January 2013 Maybe Coonies

Welcome to our January 2013 photo album of Maybe-Maine Coons, where cat lovers come to ask the community, "is my cat a Coonie or perhaps a mix?"

Maybe-Maine Coon Cats For January:

Rescue Sophie Is she part Maine Coon?

By: Amy in Berwick, Nova Scotia, Canada


Sophie Sophie Sophie

Sophie came from my local SPCA in Canada. They guess she was a year and a half when I adopted her but she is still growing a year later.

Her coat is shorter on her back and sides, silky, but longer/softer on the stomach, ruff, and bottom. She also had tuffs of hair between her toes but no tuffs on her ears.

She is very vocal, trilling never meowing. She is confident always meeting company at the door and wants to be in the middle of everything. She loves to play in water. If you want to occupy her leave a tap dripping. She also had a habit of standing on her back feet to see out a window with her front paws by her side. She has extra toes front and back.

Could she be part Maine Coon?

Wendy and Jackson

By: Wendy in Washington DC

I'm really not sure what the mother nor father was of my new kitten, Jackson. He is already six months old and very adorable.

From many people, vet, friends that had Maine Coons, think he is a Maine Coon or at least part. Some of have even said maybe a Norweigan Forest Cat. Jackson has many of the traits mentioned.

When I adopted him he was about eight weeks old, grew up outdoors his first few weeks. The mother escaped outside and got her self pregnant and brought all the kittens to the mother's owner's house.

She is very petite and swirls of circles and brown and grey and tan. He is getting ready to be neutered. I don't have a lot of information but he's already 7 pounds! Long in length but not very tall. Here is a picture of us! Thanks!


Brenda Miller: Love him, so fuzzy and cute!!!

Old Joe Clark Had a Yaller Cat

By: Jessy in Orlando, FL

So do I--two, in fact. Fufluns is pushing 16--a she, by the way, despite the name--and I used to jokingly call her my "miniature Maine Coon" for he long hair and plumy tail, but I never actually thought she was part MC.

Jasper, OTOH, is not only at over 12 lbs twice her size, but he has developed most of the MC characteristics except for the ruff. He has grown into a rectangular cat with bronzy eyes and that distinctive boxy muzzle, lynx tips, plumy tail &c. In repose he stretches out into what looks like one of the New York Public Library lions. His best buddy is a Meezer, Thai Foon (pronounced like "typhoon"), who unaccountably also has the lynx tips but not the big furry feet. They were acquired within weeks of each other and are both about the same age, currently a little over two years.

Sorry, I still haven't learned how to put photos on the Web, but my daughter started a Facebook account for them under the name "Minz and Maunz."

Fufluns, I'm sorry to say, hates the pair of them.

Please Help, Curiosity Is Killing Me!

Cavi & his mom

Hello my name is Brenda, and my tabby got out before I fixed her. She had kittens - they all came out really furry with very prominent M's on their heads, but didn't know about Maine Coons so I just thought they were beautiful.

When I took him to get fixed the vet told me I had a gorgeous Maine Coon. I started looking into the breed and his characteristics are strong as well as his traits. Can you look at him and give me your opinion please? My baby's name is Cavi. Thank you.



By: Jackie Eno in N. Swanzey, NH USA

Bullwinkle is a beautiful boy that I got from my friend and co-worker Peter.

About 15 years ago I got a short-haired tabby kitten also from Peter named Jasper. He was a great cat, but we lost him unfortunately, and I was very heartbroken.

A few months after losing Jasper, Peter announced that his cat was going to have a litter and offered me one of the kittens.. Read more


By: Jessica in Fort Drum, New York


Tigger Tigger Tigger

I got Tigger at the animal shelter. They told me he was about 5 months old. He's now 8 months old.

The best way to describe Tigger is that I'm pretty sure he thinks he's a dog. He follows me everywhere! He carries his toys in his mouth while walking around the house.

He's very playful, maybe even a little too playful lol. Sometimes he jumps at my legs while I'm walking. He gets very excited when I come home & when I wake up in the morning he's at my face licking me wanting me to hurry up & get up.

