July 2012 Mixes and Maybes

Meet the July 2012 Maybe-Maine Coons and mixes, and see what others have to say about them!

Maybe-Maine Coon Cats For July:

Adopted medium hair domestic - Is she part Maine Coon?

By: Jenny Chase in Baltimore, MD USA


Kitten Kitten Kitten Kitten

We just adopted our kitten from Animal Control and she is called a medium hair domestic cat. She looks though like she is either a Maine Coon kitten or is mixed with one.

She has long ear hair, a broken m on her forehead, has hair coming out between her toes, her tail length is about the length of her body, has a blue/green/brown colored eyes, and already weighs 2.2lbs (with worms in her belly and could stand to gain some more weight!).

I had 2 Maine coons in the past that we mixes and wanted to see if this one was too.

Is Fezzik a Maine Coon?

By: Babs in Portland, OR
All Hail Fezzik!

Poor Fezzik. I have no idea if he's a Maine Coon mix, fairly certain he's not full. He's big, 11 lbs at 2 yrs old, and sweet when he's not terrified, thick tail, fabulous coat...but he's at least a second time loser, with his second family giving him up to the shelter, and no one knows about the first family.

Right now he's a bit of a mess from his time in the clink, nervous - which doesn't *sound* like a Maine Coon at at - but the tufts on his ears, the tail, his nose, his eyes...I went to see a different cat at the pound and there he was hiding in his cage.

He nearly ripped the arm off the attendant when she tried to get him in a room so we could meet. And then...he looked at us nersously, head butted, and let us pet him. I started across the room...and slowly scooted over, maybe over a span of ten minutes. Within five after that, he sort of belly crawled to me, then rolled into my thigh and stayed there.

I went went back for him today - I couldn't stand the idea of that big, sweet cat cooped up and scared like that.

I just feel like if perhaps I knew a bit more, if he's part Maine Coon, I could help him heal from his ordeal by specializing my dealings with him.

He had some sort of blockage and needed surgery and the previous people said he hid...and that's all we know. He's home with me now, and shakey on his first night. He'll have to be on UTI food for life, which is fine by me. Other than that he's in his (brand new and clean) littler box in my very small bathroom where he feels safe. He let me pet his head tonight, which I take as a huge First Night Victory.

I only have the shelter picture at the moment, which you experts may take one look at and think, nah he's just long haired. But...if you think there's a chance he might have some in him, let me know please if there's anything specifically "Maine Coon"-like I should be doing to set him at ease.

Thanks very much in advance!


By: Karan in Nixa, MO



Olive Olive Olive

Olive showed up on our doorstep very thin and hungry. She is a long haired kitten with the sweetest personality. She is very loving and playful and purrs constantly.

She has 6 toes on each foot (front & back) with tufts of fur between some of her toes. She has ear tufts as well. I don't know any more about her.

We live on a busy highway in the country. She hasn't wandered away from the house but I worry she might get run over. Could she be a Maine Coon Kitten? Help me decide.

The Amazing Merlin

By: Willa in North Carolina
at the vet, skinnier than usual, and
Not A Happy Camper

Merlin is, as of today, sixteen years old. My partner of the time and I found him in an abandoned field. We guessed him to be about six or seven weeks old. Poor lad, he was so infested with fleas that his fur seethed when brushed by a fingertip. Even then, he had so very much thick gray-white fur his original name was Dandelion!

At sixteen years old, Merlin's still strong and healthy. He has a long, square, strongly-built body with silver-white fur and a bottle-brush tabby gray plume tail. White socks on all four feet, with feathery white tufts between his toes. The pads are both brownish and pink. He has long tufts of fur growing from his ears, long whiskers, a white ruff, and striking blue eyes. He weighs fifteen pounds.

Though not a lap cat and not generally a people cat, Merlin "latched on" to me as a kitten and has been a one-woman fellow ever since. He vocalizes LOUDLY and frequently in that "Timmy's fallen down the well" sort of way, leading me to an empty food dish or a toy he can't reach.

