Maine Coon Cat Traits

"Does My Cat Have Some Coon In Him?"

The Maine Coon Cat traits are what make this breed so special, so alluring.

Big, beautiful, shaggy, and rugged-looking are some terms that come to mind.

maine coon christmas gifts
maine coon christmas gifts

Dexter just relaxingDexter just relaxing

These traits may make you wonder if your cat has some Coon in him (or her!). Almost everyone who has a long haired, or big cat, wonders about this at some point.

It's natural. They are incredibly alluring, mysterious and desirable cats!

But how do you know if your cat is a Coon cat?

Many folks find their way to this site when they are researching Maine Coon cat traits for this very reason.

As it turns out, this is a very popular question! Lets find out if you have a Maine Coon in the house!

Betty, a gorgeous purebred Maine Coon KittenBetty, a gorgeous purebred Maine Coon Kitten

Part of the reason for this is the natural heritage of this breed.

They developed in out nature, and many people still think of them as a wild barn cat.

So, when a cat of unknown parentage shows some similar characteristics, it is natural to wonder if there might be some Coon in their genes.

You rarely hear someone ask if their cat is part Himalayan, or has some Siamese in him.

Their natural heritage is the very reason so many cats seem to resemble them. They were not bred to extremes, creating a very unusual appearance. Quite the opposite.

So, the first factor to remember is that the wild Maine Coon cats of the old days are no more. This is not a style or type, such as "tabby" or "domestic medium-hair."

This is a purebred pet, kept in homes and bred with care by a breeder. So many generations have gone by that it's just as likely that the fluffy cat next door is part Persian!

With that said, there are cats out there who are part or full Maine Coon cat, and end up in shelters or rescue. How does it happen?

stunning classic brown maine coon catLady Gala is a purebred Maine Coon with that classic look

Breeders of any breed are diligent about placing their kittens in loving and responsible homes. They even expect future owners to agree to keep the kitten indoors, have it spayed or neutered, and never to declaw it.

Yet, some owners don't keep those promises. Occasionally, an unexpected litter happens, or owners surrender or give away their pet due to allergies, age, moving, or other concerns.

So, that's how it happens. Pure-bred cats of all types can end up relocated. So, what are the trademark characteristics that you would look for? How do you know?

row of five maine coon cat pictures

Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer. Unless you know the previous owner, or your cats parents, it will have to be a bit of a mystery.

But, you can find out about some trademark Maine Coon Cat traits to look for. If your cat has many of the tell-tale Maine Coon cat traits, it is very possible that you do have one.

For a variety of reasons, even purebred cats do end up in shelters and rescues. All purebred cats start out at a cattery, though.

So if you are researching about a young kitten, it is more likely a mix or a look-alike. There is much more on this in our next article, "Is H/She a Mix"?

is my cat a maine coon? quote

Maine Coon Cat Traits: Appearance & Personality:

These guys and girls have a strong, rectangular body. He will take up to four years to mature, so he may get quite big! He will have medium-long fur, with a ruff around the neck.

There is also the extravagant tail as well as lynx-like ears and tufts of fur poking out from between their "toes!"

The eyes are known for being large, oblique, and intelligent.This is a very condensed version of their appearance. There is much more in our pages on their characteristics, and information.

Perhaps the most telling of the Maine Coon cat traits is their personality. Their personality is fun-loving, outgoing, and gregarious. They are clown-like, never shy, very vocal and social animals.

When one of these guys or girls is in the house, everyone knows it. Not just because he's huge, (though usually he is!) but because he makes himself known. Every cat has his own "ways", there isn't a particular behavior to look for.

What you will find is that a Coon uses his personality to make sure he is an equal member of the family. He will not hide under the couch when company arrives. (He wouldn't fit anyway).

He will be front and center, in the middle of any action or conversation. You'll trip over him constantly, and if he wants something- boy, will he let you know it!

He is extremely loving, almost overly so, and never seems to tire of your affection. Did we mention superb with children? Couldn't be any better as a family cat.

Yes, these are the dogs of the feline world. They don't seem to know that they are cats.

Find Out For Yourself! If after reading this, you are thinking "yes, that sounds just like my cat!", then you very well may have a Maine Coon cat on your hands.Still not sure? There's only one more thing to do. We have an exciting announcement to make!

As this site has grown, and visitors like you have been contributing, there has been a common theme. The desire to identify their pet as one of this breed. But it goes deeper than reading a few articles about Maine Coon Cat traits.

So, due to popular demand, we have begun work on an E-Book just for you!

This will be an in-depth look at the breed characteristics, traits, personality and history. Maine Coon cat traits and more. There is a lot already on the site, of course!

But for those who are ready to become a breed expert in their own right, you will be armed with all you need to know. You will be able to look at their cat and answer the question for yourself!

As time goes on, we will reveal the title, release date, and overview. Do you want to be in the know? The best way is to get signed up for our free, fun Newsletter!

In it, we catch up on what's new on the site, in the world, share tips and advice, and we'll keep you up-to-date!

Where To Go Next:

Our next page is called "Is H/She a Mix"? It's a look at how it happens that a cat could be a Mix, the likelihood of a cat or kitten "just being" a purebred, and it's a place for you to see lots of other cats who may or may not be Mixes!

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maine coon christmas gifts
maine coon christmas gifts

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