The attention has to be on him or he'll find a way to get all eyes on him. He's pretty clumsy. He's always running & sliding off the coffee table. He also has huge paws! & an extra toe on his front paws, which is one of the reasons I got him!

Hopefully someone can tell me if Tigger is a Maine Coon or not. Thank you (:


Tif: Awwww....sweet!

Our Black Jack boy...he's gotta be at least part Maine Coon right? :O)

By: Tif in Maryland

Black Jack

Black Jack Black Jack Black Jack Black Jack

This is Black Jack Tabul Tack! :O) These are some recent photos we took of him. He is just about 7 months old. My daughter wanted a kitten for CHRISTmas and I went all around our town looking for any "free to good home kitties".

I went to our local grooming salon and asked the owner if she knew anyone who had a kitten they wanted to give away. She said "No, but I have a beautiful boy who is a little older than what you are looking for, but such a sweetie!"

She had a photo of him (which did not do him justice) but none the less we decided to pick him up several days later at the salon. He is a big boy (long I should say). His tail alone is about 16 inches. Very beautiful markings and super duper soft!

Best part about him is, he loves his 6 year old "Mommy". Great with her! He waits at the door for us to come home, loves to play and today as a matter of fact, he got a bath in the sink and loved it! Even go his hair blew dry on low :) I was just waiting on him to ask for the curling iron next! Haha!

The lady who owned him first said she found him and his litter mates outside in the wilderness and his parents were feral cats so she rescued them right up. She also had a photo of his brother who looked just like him but was orange and white. So whatta ya'll think? IS he at least part Maine Coon? Thanks for all your help! GOD bless you :) PRAISE JESUS :)



Leslie K: soooo cute!

:) Sweet boy!

Ashton the Coon???

By: Sharree' Dame in Auburn, WA


Ashton Ashton Ashton Ashton

This is Ashton. I got him when he was about 6-7 weeks old, and he has been my pal since. He is such a sweet, loving, adorable kitten. Currently, he is about 6 months old.

When I got him, I thought he was just a long haired tabby. Even the vet decided that is what he is. But after researching and finding out about Maine Coon Cats, I really think this is what he is.

He has the physical traits - as I assume he weighs at least 8-10 lbs, broad build and bushy tail; as well as the characteristics. I love his tenderness, love that he gives me and mellow temperment. I really would like to know what he is, can anyone confirm this for me?

Here are some pics, two of when he was a tiny kitten, and two that are more recent. Look at that tail!! Doesn't that look like a Coon tail?!?!

I am excited to hear some feedback on this.
Thanks everyone! Even if he is not a Coon, I will still love him just the same! :)

Simba - Part Maine Coon?

By: Amy in Alabama

Could we have a part Maine Coon?

This is Simba. He was found on our back porch in March 2011. He was a skin and bones kitten with a chipped cainine tooth. My husband brought him into the garage and fed him.

From that moment on he was ours. After a check by the vet he was found to be five months old and it was obvious someone had thrown him out.

We slowly brought him into our home with two other male cats. A tabby named Tigger whose was originally adopted from the local League of Animal Welfare by my sister-in-law and who eventually picked her brother/my husband as his favorite human.

Tigger came to live with us at the age of two and is now 14 years old. Our other cat is a half siamese half black domestic short haired cat named Tippy who we adopted from the local League of Animal Welfare in 2007 as a Christmas gift for our oldest son who is now twelve. Tippy is now 5 years old.

Simba seems to have attached himself to our seven year old son and will sleep in the bed with him every night. He chirps when he meows or talks. Has the bushy tail, tuffs in his ears and between his toes. He also likea to sleep on his back. Simba doesn't like to be held much and will only come to you when he wants attention. He greets us at the door every day.

Simba is now two years old.....


Carol Gillo: Yes I think he is part Maine Coon! He has a lot of the characteristics and certainly looks like one. He is beautiful!


By: Alexis in Denver, CO


Baby Farris

Farris Farris Farris Farris

My cat's name is Farris. We rescued him in April, 2011 and at the time the vet estimated he was about 3 weeks old. He was found in an alley behind a co-worker's house and as you'll see in the first picture he was so cute my boyfriend and I couldn't resist. He was so small at the time they couldn't determine gender so we thought he was a she and named him Chloe, which a few weeks later turned into Farris.

