July 2015 Maybe Coonies

Meet the July 2015 Maybe-Maine Coons and Mixes. Do you think they have some Maine Coon in them?

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Maybe-Maine Coon Cats For July:

Just curious about Willie

By: Dianna in Agra, Oklahoma

We got our kitten from a friend that told us he was abandoned on her front porch. He is very playful and full of personality. He is 12 weeks old and compared to my other kitten of the same age, he is huge! He resembles several characteristics of the Maine Coon and wanted to know what you thought?

We rescued Willie from an acquaintance of ours that found him on her front porch as a small kitten. He is now about 3 months old and he is much bigger than our other kitten that is also 3 months old.

He has several characteristics of the Maine Coons appearance and he also has the personality! One other thing I recently discovered, Willie loves to play in the water splashing around! So, could someone tell me if he could possibly be a mix?


By: Maureen in Kaiserslautern, Germany
Shila the Diva

I got "Shila" from the "tierhilfe" in Kaiserslautern Germany, when she was 5 months old.

She's 8 months old now and she has such a wonderful personality. Very playful and such a Diva! She seems to have the characteristics of a Maine Coon, with the Lynx effect ears, the big tail and tufts of fur between her toes. She's just beautiful!


By: Alison


Eli Eli Eli Eli


Eli Eli

I didn't get chance to post a pix on Fb... It wouldn't allow it, so here is Eli, tell me, Maine Coonie or not,


Little One

Is Little One Part Coon?

By: Marc in Winnipeg Canada

Got him about yrs ago. He's smaller but has the lion mane and tufts of fur between toes and lynx like ears.

Love this guy!

PomPom and FlipFlop

By: Lisa in Sydney ns Canada


PomPom chilling lol

PomPom FlipFlop PomPom & FlipFlop

We have 2 strays that both have the look & personalities of a Coonie! They are so affectionate & have the sweetest , softest, little squeak meows!

PomPom is the tabby & weighs about 15 lb & FlipFlop is the black beauty he is polydactyl & weighs almost 20lb they are so much fun to have in our home, big kittens always playful!

Roxie in Southern Nevada

By: Caren in Henderson, NV


Roxie at rest

Roxie Roxie

We recently adopted Roxie from a friend of a friend, who was moving out of state and could not take her along.

Roxie is 9 years old and both big and overweight. Her first mother told us she is part Maine Coon, and looking at her head size and shape, as well as the size of her paws, I can see some similarities.

She is very sweet and very vocal about when she wants attention or food or to tell me that I forgot to open the closet door (she likes to relax in the cool darkness).

She is warming up to our two other cats, a 4-year-old torbie/white domestic shorthair, and a 1-year-old Lynx Point Siamese mix, although she's still a little cautious about getting boxed in. (We've only had her for 10 days.)

Do you see Maine Coon in her? She doesn't have the lynx-tufted ears or an obvious ruff, nor is her tail very fluffy. I'd be interested in your thoughts. Thanks!

Marvin and Grover in London

Marvin and Grover

Marvin and Grover Marvin and Grover Marvin and Grover Marvin and Grover

Marvin and Grover are rescue cats. We are not sure how old they are. The shelter thought 2 to 3 years old.

They are probably brothers (were abandoned together and despite different colouring look very similar). We have had them since April. Both follow us around like dogs when they are inside.

They love our company, demand attention and cuddles but very rarely sit on our laps. They love being outside and are good climbers. They think nothing of jumping up and down (head first) tall fences.

Not sure about hunting abilities (they luckily haven't brought any presents home yet) or intelligence... they figured out how to use the chip controlled cat flap within minutes though. It's more of a tunnel than just a flap (thick walls) so I guess that is fairly intelligent.

Both have very long and bushy tails, long bodies and are pretty heavy but not fat. Marvin (ginger) is 5.3 kilos (approx 12 pounds) and Grover (b/w) is 4.2 kilos (approx 9 pounds). Their fur is long with a thick undercoat and it doesn't' seem to get wet when they are outside during rain - they don't seem to mind water or rain at all.

They have very long whiskers, fur tufts between their toes, a smallish ruff round their neck and tufts in their ears but not the lynx like tuft at the top of their ears (well Grover has very small tuft at the tips of his ears)

So what do you think? Could there be Maine Coon in them?

