In Memory

by Marty
(Bloomingburg, NY)

I don't know if you would post something like this, but one of my four Maine Coons passed away today in my arms at home. I have had them all since they were born. He was about to turn four.

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maine coon christmas gifts

I made a picture dedication to him and uploaded it to youtube at the link above.

Whether you can or cannot post it I am grateful there are people like yourselves that share in the passion of pet ownership.

Aug 17, 2014
England Friend
by: Sandy creek
I love you for being so compassionate, what a fabulous tribute. I too have only lost my handsome, darling boy of 8, just two weeks ago to a car, I did everything to save him, but with the best medical treatment he still could not be saved, I am truly heartbroken.

It's so warming to see others that love our delightful puddy cat family as I do. My darling boy Twitch I loved you and will love you till my last day on earth. Well done again for your meaningful tribute to Charlee.

Jun 26, 2014
Comfort And Love
by: Melody and Dee
I am sooo sorry honey... My heart is broken with yours and so is my grown daughterDanielle's....We too have a Charlie... Who is so full of energy and only 4 months young... Her name is Hello Kitty... aka / Kitty... She makes our life happy and is a true family member... I cried and grieved for your loss. Please keep in touch.

Mar 28, 2014
In Memory of Charlie the Main
by: Duane
I have so many tears running down my checks can not see straight. What a beautiful cat, now a beautiful part of my memories.

Nov 30, 2013
What Love!
by: Corey
Your tribute to Charlee was so Beautiful! I too am so sorry for your loss! I have had many kitties and have lost many.

Some of my kitty babies I was holding in my arms when they passed also. It hurts so much! I have such special connections with my kitties.

I do not have a Maine Coon, but have always wanted one. All my babies were strays and drop offs. And then to my surprise, a neighbor's kitty began to visit us and we discovered that he is a " Maine Coon."

He sure is beautiful and sweet. I have no doubt that you will always have that Special " Kitty " Friend in your life!

Sep 09, 2013
Oh what a losse
by: Joretta
I, like all the others had steams of tears, running down my face, for the beautiful tribute of your loved one, for I dread the day that I might have to say "Goodbye", to my Scrappie.

He is a 28lb half Maine Coon and Half Bobcat, for he came from the Appalachian Mountains.

He left the mountains, while staying between the van seats and I could hear him saying, goodbye in his different cries... hoping to return some day.

He would go up into, who know what part of the mountains and stay for days, even weeks, unless I called to him and the echoeing I know he heard, for he would return in a couple of days.

What a beautiful breed of cats. I've had many, very many, Cats.

They will all be in Heaven with us together..sayin "How do you do"?

Oct 07, 2012
We will always love our Charlee and Charlie Maine Coons.
by: Marshall B.
I know how you feel as I lost my Charlie to failing CRF, chronic renal failure. My Charlie
was almost 15 years old. I got him as a little kitty, and he laid in my lap while we drove to his new home. Charlie was daddy's kitty boy. I missed him a night in my bed. Both of our Maine coons are happily playing Heaven!

Jul 27, 2012
So very sorry
by: Jenny
Marty - I'm so very sorry for your loss of Charlee. What a beautiful video dedication - I, too, cried my eyes out watching it. I can see just how much he meant to you and how special your bond was.

I know how you feel because I, too, lost my best buddy Toby in April and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't miss him and cry because he's not here anymore. Toby had just turned 6 yrs old which is far too young, he was so young and had so much more life to live, just like Charlee.

Their passing leaves such a hole in our lives but they're both playing and waiting at the Bridge for us to come get them someday. I hope that the memories you and Charlee made together will bring you comfort. Sending you hugs!

Jul 23, 2012
I feel your pain
by: Mia
I'm so sorry for your loss and I feel your pain. Those Furry babies become such a huge part of our family. The love and affection they give is unconditional and so pure.

My Main Coon Bruce passed away in my arms from cancer on July 7th. I also had him since he was a tiny fur baby. Today is his birthday... he would have turned 15 years old.

I had him cremated so on those beautiful sunny days I can sit his urn out on the deck ... His favorite place to be. I cry for him every day...

Bruce left a HUGE paw print in my heart and I feel so lost without him. >^.^< I bet our two furry Angels are up in Rainbow Bridge playing together chasing butterfly's having a blast.

Jul 21, 2012
So sorry
by: Lee Cousins
Yes, of course you should post it. I expect there are very few of us who read your blog who haven't lost a fur baby and have experienced total despair. I am so very sorry and will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

Jul 20, 2012
Thank all of you so very much
by: Marty
I cannot possibly express my gratitude for the wonderful things you all have said. What the best part is, finding this site and all of you.

It takes a special person to understand how deep the love can be for your little ones. I am blessed to still have three of the litter and they are healthy.

I am very touched and once again, thank you all,

Jul 19, 2012
Beautiful Video Memorial
by: CatMummy
I just cried my eyes out when I viewed your touching salute to dearest Charlee. I lost my Maine Coon two years ago and she looked almost exactly like your Fur Baby. What a terrible loss.

I join all the others in Maine Coon Cat Nation in extending my deepest sympathy to you and your cat family. Charlee will always be so special! xoxo

Jul 19, 2012
by: Carol
Unfortunately I know just how you feel. I lost my Scrappy (buff coon) in Nov. 2011 and still cry for him everyday...He was my best buddy...Life is so strange without him.

I lost him to heart failure after a 6 month battle that he tried to make easy on me. He took his meds like a little trooper and tried to make me laugh. He was 11 years old and tamed many feral kittens to find homes.

He loved everyone animal and human, and they loved him...Four years old is just horrible...Hang in there....Charlee would want you to be strong...He was...

Jul 19, 2012
by: June
So sorry for your loss. I have two Maine Coons and I know how I would feel to lose them. RIP Charlee.

Jul 19, 2012
by: Jayne
Thank you so much for posting your beautiful tribute to your precious angel, Charlee. I know your time with him was far too short, but the love you shared came through loud and clear. I know he'll be waiting at the Rainbow Bridge until you meet again. Sending you much love and light, Jayne

Jul 18, 2012
So sorry
by: Deidra
Your precious baby has gone to be with St. Francis in a special place to wait until you meet again. Bless you

Jul 18, 2012
by: Debbie
So sorry for your loss. I know you are grieving. What a beautiful tribute of photos. Charlene was blessed to have been loved by you.

Jul 18, 2012
by: judy
I'm so sorry to read about your baby Maine Coon. He was such a beautiful cat. I don't know what I will do if I have to go through something like your situation. I spoil mine so much. Thank you for sharing.

Jul 18, 2012
Condolences On Your Loss
by: Richard
My heart just broke when I watched your video and saw Charlee and his litter-mates. So young, I can't imagine one passing that early.

I have two 'Coons and a Tabby and I can't even begin to think how painful it would be to lose one but to lose a has to hurt and I am so sorry.

These most precious of God's creations give us so much joy. RIP Charlee and enjoy your run over the Rainbow Bridge. Many there are that went before and they are there to welcome you and play with you.

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maine coon christmas gifts

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