I have never owned a cat so wasn't familiar with cat behaviors. Farris is an awesome cat. Although mischievous and rambunctious, he is also very affectionate. His favorite things to do are to play in his water fountain bowl and wrestle with my dog (Tatum is a Westie). He makes really crazy sounds, when he's playing with other cats he makes a loud trill sound and when he's hungry I swear he's screaming "Mom" at me. He also sounds like he's saying "no" really loud when I tell him to stop doing something he shouldn't be (which is often).

Everything I've read on this site about maine coons sounds just like Farris. I'm hoping if you could give me an idea if he has some Maine Coon in him.
Thank you!


By: Leslie in Longmont, CO


Baby Ollie

Ollie Ollie Ollie Ollie

I got Oliver when he was about 10 months old from one of my mom's friends that had some feral kittens around her house. She was taking care of them but was leaving town and had to get rid of the kittens. As soon as I saw a picture of him I knew he had to be mine.

I started thinking he may be part Mine Coon when I was reading through a cat breed book, describing his looks and other characteristics. He is all smoky grey, including his paw pads and his nose.

Oliver has always had a large "mane" and in that aspect resembles a lion. Although he doesn't have definitive points to the tips of his ears, he does have very large furry feet and everything else describes him perfectly!

He is such a lover-boy and will always greet me at the door when I come home, like a dog! He even comes when he is called!

Oliver is definitely the boss, the alpha-male. Even when he was living with my family's other cats, he was very dominant. He is also very playful. He seems to have tons of energy and is always running around the house and climbing the cat tree.

He is a very big cat. Although he is only 2 years old he is at 13 pounds. My vet even called him fat! I have read that Maine Coons are large cats, especially the males. He doesn't seem fat to me and doesn't over eat.

Maximillion (possibly Maine Coon Mix)

By: Nancy in Toronto, Ontario

Max is 22 lbs, has the ruff around his neck, tuffs on his paws. Likes to follow you around the house and rounds you up at bed time, almost upset until everyone is in bed. Loves to play and sits beside or close to the humans whenever possible. Has a lady meow considering his size and chirps.

We got him from the Humane Society where he certainly stood out amongst the others, quite the teddy bear. A very gentle soul, never bites. Loves to be patted never enough pats in a day.

He's a grey/white (the grey almost looks blue) with mint green eyes which is a different colour combo from alot of the pictures I see here. Not sure if coons come in this colour combo.

What do you think?


Carol Jeffreys: He is definitely a Maine Coon! He behaves and is big as my MC Blue Boy Andre! They are sweethearts these type cats and add so much to our lives!

Joanne Liley: Hi Max looks very much like my Blue and White Norwegian Forest Cat :)

Elli...she is the most gorgeous kitten we have ever owned..personality plus

By: Trina in Portland, Or USA


Elli Elli Elli Elli

Elli was adopted from our local Humane Society as a surprise for my Son. She weighed 2 lbs and was 8 weeks old. She was brought in as a stray.

She was at an off site Doggie Day care center and had been spayed the day I got her and was stressed due to all the barking. She was brought in as a stray and was named Elliot..believed to be a boy.

Her first night with me she was leary but once she realized I was just laying next to the dresser she was under she came out a few times to see me for a brief moment..but the next few days the "real Elli" came out.

Her demeanor is she is very sweet and very affectionate. She is also very rambunctious and playful. She loves to puff up and look big..which is hilarious. She loves to play hide and seek.

She is quite the table top fuze ball player although her idea is to stand in the game but she does make many goals. Everyone who sees her cannot believe how beautiful she is. People who visit are taken by her..even my Son's Dad picks her up to pet her when he is here and he is not a cat person.

She is very sweet while having a mind of her own..persistent when she wants to do something we don't want her to do. She loves to tap your face with her paws..sometimes sitting on our shoulder and when we look at her she "slaps us". She loves to attack my hair and rip out my clips.

