground and tried to get his arm in the curb opening but it was too small for his upper arm. I got on the ground stretched my arm as far as it could go into the drain. I couldn't even touch the water.

As I was removing my arm the kitten took a flying leap toward my hand and ended up in the water! I couldn't reach him! His tiny head was just above the water he started to paddle and paddle and made it to the recessed pipe.

The pipe was about an inch above the waterline. The kitten dragged himself onto the pipe. I need something to reach him with. I was wearing a baseball hat. I decided to see if I could reach him with the hat.

I put my hand through the space where the hat and the adjustable band connect. Then I got back on the ground, put my arm with the hat over my hand into the drain. I flung the hat onto the pipe and thought, either his little catty angels will guide him into the hat or he will run down the pipe. He walked into the hat.

He used to fit into the palm of my hand and now he stretches from over my sholder to below my waist when I pick him up. He chirps and fetches pens and has to follow us around and "help" us do everything. He's not a giant, but he is larger than any other cat I've ever had.

After we found him someone said a neighbors female Maine Coon escaped. Who knows?

To us he is purrfect. And lucky to get a second Chance.


Mary Grace: You two have to be the most sweetest kind hearted people in the world. This story touches my heart. Chance is one lucky cat to have you two. In return, I'm completely positive that he will show his love and gratitude. Maine Coons are the most gracious, sweetest, kind, loving cats, and they always show their appreciation.

Marg: I am so glad you two found this beautiful cat. He took a chance and came up trumps. :-)

Linda: He is a lucky cat to find 2 loving people to take him in and love him he is a nice looking boy thank you for helping him :)


By: Nick in Milwaukee, WI
Frosty - Maine Coon?

We got Frosty from a shelter this last summer. She was labeled as a possible Maine Coon mix. As soon as she came home with us, she did not hide, like I would expect of a new cat.

She instantaneously made herself part of the family, and is a constant snuggle bug. She likes going into the shower when we are done and much prefers drinking water straight from the sink rather than from a bowl.

It's really hard to tell if she is Maine Coon because she is completely black, but she does have the ruff around her neck, big paws with tufts of fur between her toes, is quite talkative and slightly larger than the normal cat.


Patty: Frosty looks like a possible mix, Maine Coons do come in black, her jaw line is to tapered. Maine Coons have a squared muzzle which is very noticeable. She is a beauty!

Debbie: Your girl definitely looks like a Maine Coon. What a beautiful girl!

Is she or isn't she????

By: Dan in Greenwood


Kat Kat Kat Kat

I adopted Kat from a lady that rescues cats & kittens that are in need of help.

Kat was 10 months old when I got her, that was a week ago it took about 3 days for her come out of her shell, but now she runs the place, could someone please tell me if she has any Maine Coon in her, I think she does, what do you think????


Jessy: Actually, she looks like a Turkish (Kurdish, Armenian) Van.

Tanja: I think, it is a TurkishVan in her - maybe mixed with Coonie ;)


By: Irene Gulla in The Villages, FL


Mystery Mystery

We got her from a shelter and they told us she was a mix siamese. She looks a lot like a Maine coon cat with blue eyes. Am I right?


Julie Waddington: I have a Coonie mix that has blue eyes. Her mother was a feral tuxedo and her father unknown. Coon must be in her ancestry somewhere.

Is Bizou a Maine Coon Mix?

By: Manuela in Black Mountain, NC, USA


First day Bizou arrived as a stray.

Bizou Bizou Bizou Bizou

Bizou is a stray that chose us in September 2012. She looked pretty young, about 6 months is our guess.

She looked more tabby than Maine Coon from the shoulders up, but shaggy from the shoulders down.

5 months later she doesn't look the same at all. Big ruff now and much bushier tail!


Debra Z: She definitely looks like Maine Coon to me--she looks exactly like my Miss Kitty! Gorgeous!!


By: laura in NC


Squeaky Squeaky

We found this cat as a kitten (about 5 weeks old) in a drain hole. We have no idea of his history. He is now about 6-7 months old and we are wondering if maybe he doesn't have some Maine Coon in him.

He beats down the door to the bathroom if someone takes a shower without him in the room- he likes to play in the water. His name is Squeaky. He is named because of his squeaky little voice he had as a kitten- that he still has. His feet are HUGE. He loves to be with us. He is super inquisitive. He comes when called just like a dog.

So what do you experienced Maine Coon owners think? Does he sound and look like a Maine Coon mix?


Diane: He looks like a Maine Coon. Thank you for saving him.

Ryback at 5 months old

This is my kitten Ryback I think he has or is Maine Coon?

By: Don Churchill Jr. in St. John's Newfoundland Canada

This is my kitten Ryback I think he has or is Maine Coon?


Kimberly: Yes, he's definietly a Maine Coon it shows in his tail maine coons have a raccoon looking tail, and he has a lot of fur. Maine Coons are built for the snow.

Michelle: I think he looks like at least has Maine Coon in him.


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