Justin - RIP

by Judy C.
(Milwaukee, WI)

I had Justin for about 13 years. He was 4 when I got him.

My sister is a vet specializing in cats, and one of her clients wanted to put him to sleep because he didn't get along with the other cats in the household. My sister asked if the owner would turn the cat over to her to find a new home instead of putting it down.

She brought Justin to me, knowing I'd always wanted a big cat like a Maine Coon or Norwegian Forest Cat. It turned out that he had some sort of seizure disorder and once he was on medication, he was fine with my other cats.

He was a beauty (the previous owner was a breeder, and Justin was a breeding-quality male). He was 20 pounds at his peak; but a variety of illnesses left him much scrawnier in his later years.

He was so shy at first, he wouldn't even let me pet him for almost six months! He wanted to be near me, but wouldn't let me touch him. Eventually, he would curl up next to me on the couch or in bed, and became a real "mama's boy". He loved being held and getting hugs! (He also loved his Garfield bed, as you can see in the photo).

I miss him so much, but he's no longer in pain and is in a much better place now.

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Comments for Justin - RIP

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Jan 02, 2012
by: Barbara

So sorry for your loss. May Justin rest in peace.

Take Care.


Nov 22, 2011
So sorry
by: Laurie

So sorry for your loss...I just lost my maine coon Dillon on Nov. 20 and the pain at times truly takes my breath away...Justin was a special boy again I am so sorry...Love Laurie

Nov 14, 2011
by: amirul

:O he had a long lifespan:)what did you feed him?

Nov 14, 2011
Sweet Angel!!
by: Heidi Mathias

You surely became the guardian angel of this sweet big boy!!! God bless you!

Nov 11, 2011
Be at peace
by: Anonymous

He's so beautiful and content. My heart hurt when I read your story. I hope for peace for both of you.

Nov 11, 2011
by: Karen

My sympathies on your loss..I know how it feels to lose a beloved cat..you did a wonderful thing in giving him a second chance and a giving him a great life with you...he was certainly loved...my advice: get another right away..it helped me immensely and eased my pain to have another little lover in my home..in fact I now have two furry babies...

Nov 11, 2011
TG for vets like your sister!
by: Anonymous

Thank god for vets who won't just put a cat to death for no good reason!

Nov 11, 2011
The Garfield Bed
by: Anonymous

My first Maine Coon had a Garfield Bed that he loved just like your Justin. He was on a "time share" with another cat that I had prior to him. Between the two of them it was well used. The lovely picture of your beloved Justin brought back a flood of forgotten memories about the joy they had in the Garfield Bed.

RIP: Justin, Cronkat and Target.

Nov 10, 2011
by: Dale

What a wonderful, happy-ending story. You gave Justin a great life, full of love!

Nov 10, 2011
Rest in Peace Justin
by: Joann & Bubba

Our hearts & souls are with you @ this time of loss. Remember the happy life you had with Justin in his journey thru life & remember that he is now an angel watching over you ♥

Nov 10, 2011
So sorry Judy
by: Sharon

But so happy for both of you to have each other for so many wonderful years. My thoughts are with you.

Nov 10, 2011
just justin..
by: raine mangano haslach.

what a sweet maincoon, so beautiful, the giant, cats that you are. and great friend. these cats act like dogs..rest in peace justin..

Nov 10, 2011
RIP, Justin...
by: Carrie


I'm so very sorry to hear about Justin. I know how much he meant to you, and it's so hard when our fur-friends pass.

Justin had a great life with you and he knew how much he was loved. I can see the happiness and contentment on his face in this picture. Know that you are you are in our thoughts.


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