She thinks if she wants to be held and you are standing up she can crawl up your body. She loves to be in on everything...doesn't want to miss any excitement. She loves to be on her hind legs with her paws batting..She loves to jump to catch things we swing for her to get. She loves to be underfoot.

She purrs constantly when being petted and likes to lay on your neck and the closer she can have her fact to yours the happier she is. She has been a gift to my Son and myself..we think she looks like a Maine Coon. There is a picture on your website which has about 10 kittens who all look the same and Elli looks just like them


Dawn: What a pretty girl! She looks just like my kids...right down to the fluffy fur! They are both now 9-10 lbs at 8 months old!

Mira the Maine Mix?

By: Tammy in Western Australia


Love that tail.

Mira Mira Mira Mira

Mira is our larger than life baby of the house. He is nearly 5 years old but has outsized his mummy for a few years now.

He is our household greeter and you don't get to visit unless checked out by Mira. All my friends know not to put your handbag down unless you want to take it home with fur attached.

Mira lays on the back of the lounge so he can watch out the window for when 'Dad' gets home from work and will tell him off if he doesn't go straight in to say hello.

We often joke about our guard cat on duty. He has got to know everything that is going on.

Mira is about 9-10kg (18-20+ pounds) but is not overweight according to our vet.

We gained Mira when his mum got out of the cat-run and disappeared for a week. Mira is our miracle, one and only survivor, of the litter. And a much loved addition to our feline family. Do you think he is a Maine Mix?

Meet a unique mix - Maine Coon with an American Bobtail - hence name "Boone"

By: Barry in Ohio


Boone Boone Boone Boone

Got her from Humane society - what a find! We lost our previous Coon to old age and just had to find another.

Skeptical at first because she had a stubbed tail but has all the other Coon traits - Ruff, Tuffs from ears and paws, eyes, face, and of course personality.

Both types of breed are extremely similar in traits, behavior so I think we got the best of both worlds....what do you think?

The Boys

By: Sandy in Wisconsin



Sam Willie

Willie is our black & white mix Maine Coon and Ragdoll. We bought him from a breeder as a playmate for Sam, our huge goldie cat that we think has some 'Coonie' in him.

Sam was adopted from a Minnesota humane society as a companion for an elderly relative. When that relative died, Sam came to live with us.

He is now about nine years old and doesn't always appreciate his playmate Willie. Sam is my husband's cat and puts up with me. Willie is my baby and puts up with my husband. All in all a good arrangement!

Is Missy a Coon?

By: Angela Kitching in Blandford, Nova Scotia, Canada

Missy & Mittens

Missy & Mittens -other than being tabbies..so different for siblings

Missy & Mittens Missy

We picked up 2 kittens at an SPCA in Liverpool, Nova Scotia thinking they were brother and sister tabbies. They were born April 15, 2011 to a stray.

The more I look into Maine Coons the more I think that is strong in our female Missy. However.. if these two are truly brother and sister..the fellow Mittens is nowhere near a Coon.

Missy's tail is awesome! She is filling out more over time. The tail is getting thicker and her feet are getting bigger with the fluffs sticking out between the toes. And her fur is silkier than any cat I ever touched. Not bothered by knots much at all.

Both cats make their little noises but aren't overly vocal. But their noises are different from what past cats have made. And they are not overly loving...Mittens (the gray) is moreso than Missy the fluffyball :-)


Mary Ann K: I have the exact opposite of yours. They are also brother and sister. My girl looks like Mitten (almost exactly) and my boy looks like Missy. After looking up Maine Coons and all their different features, I believe they are both Maine Coons. They bother have the trill when they talk to you and their temperment is very friendly. Mine are Toby and Hannah and Toby has the huge racoon tail and tuffbetween is toes and as they are only 7mo kittens they don't have all the fur growth yet. But I love them so much as is. They could be twins with yours.

Is my cat a Maine Coon or Maine Coon mix?

By: Kandie O'Connor in Indiana

He is 2 years old and I am picking him up tomorrow from a lady who took him in. He was abandoned when the people moved out.