He spends most of his days on my desk next to me, purring in a sunbeam. (Yes, I'm marshmallow enough to have arranged my home office to allow for that *grin*) He purrs like a tractor and purrs constantly. Though he doesn't do it much anymore, he used to feed himself by hooking a morsel of wet food with a front paw and bringing the paw to his mouth. He does constantly splash in his water dish and drag it around.

I think Merlin's at least part Maine Coon, but since he was a rescue with zero paperwork, I've never been sure. What do you think? :)

Not sure, but I think we have coon in our midst!

By: Christy S in Georgia

Smokie Jo started off at 6 weeks old being fluffy, lovable, & black with 'smoke' coloring on his body only. Now at almost 4 months he has lost his 'smoke' but there are a few white hairs that are much longer than his medium length black hair.

He's very playful, affectionate, dominate with our other older cat, & his hair is rabbit fur soft. He has a 'box' type snout, small ear tufts, & is developing a slight mane around his neck. I have no idea about his parents as he was given to us by a family that received him from their child's friend but they couldn't keep him. When I noticed his ear tufts I though, humh Maine Coon...maybe?!

Anyway, he is a very funny & bizarre Lil kitty. I think he has no idea he's a cat. ;)

We love him very much and would like to know if any of you think he may be a Coon or Coon mix.

Thanks. :)
Just realized I can not upload a photo. :(


By: Dawn Hicks in Colfax, IA USA


Grace Grace Grace Grace

I adopted Grace from a local shelter a week ago. They guessed her age at about 10 years. She had been abandoned in the night at the shelter.

She is big and gorgeous! She has such a sweet personality. I LOVE her big fluffy feet! She is a very quiet girl. Purrs a lot but meows very softly.

I have no way of knowing her breed for sure but I am very curious. Either way it was love at first sight and she now has a forever home!

Adopted from the Humane Society, is he a Maine Coon?

Sheldon loves his picture taken

Sheldon is 10 (?) years old and was adopted from the local shelter. He is VERY loyal and funny. He still plays with toys and loves to throw them up in the air and catch them with his huge front paws. He is fascinated with water and loves to drink the freshest he can get. We think he is a Maine Coon mix?

He has tufts between his toes, a large rectangular and heavy boned body. He lays with his paws extended in front of him and his back legs out. He walks with a real swagger and is friendly but not too much so.

He has to be at the door at the first sign of any action, follows us around like a dog outside and comes when we call. He talks to me when he wants something and expects me to follow him. We love his big personality.

Sheldon loves his picture taken

He loves our dogs, kids and lets the children know when they come around him to make sure they step out of the way of his long, fluffy tail. He was very grateful to be adopted and has slept on our bed from the first night; always around but not much of a lap cat. Sheldon is a mouser too! He has started to follow our female tiger around our property (she does not like him yet!). He brings his catch to the back door, just like her. He has to eat with us and the dogs. He weighs about 14 pounds and chirps at me to feed him. He wishes he could eat more. :) I am really impressed with his personality and intelligence. It is amazing how loyal he is.

He had a large "mane" in January which is much shorter now that it is so hot out. He only needs brushing once a week and does not really shed but does lose tufts of hair when he grooms himself.

Do you think he is a Coon or Coonish?

I got my cat in front of Walmart

By: Chrystal in Aberdeen Washington


Kitty Kitty Kitty Kitty

Hi, I got my adorable kitty in front of Walmart some woman was giving them away I think she is mix between either calico or tabby with Maine Coon I was reading the manurisms and she acts just like a dog chases her tail and wags it often she is about 9-10 weeks old at the moment she doesn't really meow she will open her mouth to meow and only a squeak like sound will emerge i can vaguely see the distinctive m on her forehead but maybe its just my hopeful mind playing tricks on me we named her mischief and being rambunctious is definitely and understatement lol hope you can help me determine if i have a mancoon mix thank you

Gizmo, the master of all his domain...

