Is Mr. Bigglesworth a full or mix Maine Coon?

We just adopted a wonderful 2 year old cat "Mr. Bigglesworth" from a shelter.

Our previous cat Pumpkin that we had for 13 years had a tumor so we had to put her down. I thought I would never get another cat but something was missing in the house, the house felt empty.

mr bigglesworth the cat

My son wanted another cat but one from a shelter and I'm happy to say I think its a Maine Coon, we weren't looking for a Maine Coon but when we went to his cage we knew he was the one.

We only had him for a few days but already he won't leave our side and when we go room to room he is right with us, a sweet cat indeed.

Looking forward to many, many years of joy with our Mr. Biggleworth!!!

Maine Coon Tabby mix
by: Anonymous

it is a brown/gray tabby Maine Coon mix i think not sure hope i could help.

mr bigglesworth

To Hailee
by: Gail (Quincy, MA, USA)

The "M" on the forehead does not mean the cat is a Maine Coon or even a mix.

The "M" is nothing more than indicating that the cat is a tabby. The story about it meaning that it is a Maine Coon is only an urban legend.

I think
by: Hailee

he looks M.C mix to me. Definitely no pure maybe a little american short hair, but he has the M on his forehead

by: Gail (Boston, MA, USA)

Without seeing the entire body, including tail, it's tough to judge; however, it looks like your handsome boy has some Maine Coon in him, but I'd venture to say he's mostly a tabby.

Click on the link on this site for traits & quirks and also look at some of the pictures of a Maine Coon cat on this site to compare with your boy.

He may have some characteristics, but without pedigree papers, a purebreed cannot be verified.

Whether he is or isn't a Maine Coon is irrelevant. He's a very grand-looking kitty and I wish only years of happiness for you and your family. It's nice to have the house filled with kitty magic again, isn't it?

Mr Bigglesworth
by: Karen

He is gorgeous and so lucky to have found you. He will ease your grief and give you many years of happy moments.

Tabby cats are the most wonderful breed and if he has Maine Coon mix you have the best of both. Best of Luck....

Coon or not?
by: Helen

Who really cares if he is MCC or not? Mr. Bigglesworth is so handsome and sweet to boot. My vet has told me more than once that we may not always get the cat we are looking for, but God always sends the cat we need. You just proved this.

On Mr. Bigglesworth
by: Merle Harris

I don't know whether or not he is really a Maine Coon, I would have to see more of him. But you were very blessed to find him. He is truly a handsome fellow, and he sounds like A delight to live with.

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