July 2014 Maybe Coonies

Meet our Maybe-Coonies for July 2014!

Maybe-Maine Coon Cats For July:


By: Chelsea R in Tennessee

My baby! He's 2 years old, was adopted from a shelter at 12 weeks.

He's 11.4 lbs and has been that size for several months. He's got many of the characteristics of a Maine Coon, in both personality and appearance.

I wonder if he's a mix, I'm pretty sure he's at least part because of coat type.

The main support for being a mix would be, besides being from a shelter, the size, but I know they don't mature fully until 3-5 years.

Is Nova a Maine Coon?

By: Reina Stephenson in San Francisco, CA


Nova's on the bed.

Nova Nova

Nova is an energetic, 1-year old kitty. She's delightfully large and sports a massive, fluffy tail. She has quite a unique personality; one my family has never experienced in a cat.

She loves jumping in the shower, playing in the sink, walking along narrow handrails, and, of course, eating. She's extremely friendly and seems to love guests.

She appears to have Maine Coon traits: the huge tail, massive size, tufted ears and paws, and similar markings. We got her from the local county shelter, and they told us she is simply a mix. We'd love to know what you guys think!

Lil' Mister

By: Jessica in Austin, TX

Lil' Mister

Lil' Mister Lil' Mister Lil' Mister Lil' Mister

Just got this two month old little guy from the Austin Humane Society yesterday, and he's already terrorizing my dog.

He purrs the second you pick him up, and meows when he wants attention (every 20 minutes). The ears were the biggest clue to me, they're huge on his head and he has the telltale tufts.

That being said, his coat is showing signs of being long (he's shaggy), but its not fully grown in yet. I'm not sure how long it takes for Coons to get poofy.

No matter what, he's awesome!


By: Hope Biddix Malta Montana

My cats name is Ace he is 8 months old he is huge!!!!.....he has huge paws and a buff chest he is brown with black stripes he even has a big bushy tail.

My Molly Girl... Part Maine Coon??

By: Veronica in Fountain Inn, SC

My fiance and I were given our kitten Molly when she was very young. But she adapted so quickly.

Once we got her to the house she never once whined or whimpered.. she is so loving and loves to have her belly rubbed... and to give lots of kisses..

I have read a lot about Maine Coon traits and she fits them to a T. We know that she isn't a purbred because she was found under a porch with her 3 litter mates 2 are long haired and look JUST like her and then there was one short haired with white socks.. I just wanted to know what others think about Miss Molly..

Some of her MC traits

  • long fur and paw and ear tuffs
  • very affectionate
  • loves water (we can't keep her out of the sink and shower)
  • very playful loves to play with everything. She can entertain herself with anything.
  • she thinks she is a human lol...

We absolutly adore and lover our Molly so so much. We were both very much so "dog people" but since getting her we cant say that at all anymore. She is very much so our child and she knows it she is very spoiled.. please let us know what yall think we are very curious about if she does have some Maine Coon in her.

Her mother is a short haired petite cat..if you need anymore info just ask please..

Veronica, Michael, & Molly

Lil Man
Lil Man

Pretty Sure He's Maine Coon

By: Cheri in Charlottetoen pei Canada

He has so many traits of this breed would love to know what you think.

Is Floyd a Maine Coon?

By: T in Los Angeles, CA


Floyd Floyd

Floyd was rescued last week right before he was about to cross a busy street. When the rescuer pulled up to the curb she opened the passenger door first and called out to him. Much to her surprise, he hopped right in.

I feel like Floyd might be a kitten who accidentally got out and ran away from home. He is far too much too trusting and affectionate have been a stray for too long.

The woman who rescued him has put signs up everywhere and at the shelters. I adopted yesterday.

Floyd has a long furry tail, long hair and HUGE paws. His little face is throwing me off, though. It looks so unusual to me. Could he be a Maine Coon mix? I know it's not likely he's a full breed, but if he did escape, I think there is a chance. So I'm curious...


By: Chelsea in Wisconsin


Quinceton Quinceton Quinceton

He's basically a total stud. But he is more like a dog I feel like.

