by Janie

We got ladybug at the shelter in October 2016.

She was found as a newborn with siblings and the mom under a porch at an abandoned house. Birthdate is approximately September 1st.

She is now about 4 1/2 months old and already seems quite large for her age. She is extremely playful and even seems quite aggressive in her play. But she can also be very loving and cuddly.

It's just myself and my husband and he's gone frequently on work trips. She is very social and follows me around the house everywhere I go.

I already have a number of nicknames for her.... Velcro kitty, acrobatic kitty, spider-kitty, tree kitty, attack cat, espionage kitty....

She climbs my indoor hibiscus tree, the curtains, the back of the couch, she scales sideways along the back of the couch, the side of our bed, the curtains - anything at all that she can get her claws into really and she's very fast, she sneaks around under dressers, the bed, around corners and leaps out at me, we race around the house and play hide and go seek, she burrows under the covers and blankets to attack my feet, she is already leaping straight up to high counter tops and gets into everything. She is extremely curious about everything and very determined when she wants something.

Oh... And she seems to be fascinated with water and not really afraid of it. She plays in it, runs her paws under the faucet and doesn't seem to mind if it drips on her back, In fact it seems to just repel off her fur, and sometimes she just sit in the sink!

She loves to stretch out to her full length and lay on her back and expose her tummy, I didn't know female cats did this. She always seems to be right in the middle of the floor where you want to walk, stretching out or sometimes burrowing under the throw rugs, so that I always have to be careful where I step.

Two things that don't seem to fit the main coon personality though are her slightly more aggressive nature (we're working with her to try to get her to learn not to bite and scratch hands when she plays), and she is not a very vocal cat, in fact she rarely ever meows, she generally doesn't make much sound at all other than soft little short chirps and mewlings and squeaking sort of noises with her mouth closed.

We were actually concerned that there was something wrong with her vocal cords when we first got her until we took her for her first vet visit and they took her temperature.... Let's just say... She definitely can meow and quite loudly when she is not happy or distressed.

However, back at home, I've yet to hear her meow when she is hungry... She sometimes makes the little noises when she plays but other than that is pretty quiet. If she wants something she generally just races around and gets in my face to let me know!

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Jan 29, 2021
Feral Maine Coons
by: Kim

I raise and tame wild feral cats. Yes! Maine Coons are attracted to water. Soon you'll be catching her on the kitchen countertop licking water out of pots in the sink. As for biting: She'll probably lightly bit you her entire life, not out of anger but out of pleasure. Finally: As she ages, she will begin talk to you.

Please review my Maine Coon Cat Nation webpage titled: Meet Tarzan (Oneonta NY) for more info on
Feral Maine Coon cat behavior.

Jan 29, 2021
not customary Coonie bahavior
by: Anonymous

Something else that she does which is not usual behavior for Maine Coons is all the climbing she does on your curtains and other things where Norwegan Forrest cats are known to be climbers. You may just have one of those. They look very similar to Coonies.

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