By: Ben in Lewisville, TX


Sleepy time

Gizmo Gizmo Gizmo Gizmo

This is our boy Gizmo. He was my brother's cat. A few years before he died, my brother came back home to live with us and brought Gizmo with him. Needless to say, Gizmo became a loved part of the family immediately.

He was part of a litter that my brother's ex-wife's friend was giving away, so he was a free kitty.

Now I know he's probably not full-blooded MC, but he seems close. He definitely has the social and gregarious, dog-like personality that seems to be one of the hallmarks, along with many of the physical traits. He must always be underfoot or close to his humans. He does not know a stranger and comes right out to greet everyone that comes into the house. He is very talkative, with a quiet, soft "mrow" and the occasional trill. He has the big fur tufts between his giant toes too.

The differences are that he is not quite as long and tall as pure Coons seem to be, though he is quite robust and probably more than a bit overweight. His tail may not be quite as glorious as many I see here on this site. He also has a bit of a wild and unpredictable streak; he bit my adult cousin a couple of years ago with no provocation, causing a nasty infection in her arm. As a kitten, he pounced on my bare leg once when I was walking by him and dug in with 16 claws and four fangs. lol

But these incidents are few and far between. He is generally a very tolerant and loving cat, if extremely stubborn. He loves human contact and is a voracious rubber and cuddler, loudly purring the whole time. He gets along great with our other cat, a domestic shorthair. They groom each other, lay together for naps and play and roughhouse a bit, though they're both getting older.

He has a few quirky personality traits. First of all, he is a compulsive kneader, even at 9 years old. He loves to sit on laps and knead the person's belly and will do this contentedly for an hour before finally turning over and plopping down to sleep.

He is very very intelligent and once figured out how to open the door between the house and the garage. He got up onto the dryer and turned the knob and let himself out! If you ask him if he's cute, he will roll over into a hilarious dead ant position and twist around to look at you upside down.

He is also very protective (but not violently so) about his food dish. All anyone has to do is make the slightest move toward the kitchen and he bounds out ahead of you and buries his head in his food dish, as if he's afraid he will lose it forever. He will often eat until he pukes.

My question to you, the experts, is: Do you agree that he has a lot of Maine Coon in him? If so, how close would you rate him to pureblood, judging from pictures?

You have a very interesting and informative site here and thanks for looking at our Gizmo!

I'm not sure, because I just don't know the father .....

By: Lianne Doms in Venlo, the Netherlands


Pardoes Pardoes Pardoes Pardoes

His mommy is a European Shorthair, but my 'Pardoes' looks really like a mix Maine Coon. He has long hair coming out of his shorter hair, whichis fluffy and thick. He has already a 'collar' at only 9 weeks of age.

He's gorgeous .... . I really would like to know what mix he is. In his 'nest', he's the only one with longer hair though. Maybe somebody can see a resemblance.

I love my little guy a lot anyway, 'cause his 'pedigree' is not important. I see him as a little gift from heaven; his 2 (half-)sisters ;-) are both Chartreux mix; a lovely couple too. I'm just curious. Thanks for any help you can give!

Does my cat have Maine Coon in him???

By: Miss Rebecca Channing in Soham, UK


Jesse aged 18mths

Jesse Jesse Jesse Jesse

Jesse is a 2yr 3mths old male, currently weighing just over 9lbs.

He is an extremely active and outdoor cat, who also enjoys his fusses immensely.

He is a very socialable cat. We have been told by numerous people that he has Maine Coon in him but we would like your opinion.

Is she a Maine Coon mix??

By: Lynette in Houston, TX


Kitten Kitten Kitten Kitten

Well we recently adopted our little angel (still have not chosen a name), and a friend mentioned that she may have some coon in her.

Since we don't know much about the breed, I decided to come on here and get your opinion on whether or not she could have some Maine Coon. She may be too young to tell, since she is only 6 weeks.