The lady says he loves to talk and is really vocal. He loves attention. She said he was Maine coon and I was wondering what you think.

Is my cat, Baby, part Maine Coon?

By: Nicole in Hamilton, NJ, USA


Baby on floor

Baby Baby Baby Baby

This is my lovely girl, Baby. She about 3 1/2 years old and I adopted her from a rescue group.

I never thought she was a Maine Coon or mix until I started to read up on maine coons and their traits. She has a lot of similar physical and personality traits of Maine Coons.

I know the possibility of her being purebred is not likely, but I think she very well could be mix. She is super friendly and loves to cuddle with her mama and purrs really really loudly. She also loooooves to eat!!


Is my kitty a Maine Coon mix?

By: Ebonie

I have an all white cat with a tiny gray spot on the top of his head. He has long hair and a very bushy tail! He's as cute as he want to be!

Is my adopted shelter cat a Maine Coon?

By: Cheryl in NJ

We adopted Natasha around Thanksgiving. They estimated her to be about a year. Right from the moment we met her she was quite different.

She was second cat we saw, the first ran from us so I asked what about that cat in cage. She came right up to us at shelter, purring and rubbing against us! We have three young kids she is very good with.

Unlike any cat I have ever owned she is NOT aloof. She is literally in the center of whatever we do, all the time. If we are on one level of house, there she is. When I shower, guess who is standing outside the shower door. If we go to bathroom she will be tapping on door trying to open it and meowing. She will walk around next to your leg, looking up at you, almost keeping the pace to you like a dog heels, it is odd to me.

She isn't particularly 'needy' once she sees you, it is more she wants to make her prescence known and be right near. When we come home she comes running up to us, then rolls, over and over and meows. You then must rub her belly for a few minutes.

She will also make a sound that I think can be the trill I read about, she does this a lot, will come up to you and it is a kind of growly purry meow sound. When we have guests over instead of hiding she is right there with us, right smack in the middle of it all, noise, etc doesn't seem phased.

At night when we put the kids to bed she waits in hallway outside the rooms. As soon as we walk down if say my husband sits on couch but I don't because I am cleaning up kitchen, she will follow me meowing in an insistant way, I can tell it is kind of like hey go sit down on the couch. She will do this til I sit then come to our laps, knead them then go lay near us on couch.

Physically she is fluffy on belly and tail and a bit around neck. Her back and legs are more medium/shortish. She has tufts of fur between toes and tufts out ears. Curious what you all thought. Thanks!!

Indiana J

By: Robert Neise in Westminster, CO

Indiana J.

Indiana J. Indiana J. Indiana J. Indiana J.

While driving down a local highway that has a speed limit of 50 mph with a semi truck in front of me I noticed the wind draft of the truck spun an object around in the acceleration lane.

To my disbelief the object was a kitten. I hit the brakes and pulled over. I then ran to the kitten, when she saw me she ran about 15 feet into the grass. I then walked over to her and she was just laying there shaking and crying.

I then scooped her up and brought her home. She had lost a lot of her hair on her tail and skin was showing on the last several inches of her tail.

The next day we took her to the vet and he guessed her age at 5 to 6 weeks. She only weighed in at 1.3 pounds. My wife and I decided right then that she had used 8 of her 9 lives and we would keep her.

We named her Indiana J because the name of the street was Indiana. She is about 12 weeks old in the photos. The Coon markings are becoming more prevalent everyday.

She even has the ear tufts though they are white and hard to see. One thing for sure is that she is a sweet heart. She picked up on the litter box thing within 4 hours of me bringing her home.

She is very smart and affectionate and makes the strange noise instead of the standard meow. What are the chances that she is a purebred?


Arlene M. Baladi: Thank you SO much for stopping to save Indiana! Who in their right mind would throw a poor kitten onto a highway like that?

Sharon Holt: I had a similar experience when I found my cat. I was at a red light and saw something running across the street, cars from the opposite direction were coming and the kitten almost got hit twice. He was about 2 months old then and he's 31/2 now, and the nicest cat I could ever want.I didn't realize it then but he is definetely a Maine Coon.

Kim Schieven: God bless you for getting her and giving her a home...lovely story...adorable little girl.