He follows me everywhere, plays fetch like a champion, runs around the house with me (he attacks me by jumping up and smacking my butt), follows me around outside, wakes me up every morning because he gets bored (he's smart, he hides in my closet and meows at me because i can't get him with a pillow in there).

What else...he pulls my wet towels down and sleeps on them. He sucks at jumping and climbing. We have long conversations. Usually it's just normal meows from him, but if he's really happy/comfy sometimes he'll chirp (though it doesn't happen very often)but it's super cute.

Merlin A Part Maine Coon

By: Trudi Kelly in Raymond Terrace Newcastle, NSW Australia
Before fully grown

Merlin was given to me when he was too young, he was tiny but followed me everywhere, as he got bigger and bigger I noticed he didnt meow like other cats he chitterd like a squirrel.

And when in the mood he would talk, I still now find him sleeping in the bathroom sink, he sits on the edge of the bath when I have a shower, and plays with water, somtimes sleeps inside my cupboards too.

He comes and tells me loudly when he has gone to the litter or wants something, I talk to him and he answers me back.

He is a little bigger than 25cm in length, without the tale, very robust and fluffy, and I just luv him ta bitz, hes a clown somtimes, and is always at my side, I cant even go to the loo in peace.


By: Wayne in Dallas, TX



Whiskey Whiskey Whiskey Whiskey

"Whiskey" was found late at night in the middle of a country road in Ohio by my niece.

The poor little thing was scared to death and his eyes were matted shut. There were no other kittens/cats around and no one could figure out how he got there.

He wasn't more than 3 weeks old. He was fed by an eye dropper for a week or so. I took him home to Texas a couple weeks later.

I could tell he was going to be a big cat by the length of his tail when he was still a kitten. He was 8lbs. at 6 months old, long and thin.

He is now 6 years old and 23lbs. He is very muscular and agile for his size. It never occured to me that he could be a Maine Coon or a mix. I just thought he was a BIG cat.

His fur seems right, he has a large chest, he speaks to me in a very distinct language, he likes water and has been known to jump in the shower with me, he acts more like a dog than a cat, he waits at the door for me to come home, he is very gentle and loves everyone, and demands attention. He has to be at least a mix, right? Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Two of the pics are when he was 6 months old and 8lbs. The other 2 are recent.

Winston - Our Curious Little Boy With The Amazing Tail

By: Janet Hennebery in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, UK


Winston Winston Winston

Winston is now 9 months old and it has been suggested that he might be part Maine Coon. The reason for posting here I guess is to see if any of you agree.

He has the amazing HUGE tail which is at present as wide as his body is and about as long as his body.

He has the tufts under his paws and between his toes. He loves water, has ended up in the bath many times due to this and when he is taken out on a harness into the garden always manages to get at least 2 pawn into our pond.

Winston is quite vocal but never says a usual meow he seems to have a his own way of talking. He is very friendly to those he knows but cautious of strangers. He will not accept a stranger approaching him but that could be more to do with the fact that we have a small circle of visitors.

He loves playing and will find a way to play with just about anything but one of his favorite things to do is chase flies and little flying bugs.

Aslan and Mystique

By: Pegsy (Sydney, Australia


Aslan Mystique

My cats' mum is Russian Blue, we definitely know that because when we went to see them, the mum cat was there with the babies.

We have been told that these kittens are mixed with Persian. But their personalities are not like Persians, so we started to do a little bit research about the breeds, and found about the Maine Coons.

Then we started to think that our kittens may be mixed with Maine Coon. This is probably a very low probability as I think Maine Coons are not very common in Australia.

We think that they may have mixed with Maine Coon because of the following reasons:

They have large pointy ears with long tufts coming out of them. Their tale is also very fluffy. We sometimes call the girl cat 'squirrel'.

The boy cat, Aslan always seeks for attention, and he is very talkative. My little girl Mystique is talkative too, but not as much as her brother, Aslan.

He doesn't like being left out, when we are home, he always wants to be around us. He can be extremely affectionate if he wants food, but otherwise, he actually doesn't really like being touched. He is almost 8 months, and we think that he is big for his age.

We sometimes think that he acts like a dog. He wants to play all the time, and he wants to eat all the time. My girl, Mystique is also very keen on food. They could just eat all day if I let them do so.