We got her from a shelter and being so young and motherless my heart just broke, and I decided I was going to take her home. :) Now back to the question, does she seem to have any Maine Coon traits, what do you think?? Thanks!

Siblings Buddy and Lucy rescue cats

By: Linda in Philadelphia PA

Bud and Lucy

Bud and Lucy

Bud and Lucy Bud and Lucy Bud and Lucy Bud and Lucy

Bud 13.5 plays and talks. Lucy 12, talks all the time.

Is Marley A Maine Coon Mix?

By: Laura in Toronto, Canada


6 weeks

Marley Marley Marley Marley


So I got my male kitty about 4 years ago for free from someone random and as a kitten random people asked if he was a Maine Coon kitten.. so I started to wonder.

I have been researching for 4 years and I really think he might be part. He has the most beautiful tail, full on the ears and paws. LOVES water.. and is not at all a lap cat.

He has the most amazing "chirp" and the fur on his back is more ruff and I guess water proof than his underneath , which is so soft and amazing.

I'm dying to know what other people and even breeders think?! I went to a cat show yesterday and asked the Maine Coon breeders so many questions!

Loki The Coon Rescue Kitten?

By: Amanda in Michigan
Curious Loki

I adopted Loki from a local rescue at 9 weeks. He has tons of energy, huge paws and great big ears. He's also very smart (much smarter that I was anticipating).

I've never had a cat before and one of my friends mentioned that he might be a Maine Coon mix. I did a little research and noticed he does the "chirping sound" that was mentioned in a couple of Maine Coon descriptions. He also has a little ruff and long soft fur.

Aside from the fact that already at 15 weeks he's well over a foot and a half long (I measured him while he was sleeping), I'm beginning to suspect that my friend might be correct in her assumption.

Is it possible that my little rescue Loki is a Maine Coon Mix? It would be great to find out as he's my first fur-baby and unlikely to be my last- I hope to adopt another kitten very soon.

It would be really great though if he was part Maine Coon, as I've always thought really big cats were great.


Leigh Joubert: Yes, yes, yes!! He certainly could be a Maine Coon mix, at the very least. He certainly has the ear tufts and points. You mention his long soft fur, too. Characteristics attributing to that of a Maine Coon. Does he have the long tufts of fur between his paw pads? If so... you know... bushy tail, too? How is the slope of his nose and forehead? Steep or tapered? Well, enjoy this little wonder. They are truly OUR gift. They are so loving and sweet. I hope you share a long and enjoyable life with Loki. He's very handsome!!

Unlike any cat I have ever had!!!

By: Julie Daniels in Chester VA


Buddy Buddy Buddy

Buddy is an amazing cat. At 9 months old he is big and getting bigger. Actually he's getting fat.

He eats everything in sight and I cannot leave food in the bowls for the other cats because he eats it all immediately. There are times when he actually growls like a dog while eating. I've never seen this trait in a cat.

He showed up in our back yard when he was 14 weeks old, all skinny and tattered. Now he's a big boy and getting bigger. He's a handful to manage but I love him dearly.

Maine Coon, Norwegian Forest Cat, or DLH?

By: Erika in NJ


Coriander at 1 1/2 years

Coriander Callahan Callahan & Coriander

Coriander is almost 2 years old and was adopted from a local animal shelter when she was 5 months old. When I adopted her, she had slightly longer hair.

The shelter knew that her mother was DSH, but as is the case with many shelter cats, the breed of her father was unknown. At the time of her spay, the vet was pretty sure that she wasn't just DLH. She suggested that Coriander might be Norwegian Forest Cat due to her smaller frame, but could possibly be Maine Coon. She is EXTREMELY vocal and outgoing, and is a wonderful companion. At her check-up in April, she weighed in at 9 1/2 lbs.

We also adopted a male kitten from a rescue group this past April. Callahan is long haired as well, and his growth rate leads me to believe he might be Maine Coon. At his 5 month vet visit, he weighed in at 7 1/2 lbs. Callahan, like Coriander, is very vocal and outgoing.

Is Ozzy a Maine Coon?

