Is Fluffy A Maine Coon Or A Mix?

by Marie C
(Kitchener, Ontario, Canada)

I got Fluffy from a rescuing shelter when she was 4 months old and she just turned 2 years old now in April 2011.

I've always been wondering if she's a Maine Coon mix because she just seems to meet many of the characteristics listed on this and other websites.

fluffy the cat
fluffy cat
fluffy the cat

I'll start with some personality traits: she has an intelligent expression and always looks me or my husband straight into our eyes and proceeds to start meowing (her voice is very squeaky compared to my other cat who's a domestic short hair).

fluffy the cat

She is also extremely social with other cats and people. She's a lap cat and always likes to be or sleep next to us.

One strange thing about her (not related to the Maine Coon breed) is that I even think that she might have healing powers (it might sound silly, but it's true!).

Whenever something is hurting, she massages the exact spot, sits on it for a few minutes while purring and then the pain is completely gone.

We're so lucky to have gotten her from the animal rescue shelter, because she's a great joy in our life and we love her so much!

by: Anonymous

I believe that fluffy is a mix and not a Maine Coon

by: Holly

My guess is a Maine Coon mix.
My cat was a MC mix.
As far as I know, pure Maine Coons have little black tufts at the top of their ears.

Your cat is beautiful! <3
Looks so much like my cat.

Holly :)

Is Fluffy a Coon
by: Anonymous

I have always been told that a Maine coon had a M on their forehead and Fluffy Does!!

by: Anonymous

thats a main coon, looks just like the one i had when i was a kid, also named Fluffy.

Video of Fluffy
by: Marie C

Hi everyone, I forgot to add that I also have a video of Fluffy, that was shot last week. Here is the link for it:

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