Sandi Camargo: Ty so much for saving Indiana, what a beautiful kittie....who in their righ mind would throw a beautiful kitten out the window driving down the highway? I can not believe how beautiful she is...thank you so much for giving her a furever home <3!

Maine Coon Kitten

By: Shauna in New York


Dalia Dalia Dalia Dalia

I picked her up at the shelter at 8 weeks old, and I've never owned a cat before.

However, someone saw a picture of her and asked if she was a Maine Coon. I have trained her to basically be a dog she sits on command and does roll over and a few more tricks.

She is 8 months now and probably weighs about 8-10lbs. So is Dalia a Maine Coon?

Killian...Maine Coon....or wannabe??

By: Cassie in Lakeland, FL

We rescued Killian from a shelter in June of last lear. After lots of searching we met him and knew he was THE one!! After 7 months there is still no doubt. He is awesome!!

The first time he ran through the house making his strange little noises is when I started doing research on Maine Coons and thier traits.

Every time you enter (or even walk toward) the bathroom he jumps in the sink and expects you to turn the water on for his enjoyment. It's unlikely for you to take a shower where he's not sitting on the toilet seat watching.

His 1st birthday is in March and he's already 10 lbs with an 11 inch tail. He's also got the tufts in his ears and the fur between his toes.

I think the only thing he's missing is pedigree papers :) He has been a wonderful addition to our family. Maine Coon???? Believe it....or not.

(Note from editor: Cassie, your picture(s) didn't come through - This happens when they are large files, meaning high quality photos. There are tips on our Contact Page for editing photos for the web, if you'd like to try again. Since you didn't leave an email address, I was unable to let you know.)

Is My Sassy Little Izzy a Maine Coon?

By: Lori Robinson in Henderson, KY

I just got Issabella 2 days ago and she is so loving, fun, crazy and hyper. She makes these little squiky noices and sounds like a bird when I pet her, and her tail - wow it's really the biggest tail I have ever seen and fluffy.

We have another cat to and she wants to be friends with him so bad and wants to play with him!! She is the sweetest cat ever and she is only 6 months old!! Someone gave her to me - I got her from the paper.


Jenn: looks like a Ragdoll Cat!

Amy: Izzy looks a lot like my Rascal (in the December photo album). Rascal is a Lynx-point Siamese with some Maine Coon in there. Izzy is precious.

Is he part Coon?

By: Dawn in Altamonte Springs, FL


Oreo Oreo Oreo Oreo

This is Oreo. He was found in bushes at school at just 7 wks old. He is extremely loving and playful although he does get really rough at times. Loves to cuddle around neck and sit on shoulder. He's just turned 4 months!

Hotah "Sioux" For White Warrior

By: Richard Rickerd in CA

what breed is this Maine Coon mix?

Not real sure of the the mix


Jenny Taylor: Beautiful kitty! Look up photos for Snowshoe Cat. The face is similar.

Kim Schieven: What a different looking kitty. I'm no expert but I am guessing some Siamese as it looks blue eyed, some Maine Coon mix as it has the ear tufts along with some other indications....great name.

Part Coon?

By: Amanda in Syracuse, Indiana

Kratos & Lucifer

This Is Kratos and Lucifer. As you can tell they are major cuddle buddies!

Kratos & Lucifer Kratos & Lucifer Kratos & Lucifer

I've got 2 cats that I got from a friend when they were just babies. There names are Kratos and Lucifer. They are almost 2 years old now and are the most loving cats I've ever seen.

I had never even heard of the Maine Coon breed until I went to the vet. I had to take Lucifer over and the vet asked me if he was a Maine Coon and I had no idea what she was talking about and she suggested I look it up on the internet.

I know that neither of them are pure breed, but I have a feeling they may be a mix. They have such a rare personality! They play fetch! I can throw a mouse toy and they keep bringing it back over and over.

I was also told that cats usually don't like their bellies rubbed and mine can't get enough of it! They are constant companions I can't do anything without them interfering. Even watching a movie is a task in itself since Kratos finds the need to sit on the tv and stick his tail, head or paw in front of the screen.