Is My Kitten A Maine Coon?

By: Wendy in the UK

I think my kitten is a Maine Coon?

Could Harley Be a Maine Coon?

By: Linda W. in Wilson, NC


Harley Harley Harley

I have a 17 year old cat that I've had since she was a kitten. Her name is Harley, which came from how wild and crazy she acted as a kitten.

When she was given to me I was told she was part Himalayan. She looked like a puff ball. She's not a huge cat...more hair than anything else. She was never very vocal until the last few years when her food bowl gets empty. She seems to have more physical features of the Maine Coon and not so much of the Himalayan breed.

She has always been very healthy and even at 17 years old, if I give her the ring off the milk jug, she'll play with it for hours. If strangers come in the house, she is rather skeptical of them and keeps to herself.

So I guess her physical features say Maine Coon, but her personality not so much! Any thoughts?


Julie Waddington: My cat too was thought to be a Hymmie until she got so big. Sassy also loves to play with the milk jug rings. My bet is you have a Coonie mix. Their so much fun!

Pretty sure Bella is a Maine Coon

By: Stacey in Alberta, Canada


Bella Bella Bella

I got her at a shelter and right away noticed she was crazy hyper, and as she played she would make me laugh. And then we all wondered if she would ever grow into her tail. It was huge.

Then I noticed she started carrying things in her mouth like pieces of wood or plastic and she would bring it in and show us. That's when I said holy crap she thinks shes a dog. In our basement we have kind of a thin textured on the wall and she started climbing up it right to the roof she would hang there like hey! Check me out.

Then awhile ago if she was playing or you were talking to her she would do a weird thing with her head, kind of throw it to the side and then go down and around very fast. We started to call her our half breed dog.

Then my sister in law came over and I was telling her the weird stuff this cat does. She told me its a Maine Coon cat. That's why I'm on this site.

I Think She Is A Coon Mix!

By: Brooke in Texas


sittin tall

Estella Estella Estella Estella

About 9 years ago I went to the local animal shelter and picked out the fluffiest kitten there was! Her name is Estella but she goes by Stelli or Stella Bella too, we just call her our cloud.

I have always wondered how this girl was so huge! I call her my mountain cat! She has a huge main and bushy tail. She also has those furry britches and furry paws. Her belly fur is soft and fine and her top fur is more coarse and thick. She has the funniest way of talking and chirps more than meows.

Sometimes she meows and nothing comes out it's so cute. She is a cuddler and sleeps by my side every night taking up a huge portion of the bed. I think she has some Maine Coon but a mix of something else... She has blue crossed-eyes.

She loves getting brushed and loves attention. She runs to the door when I get home =)Anyway, someone mentioned she looked coon so I looked it up and am curious what others see in her!


By: Bridget in Lithia, Florida
My Curtis

We got Curtis from a so called breeder on the internet. I saw the ad- Miniature Persian for sale. He was so cute I couldn't resist, so I brought him for $290- I thought that was a great price.

We brought him home and he was great except for lots of fleas. I wont get into that.... as time went by he started growing and growing. Then I noticed his teeth. They looked like saber tooth tigers teeth. I told my husband this cat is too big to be a mini Persian, so I took it upon myself to inquire a little about him.

Lounging On My Table

And all the signs point out to be a Maine Coon. I love him he's really smart and loving. He eats a lot of food, and bites. I hope you can help me figure out my little (big) COON..thank you Bridget....


By: Jessica in Corpus Christi, TX, United States

We think our kitten is a Maine Coon, he has a very social personality, beautiful marking that resemble a Coon, he is different looking from all the other cats, has a uniqueness to him. We really do think he might be a Maine Coon or a Mix, please let us know what you think?

Could He Be Coon?

By: Sherri in Canada


Noah Noah Noah Noah

This is my kitty Noah, he is almost 2 years old. At 9 weeks of age he was given to me by an acquaintance. He is the sweetest cat I have ever met and quite different too.

