Lily has Maine Coon character traits

by Pat
(London, UK)

Lily is approximately ten months old and weighs ten pounds! Her parentage is unknown as she was handed into our vet as unwanted at three months old.

I initially wondered if she was part Maine Coon due to her large size and enormous fluffy tail, but after reading the traits of the breed it really got me thinking. She is as big as my nine year old male cat Harry now!

She has an amazing tail, just like a feather duster. She loves water and drinks out of the tap if is is running slightly, will also sit in the sink with the tap running over her head, which she really seems to enjoy!

She seems to love people, never hiding if visitors arrive. She seems as if she is interested in everyone and everything, sitting in the middle of the room watching everything that is going on.

She has beautifully soft fur which is longer on her underside and she has a ruff of fur around her neck like a lion's mane.

She has a high pitched voice, doesn't really miaow like my other cats.

She does not have the lynx ear tufts but she has beautiful tufts of fur between her toes, which are longer on her back legs.

Lily is a lovely girl with an easy going, gentle temperment and I feel so lucky to have her.

Would love to hear opinions from people in the know.

Thank you!

Hi Pat,

Lily is a doll! I can see how sweet she is just by looking at that face!

You are right, she has a lot of Maine Coon traits. If those ear tufts were a bit more pronounced, she would be the spitting image of a Maine Coon!

I think it's entirely possible she has some Maine Coon in her. Let's see what others think, too!


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Feb 05, 2012
Face Shape
by: Pat

Thanks Anon for the comment. Very interesting as someone else who has seen her has also pointed out that she could be a Norwegian Forest mix. So I'm wondering now if that is the case. She is certainly a little beauty anyway!

Feb 04, 2012
Face shape
by: Anonymous

Maybe its the pictures, but the face almost seems like a triangle. Still could be Coon mix, but with a face shape like that, Norwegian Forest Cat mix maybe another likely possibility?

But it doesn't matter. She's so beautiful. The eyes are like gems.

Apr 03, 2011
by: Pat

Thank you for your message Juliet. Lily is such a lovely little girl! I'll try and post more photos of her soon.

Mar 29, 2011
so sweet
by: juliet


What ever Lily is, she is perfectly gorgeous- such a lovely face.I have 2 Maine Coons and 2 "mixtures" and each and every one is perfect in their own special way. My older Maine Coon (she's 2) has a lot of the breed's characteristics whereas her 1/2 sister Tilly doesn't (she's 1) she's possibly too busy being mischievous to copy her big sis...anyway Lily is a doll and lots more photos please :)

Feb 23, 2011
by: Pat

Thank you Carrie, she is very sweet!

Also forgot to mention that she loves to eat her food with her paws and often stands upright on her back legs! Very cute.

Thanks again.

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