Is She A Maine Coon?

Black Cat

I adopted her October 5th, 2013. Her face was sad but I picked her up and held her and she nestled right in my arms.

She was a long hair, black kitten. She was six months old. They had "fixed" her and I always tell her she has a turquoise tattoo on her belly. That's how you know she's had the surgery. She no longer has a sad face. She talks...all the time. She brings me presents, usually at night when I'm asleep.

Somebody told me she's a hunter. So when I get up there's a trail of my clean kitchen towels I keep rolled up in a large bowl on my island counter. She also brings me their (I have 4 other rescue, mutt cats) little stuffed animal babies.

Black Cat

She loves to lay on her back and sleep. She must have her nap in the afternoon. She's very big and weighs 13 lbs and counting. In 2014 she had to have surgery to remove a growth in her mouth that was affecting her eating and breath in 2014. My vet said it was a common thing for her breed and to get her checked once a year.

Her eyes tell you everything. She's an amazing soul. She loves me but she hangs with the cats. She's not "needy" like my other cats. She's gotten some white hair in between her toes. It's long hair but it's strips of white hair. She's beautiful and I love, love, love her.



By: Clarissa L. Ocenasek in Gaines, MI, USA

Love bug and a lap cat always wanted to be loved on and brushed.

Fern...with the lions mane

By: Sarah in North Carolina


Enjoying the balcony

Fern Fern Fern Fern

Fern came to us from someone asking to take in this adorable little fluffy, silver kitten.

Since I have rescued in the past, I popped up in their mind. Immediately, I could tell this cat was special. Instead of finding her a home, we fell in love and decided to keep her.

My husband has own pure Coons in the past (he is from Maine after all!). He started noticing that not only does she look like his previous cats, but that she acts like them too. Her personality is so cute, yet borderline dominant. She has to be right in the middle of things and is extremely vocal....to the point that now my husband "meows" back to her and they have "conversations" for a few minutes.

We noticed a few things immediately. She has a full on fluffy collar...it is almost hysterical to watch her try to clean it. My husband calls it her lion's mane. It is full, fluffy, and almost out of control.

She also has these impressive little tufts at the tip of her ears and between all her toes. To get her to play sometimes, we touch those tufts in between her toes....and it's on! (Although it isn't hard to get her to play at all usually). Her tail is also OUTRAGEOUS! She will wrap that thing around your legs and tickle the back of your knees.

She is definitelh a "mama's girl". Usually she follows me around the house and is always under-foot. When I sit down, she is always in my lap. She will even wake me up every morning....just so she can sit on my lap. When I have gone on vacation, she does it to my husband. She will grab food from your plate, beg and meow pathetically until you drop a piece of bacon or cheese down to her. When she isn't asleep, she is usually "hunting" a bug that flew in while the door was open. She LOVES to be on the balcony and let the wind ruffle through her luxurious mane.

We have struggled on finding out whether or not she is a mix since we got her. Her size isnt super impressive, although she is a decent size. She is only a year now and it doesn't seem like she has grown any except outwards....in the tummy area. We are just curious to see if anyone sees the similarities to Coons like we do...

Kit Kat and Fennick Bean

By: Terre Thomas in New York

Kit Kat and Fennick Bean

Kit Kat and Fennick Bean Fennick Bean

Kit Kat is 3 years old and weighs 14 lbs but there is no fat on him!

I am pretty sure he is a mix since I have seen his tabby littermates but he does have the tufts between his toes and a lovely tail.

Fennick Bean was rescued by me son from a friend's car engine and about 6 weeks old.



By: Mike in Westhampton, MA

I picked up my kitten today from someone who got them in Rhode Island. I live in Mass. She was told that both of his parents were Maine Coon.

My kitten surely looks as though he has Maine Coon in him but I don't know if he is a purebred. What do you all think?


By: Stacey in Beaufort, SC

Coco is difficult to photograph because she will not stay still!

We adopted her in March from our local cat adoption center. We started wondering if she could have some Maine Coon in her because she loves water, and she often drinks water by dipping her paw in the bowl and then licking it from her paw.

She has the tufts of hair between her toes and the long whiskers. She is also very dog-like in her personality.

She will follow me all over the house! Her voice is also unique at times, more of a trill than a meow.


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