When I brought him home and let him out of the carrier he made himself right at home with no fear and walked up to my dog and stole her treat right out of her mouth! lol! He has since become good friends with her and even wrestles with her, plays chase and shares treats.

He loves playing with water eating his food with his hairy paws, climbing jumping running and cuddling. He is like no other cat before. when people come over and my 2 other cats run and hide he goes straight up to the person and meows for attention or flops on their feet for a nap.

I often wonder if he at least part Maine Coon, he has a huge gorgeous tail, long hair growing from his pink paw pads, his fur feels almost like baby hair it is so powdery soft. Another interesting thing about him is when he gets excited his nose turns from light pink to an almost cherry colour and his eyes are almost the same exact colour has his fur. He is the sweetest most handsome boy and Maine Coon or not I love him with all my heart!


By: Penny in Indiana



1. 1.9 pounds when found 2 weeks ago June 22

2. Loves to be held by everyone

3. Doesn't meow, but "trills"

4. Distinctive "M" on forehead

5. Is able to spring noticeably higher than other kittens I've had.

6. Even at this young age, comes running to us upon return to the house.

7. Very, very mellow.

8. All paws black on bottom - has the appearance of a purebred mackerel tabby...


Cheryl: Our cat Hanna was 2 lbs when we rescued her. Now she is almost 3 yrs old and long lean and beautiful.

Bugsy, whatever he is... he is huge and sweet as can be

By: Janie in WV


Bugsy Bugsy Bugsy Bugsy

We adopted Bugsy August 2011 from a local animal shelter. He was at least twice the size of all the other kittens in the kitten room and the first thing we noticed were his giant feet and ears- and how he got his name, after Bugs Bunny. He also has the "longest" nose of any cat I have ever seen. His fur is so soft. His belly feels like an angora rabbit or something!

He had a gentle personality and allowed all of the other kittens to climb all over him. When we got home, 2 of our cats were not pleased with the addition but Stewie (the black one in the picture) immediately became best buds with Bugsy... good thing, we got Bugsy for Stewie to have a playmate.

We did not know Bugsy was infested with ringworm at the time. He soon lost all of the hair on his head and ears- along with patches on his body. His hair eventually grew back after 2 and a half months of medicated cream and quarantine (well 1 month of quarantine, he looked so sad all alone in the room). He does not have the tufts on the top of his ears (inside his ears has lots of hair) but I wonder if that is because of the severe ringworm infestation he had last August

We figured he was just a domestic long hair until we saw a show on Animal Planet. Bugsy has the odd chirp instead of a normal cat meow. He is a nut about water, and the most unusual personality of any cat I have ever had (39 years and a dozen or so cats).

Anyway, does he look like a Maine Coon mix to you?

Is my cat a Maine Coon mix?

By: Calaras Simona in Romania, Braila


Nala Nala Nala Nala

Firstly, I would like to thank you for doing this and tell you that I live in Romania where cat breeds are not as popular as in the USA. What I want to say is that in my city there are no cat breeders but there are still people who buy them from the capital or other big cities.

Also, we have no shelters. There are many cats on the streets and most of us adopt them, like I did with my previous cat.

I found Nala in may this year right next to a supermarket where many cats live on the mercy of the people. She had other 3 brothers who looked like her.

This year we had some problems with the heavy rain. Nala was the only cat so sick that she couldn't eat at all, so I adopted her, took her to the vet and get her well again. The vet said that she could be Norwegain Forest cat but I doubt that, mostly because Weegies have a straight nose profile and mine has a little gentile curve.

She is also very wild for a little cat. When she's not sleeping she's playing. I had many cats but she's by far the most playful, always jumping and goofing around the house. She used to purr in my hand on the first week I brought her home but now, I think because of the other cat who also isn't a lap cat, she doesn't like being held.

Another curious thing about her is when she can't reach something she wants, for exemple a plant which is too high for her. Then she starts growling like a tiger cub.