They are also very intelligent. Mystique plays a lot with the balls, she carries them upstairs and puts them in my boots and tries to catch them inside the boot. They also sleep with us all the time. They actually sleep on my pillow half of the night. When they want affectionate, they look right into my eyes, and makes a very distinct meow sound which tells us that it is cuddle time.

They are indoor cats and they've never been outside by themselves. But even when I take them out in the garden for a walk with their harnesses, they love it, and they make funny noises.

So here are the photos, what do you think? These photos are not very best shots though. Aslan, my darling boy, is the black and white one.

Is Sasha A Maine Coon Mix?

By: Dyana in San Diego


Sasha Sasha Sasha

She's a big girl when I look at her I think "sturdy" she's 22lbs but not fat.

She follows me around the house yelling at me because I was at work and left her with the dog.

She plays fetch, gives high fives and dances on her back legs. She is extremely smart. She only uses her claws on her tower of doom. Her tail is as long if not longer than her body.

She is super affectionate.


By: Tracey in Ontario, Canada


Enjoying the cat tree!

Simba Simba

I adopted Simba at 9 weeks old through a local rescue and when I took him for his first check up with my vet, she thought he has some Maine Coon in him.

He is now 14 months old and weighs 9.5 lbs. Is he underweight for his age?

All male mixed cats I have had were between 15 and 20 lbs. I'm hoping he is still growing and will add some more weight as I can feel his hips and spine.

My female is overweight so I don't do free feeding anymore, I just feed them 3 times a day. He doesn't act like he's hungry between feedings.

Would this little guy have Maine Coon in him?

By: Anna in CA


Oliver at 8 weeks

Oliver Oliver

We recently adopted this kitten from a rescue.

He was around 8 weeks old when we got him and he had tights on his paws, fluffy ears and even a bit of a lynx tip on the ears and looked (and looked very much like the pictures of a Maine Coon kitten to our inexperienced eyes).

Now at 13 weeks, he seems to have shed a lot of his hair, so he doesn't look like that too much. Anyway, I thought I would post his pictures here for some impartial input :)

Berkley the Cat

By: Christiana in Syracuse, NY
Mom Mom Mom Momma
Momma Ma Ma Mom Mom

Berkley was found on a farm, she defied a certain death with a silo auger so my boyfriend brought her home.

She's a total spazz and getting more and more affectionate to the point that she doesn't stop loving on me all night long!

She is short haired but has the 'bob cat' ears and the M on her forehead, could she be part Coonie?


By: Brandy in Indiana


Feebe 9 weeks

Feebe Feebe Feebe

Feebe is a 11 weeks old and weighs over 3 lbs. We adopted her from the local shelter, so we have no info on her parents.

One of our friends said she looks like a Maine Coon. At that time I had no idea what a Maine Coon cat looked like. So I have been researching.

She has some Maine Coon traits with her tufts in her ears, fluffy tail and paws, and a personality that matches up with a Maine Coon. What do you think from these pictures?


By: Mariah in Blacksburg, VA, USA


Squishy Squishy Squishy Squishy

Squishy is our baby, he fell out of a tree and damaged his hips when he was a kitten, but that hasn't stopped him. He can't walk properly, but he's a determined little guy.

His big personality makes up for any damage caused by his fall. He's lovable, and always wants to be the center of attention. He's quite demanding - when he wants food, he gets it.

He'll sit at the back door and meow to go outside like he's one of the dogs. He'll rub up against you to get attention and wrap his tail around you like some kind of monkey. We like to think he's entirely one of a kind, but whether that's the case or not we love him all the same.

He's a rather huge cat. Most everyone that sees him says they've never seen a cat his size, last time he was weighed, he was nearly 20 lbs (I think 17 to be exact?) and he's actually nearly the same size when you see them side by side as our Corgi/Dauschund mix.

A neighbor of ours said she thought he was a Maine Coon because of his appearance and actions, and I would love to get a second opinion. (You can see him next to our Jack Russel Mix, Corgi Mix, and our old Collie Mix in one of the images. Also, the closest up picture of him is quite old. From 2009, I think)


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