Is My Cat Part Maine Coon?

by Bigkitty
(New York, NY)

I found my kitty through a friend who obtained him from a shelter--my friend couldn't keep him because his roommate's girlfriend was deathly allergic.

He was six months at the time and now he's more than five... time really does pass quickly! I thought he was just a regular tabby, but noticed that he's much different from other tabbies that I had while growing up.

Aside from being incredibly long bodied, he loves water and playing fetch, and has since he was a kitten. He trills quite a lot too, is talkative and is incredibly social with strangers.

He also seems to be more affectionate, loving to climb on my stomach and lick my skin and sometimes even hair too. I had never heard of Maine Coons until recently (I always thought I was more of a dog person--after having been raised with both cats and dogs as family pets--as fate would have it, my kitty seems to have many dog like characteristics) when I made friends with someone who has one and she thought he might be a mix.

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Handsome animal!
by: Anonymous

Does he seem to have webbing/tufted toes? That might be another clue. MCC of not, he is VERY HANDSOME! How lucky you rescued him!

Cat behavior
by: Helen

I have owned cats all my life and along the way I've had some that were DSH, but had all the attitude, love, talking, purring, trilling, water bowl sports, and size of a MCC. Just because they have a great personality doesn't automatically mean they have CC genes. There are fine cats in every breed and every plain short haired or long haired domestic. There does seem to be more of the loveable ones in the CC breed, but I think that is because of selective breeding and being raised under foot.

Your handsome guy is worth a million, no matter his genetics. He fits your family to a T. You are blessed.

Thanks for sharing him with us.

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