In the picture I've uploaded you can see the massive furry tails and its hard to tell in the picture but Lucifer has a large ruff around his neck it almost reminds me of a lion.

They also have longer fur that sticks out on their paws between their claws. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!!

My Very Beautiful Cat

By: Dan Wietzel in Port Orange, Florida

About 3 years ago, as a much smaller cat, I allowed this awesome cat to live in my workshed. Ah, Shedley.

After about a year of bringing into my home to live with me, I had to have him "fixed" to keep him from trying to escape, and succeeding most of the time.

After I found him in the back of a animal control vehicle, and begging the police officer for my cat back, Shedley seemingly found his way and decided to be nice and stay home. Thank god.

He is by far, the most wonderful cat friend I have ever had. He is at 19 lbs now, so affectionate, loving so much to have his belly rubbed, laying in my arms like a little baby.

He will let me know when he wants attention, he knows what buttons to push I guess is the best way of explaining it. I would certainly recommend this kind of cat to any family wishing to have a great cat to live with.

He loves to be with me in any room of the house and almost always is. Not so much as a "lapcat" but just wants to be near me, and at 19 lbs, that can be a good thing. He loves his treats.

I have put areas close to a lot of windows in my home because he will sit for hours looking outside. Very clean. How such a large cat can talk so much but is almost as quiet as a whisper. (and he does whisper) Anyway, I love him so much and couldn't be happier with his personality.

(Note from editor: Dan, your pictures didn't come through - This happens when they are large files, meaning high quality photos. There are tips on our Contact Page for editing photos for the web, if you'd like to try again. Since you didn't leave an email address, I wasn't able to let you know.)

Am I A Maine Coon Or Just Act Like One?

By: Brittney Lopez in Millbury, MA
Girl Cat

So I got my cat when she was a small kitten, in the photo provided she is four months old and is a lot bigger than any four month old cat I have ever had.

When I came across the large breed of the Maine Coon the more I read the more it makes me believe she is atleast part. She's always right on the tub watching my children take a bath hanging out with them and is right in the tub getting her fur wet after it is drained.

To my surprise when I had to give her a bath before, she didn't struggle to jump out and the biggest surprise came when she started to purr! She likes to play in the sink also.

Her fur is so silky and she is always looking for someone to pet her. If she jumps on me when I'm busy and I put her back on the floor she comes right back up until she gets what she wants.

She purrs as soon as I come in the door and the second I pet her and she loves to cuddle. With all of that she also has all of the markings described, color, and eye color. I know it's close to impossible but she makes me think that I could be one of the 1%.

(It also made me laugh when I read the part about always tripping over them because I always say I'm going to squish her one day because she's always right under my feet!!!) lastly she is very playful and bats at our feet when we walk and loves to chase balls and play with her toys. What do you think?

Maine Coon or Mix?

By: Pearl in the UK

This is Mendax, he's been my lovely cat since November when we found him as a stray.

When we first had him he was short haired, and a mix of tabby and ginger. We had him registered at the vets as a Tabby, but in about a month he started showing Maine Coon personality traits and appearances.

He has a very bushy tail, along with tufts of fur on his ears and between his paws, and prefers to sleep and interact with the dogs rather than our other cats.

He's now quite big and only about 18 months old. So was wondering if he is a Maine Coon, or just has some Maine Coon in him?


Opal: Hi Pearl. Your beautiful, fluffy Mendax looks like a Coon to me. Pure-breds tend to have very long hair, the bushiest of tails, an M-darker-hair marking between the ears, and of course the tufts of hair between the toes, and usually at the tips of the ears. Yours is a beauty.

Like no other cat I've ever had

By: Aimee R. in Los Angeles, CA


Lounging on the couch

Walter Walter Walter

This cat kept showing up at my door looking for food so naturally I would put out some kibble for him. This continued on for a couple of months, he was in pretty rough shape, very thin.

He had a collar and after looking around for an answer to where this guy came from, it turned out he belonged to a family that had moved away and left him behind.

