Is Stella a Maine Coon (mix)?

by Pam
(Webster, NY)

We adopted Stella just under a year ago, they guessed her to be around 2 years old at the time.

We were told she is a Domestic Med. hair kitty. It wasn't until today, while looking at "lion cuts' online, that I found out about Maine Coon kitties.

stella catBack
stella catPretty girl

Looking at some of the pictures it was almost like looking at one of Stella. When I read about the fur sticking out of the toes it made me even more curious to find out if she is one.

stella catStella (aka Meerkat)

She is a sweet cat & isn't one to hide. She lays on her back in the middle of the room, all 4 legs spread apart. haha.

She also will sit up on the couch (like a person) from time to time, she also stands on her back legs a lot.

We always joke she's part Meerkat & Lemur. She loves to pounce, play and talk! I need help to find out if she may be a Maine Coon, so please, feel free to give me your opinion.


She's a Maine Coon!
by: Camille

She looks like a Maine Coon. Big feet, fur between toes (and sometimes around the foot pad), soft, medium-length fur that doesn't shed a lot and doesn't need a lot of grooming, the "lion's ruff" - especially full on males in the wintertime, longish fur inside the ears (and sometimes a "lynx point" of dark fur at the tip of the ears, but not all MCs have this), very long whiskers and a long, very fluffy tail - all of these are Maine Coon traits.

stella catLounging

Your cat has the most common coloring of an MC, but they can come in all colors.

The traditional striped tabby Maine Coon does tend to have the black M on the forehead. Our MC has this. They take longer to reach full (often very large) size than most breeds.

Males can take 3 years to be full-sized. Some weigh between 20 and 40 lbs! They have loving, goofy, sweet personalities. We adore ours!

looks like my Curly
by: crissy

From your pictures, the coloring looks just like my that orange in there? Curly has a tortoise shell coloring orange spots where a tabby's white would be. A most beautiful coloring. I was told Curly's dad was a pure bred Maine Coon, buy I never got to see him.

Thanks - helped me too!!
by: Genie

Lovely to see this picture of Stella, looks so much like my 'mix?' boy .. Merlin, and is named that as he has magical eyes, which never lost shades of their bright baby blue among the green ;-) Miserable pet shop rescue, told mix tabby and long hair, screamed all the way home.

I was wondering why he has such enormous ears and huge paws, with that enormous tail, so thought about looking up Coons.

He's a bit darker than Stella and very long but he's now filling out, weighs a ton, getting bigger every month and brings mice home every day.

Jumps several feet up in the air from standing, runs and leaps like a beautiful gazelle, altho not so happy with fences/trees.

Very very clever, lays on his back to have his tummy rub (grabs my arm with both paws to carry on, gently pushes me away with back paws when done lol), looks and listens when people are talking.

Devoted to me only, even in the bathroom, and I can do anything with him, but hangs back if he's not sure of anyone, always assessing everything.

2 other cats same age but he's The Boss, even tho he's the most gentle and polite at mealtime (except when I have food then he'd happily jump on the plate, grab my fork, whatever).

Always puzzled me that he had no 'miaow' but when he wants something he makes a loud noise like a creaky door opening: 'rrrowwwl', rising upwards in tone. He's a fabulous black tiger :D

Same question
by: Winnie

I have the same question about my cat. I adopted her as well and she is 4 yrs old now and she is huge!

But not in a fat kind of way..she is very long. The adoption place didn't know what she was so they names her an Oriental Mix.

But my cat looks identical to yours & she has the same qualities. Also I was told if they have an M on their forehead & big paws is also a sign they are Coons.

I wish I can attach a pic of my cat here but I don't think there is that option. But I'm sure she is or maybe even mixed with part Maine Coon.

Looks like a Maine Coon!
by: Maureen

Your cat looks like a Maine Coon from what I can see. And the lying on the back belly up in the middle of the room (Hey look at my furry belly!) is rather typical coon behavior.

My Maine Coon spent half her life on her back with her legs splayed apart! Good thing she was neutered!!! MCs like to follow their person around too rather than nap in a lonely corner of the house. Looks like you got a bargain!

I think so...
by: Rhian

I would say she definitely looks like a Maine Coon to me, she has the ear tufts too I see? In fact she is the spitting image of my boy Merlin.

He does a lot of the things you describe too, he particularly likes to lay IN THE MIDDLE of the floor, spread eagle! Haha. She is beautiful! XX

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