When she was 3 months old( now she's about 4) she looked like the Maine Coon kittens I Googled. I am curious if she could be a maine coon mix. I apologize for the poor English.


April Turcu: Shes gorgeous! I used to live in Iasi!

If the shoes don't fit, he sure does a good job of faking it!


Oscar is a very affectionate cat who is always purring. He is a bit of a scaredy cat around unfamiliar people/places/things, but once he knows you, he will follow you to the ends of the earth.

He loves to "talk" and play, but he doesn't always seem to understand attempts to engage him in play. He loves to be brushed and petted, sometimes crawling into my lap to make this happen. Though baths were started when he was a kitten, including 3 in the first 48hrs of ownership due to general grossness and 2 litter box mishaps, he is not a fan of baths/water.

As you can see Oscar is a big boy for only being 2yrs and a few month, weighing in at 17.75lbs. His old vet tried to tell me that he was only an obese domestic long hair, but then again he was only a baby, I lived in the midwest, and nothing was known about this parents. Since changing vets, I am getting more consistent feedback that he seems to have some Maine Coon in him.... so, what do you think?


Andrea: She definitely has the mc attitude. Bully on the outside and softey on the inside is perfect. Lol

Frances Hambrook: Hi! Oscar, my names Oscar too, I think you look very Coonie. I,m not 2 till August and am quite small for a 100% at 11lb last worming session. But judging by your size and face alone I would say you have some Coonie blood. All the best in life =(^~^)=

Marcey The Maverick

By: Cassie Kokes in Clintwood, VA, USA

Marcey is a 10week old kitten. She was the runt of the litter when we picked her out. I have a feeling she is not the smallest any longer! She is growing so fast.

She always greets me at the door when I get home from work (right along with the dogs! LOL). She is always in the same room as you, she never is too far behind.

Our dog is afraid of her and it's so funny because he will sit in the door way and not let him into the room we are in, and sometimes you'll find her just sitting in the dogs food just so they can't eat.

She is a bully on the outside, but a sweetheart on the inside. She loves her baths but hates being brushed. She has big paws, and a big heart. And for some reason she seems to think she is much bigger than what she really is! She has managed to figure out a way on top of our 5ft cat tree already.

She likes her toys, but loves to attack our other cat or even your feet if you're not watching. For such a young kitten, she has a deep and loud purr. She already out purrs our 10lb male!

When we picked her we didn't know what we were getting into, but I don't regret it one bit. We're just curious as to if she may have some MCC in her.

Bella. Is she a mix Maine Coon or mix Persian?

By: Aina in Malaysia

This is Bella. I just got her from a friend of friend.

I just brought her home yesterday and she looked very scared. She just sits in her cage and stared at me. When i take her out and put her down, she would run and hide behind anything. So I'm busy wondering whether she is a mix Maine Coon or a mix Persian.


Andrea: Not a whole lot of Maine Coon behaviors there. Maybe a little bit.

Nataliea: Judging from the given photo, my vote would be no. Maine coons have some very dominant traits that are tells even to 3rd and 4th generation. The tell tale main on the cat, fur length, ear tuffs and food tuffs, can all be signs of a Maine coon or Siberian Mix. I see small ear tuffs and medium length fur. Persians have somewhat flat faces. I would be more inclined to say this is a domestic mix or a Kucing Malaysian.

Misc. "Maybe-Maine Coon Comments:

Elaine: We adopted Bear ...he was a homeless cat and lived outside, he was about 3yrs old when we got him, what do you think is he Coon?


  • Mr. Whiskers

    Mr. Whiskers, a Black and White....one person said he looked like a tuxedo, maybe in color. He has always been a unique cat in my area..

  • SnuggleBunny

    My cat, SnuggleBunny is 11 years old. She'll be 12 this year. She's in wonderful health! You'd never guess she was 11. She is absolutely my baby...

  • I Think I Am A Dog?

    I've owned mostly cats and this cat was different from the get go. He is "very" inquisitive and has to be involved in everything. I mean to an extreme..

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