So after about a month of feeding him and slowly gaining his trust, he became a regular at my house and started following me around anytime I was outside. When I would close the front door, he would just sit there and meow, meow meow until I went back outside to visit him. And what a funny grumpy little meow he has!

Needless to say, I took him in and now he is living happily in the house. He is so curious! Whatever I do, he needs to inspect it. When people come over, the other cats hide and here comes Walter to check out the scene. He looks everyone over, walks right up and greets them.

He is very vocal, uses his paws like no other cat I've owned. He follows me around wherever I am in the house. When I return home after running errands all day he comes running up to me like a dog!

And he has grown so much that you can here him running though the house like a gallop. He tries to play with my other cats but I think his size freaks them out! He's very playful but he's so big he's just kinda clumsy when he plays. But he is always very gentle when he starts to bat at us with those giant fluffy paws.

When I took him to get neutered the vet said he was about a year old, and since I took him in not only has he plumped up but he has gotten fluffier and taller. He just keeps growing, we joke that he is like Clifford the big red dog...he's gonna outgrow our house! Here are some pics of my Walter


Barbara: Definitely, Maine Coon mix characteristics. A lot of what you describe is exactly like my 2-year-old female mix. Very very curious and has to check everyone out. Walter is a beauty!!!

Maine Coon mix??

By: TamE in Ste. Genevieve, MO, USA


Danger Danger Danger

His name is Danger. He is very affectionate, he loves to lick your hands and face. He also will grab your hand with his paws and put his paws on your face gently.

He is not shy, he greets everyone at their feet. He loves playing fetch and will bring toys back to your feet and/or drop it in your hand every time. He does a sideways walk when he is stalking and/ or letting you know that he wants to play.

He has the hair tipped ears, long body and long tail. However, he is not fluffy and nor is his tail. I posted a few picks of him. He is 5 months old. Good size kitten :)

Maine Coon Mix?

By: Jan Heslop in Neosho Falls, KS, USA

We have 8 cats now and not one did we choose. They all showed up at our door. The latest showed up a few months ago. He was hypervigilant, hungry. He wouldn't allow us to touch him.

He would eat out of an old pitcher that we held and slowly we would touch. He was definitely a kitten but a huge kitten. We left food out for him every day and made a sleeping quarter. He started to grow and eventually he went in the pen we had built for the other cats.

He was beautiful. Gray striped, tuffs on his ears. We eventually were able to handle him long enough to get him to the vet and have him neutered.

His behavior changed so drastically that we have kept him in our house. He was so different that I started to read about breeds of cats and that is when I found him on the pages of the Maine Coons. I would like to see if others think so also. He is rather majestic. We have called him Buddy. I told him his name is Sir William AKA Buddy. I am going to try to upload his picture to this site. Thank you.

Do you think Oreo is a mixed Coon?

By: Dawn in Florida

Oreo was found in bush at school at about 7 weeks old, very weak first few days, then he jumped out of the box on the 3rd morning and darted up my shoulder and started purring.

He is extremely playful, but will pounce on heads and bite a lot, loving and purring one minute rubbing against you then suddenly he tries to tear you apart.

Never seen such a confused kitten! We Have an 8 year old Lab. He's pretty good with kitty, he'll sometimes let kitten lay against him, but gets annoyed when kitten swats and bite his head and tail. Same with pet rabbit, kitten loves to follow her around and jumps on her cage!

(Note from editor: Dawn, your pictures didn't come through - This happens when they are large files, meaning high quality photos. There are tips on our Contact Page for editing photos for the web, if you'd like to try again.)

Baby Clyde Is Sooo Cute!

By: Jackie in SJ CA
Baby Clyde 2 months old

Not sure his breed is or what his Color is called... Please any info is great ;) thank you


Michael Coyote: I thought I was the only person who would name a cat Clyde; matter of fact, all of my cats have been named Clyde, with the exception of my present partner Rufous.

Mary: Not exactly sure what kind of cat he is but his coloring is what they refer to as "smoke". Cat has a black coat with white undertones...very rare. Research the color online and see what you think. No matter what enjoy your beautiful boy and all the love he has ...very gorgeous!

Elaine Clark: he is adorable !!!!

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