Is Oprah a Maine Coon?

by Amanda
(Waukesha, WI)

This is my cat Oprah. I adopted her from an animal shelter when she was 3 months old in July 2010.

The volunteer told me she was a Maine Coon but then when I looked at her card, it said she was a domestic medium hair.

oprah kitten
oprah kitten

I am 90% sure she is a Maine Coon Cat and not just part Coon. She has long tufts of fur extending out of her paws, her tail is HUGE, and she looks like a lion with all the hair around her neck when she lays down.

oprah kittenOprah and I after picking her up from the shelter

I just want to be 100% sure Oprah's a Maine Coon!

Hi Amanda,

Oprah, what an original and cute name! Well, to answer your burning questions, I know you want to be 100% sure, but the only way to do that is to look at a cats pedigree.

It's an actual piece of paper that every purebred kitten has.

In her kitten picture, it is almost impossible to tell her apart from the other Maine Coon kittens sprinkled throughout this site!

As a full grown girl, I see many similarities. She has the strong face, long nose, and a bit of a ruff around her neck. She has the brown tabby coloring that so many associate with a Maine Coon.

The differences: To be a 100% Maine Coon, there are things we would expect.

Her fur would be longer in the belly and chest area, maybe inches longer, flowing almost to the floor when she walks.

These cats are shaggy, but that term refers to the different lengths on their coat. Shorter on top, longer underneath.

The very tips of the ears would have to have tufts. It's more than lots of fur coming out of the ears, its fur standing up on the top giving the ear a long pointy tip.

Every full Maine Coon has them, they may be more or less pronounced, but they must be there.

Lastly, (and very important!) purebred Maine Coons always come from a breeder who makes it their passion and sometimes profession to show and breed Maine Coon cats.

It's just the same as with other breeds, like a Persian, Sphynx, Bengal, or Siamese. The difference is that those breeds don't physically resemble domestic housecats. Maine's do. With a pedigree and registration, one would wonder how and why a young kitten was surrendered to a shelter.

Oprah is the classic example of a cat who looks almost just like a Maine Coon. She could be a Maine Coon mix, or a Maine Coon look-alike. Either way she's just as magnificent, beautiful, and perfect!

I personally have owned a Siamese, and a few 'regular' domestic housecats in my time, as well as my Maine Coons. They are all beloved.

Her personality comes shining through in these pictures and I'm sure she's bringing you lots of joy :)


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