In Memory Of My Fur Baby Bruce

by Mia
(Carlise, PA)

My Bruce had such a huge personality and was so lovable. I got him for my birthday in Sept. 1997.

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I instantly fell in love the moment our eyes met. That little ball of fur brought so much joy to my life and I have so many wonderful memories of him.

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Disclosure: this site is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you. 

bruce catWhat a face
bruce catOur last picture :*(

I recently lost him to cancer and I miss my boy sooo very much. I cry on a daily basis, not having his sweet face around is very hard. The house is so empty without him.

bruce catHe was a momma's boy
bruce catHis favorite sunny spot

Bruce lived a long happy life filled with all the love and attention he asked for and then some. I had my baby cremated so on those beautiful sunny days I can sit him out on the sunny deck which was his favorite hangout.

Bruce Lee Doland
7-23-1997 to 7-7-2012
R.I P my Fur Angel
You have left a HUGE Paw print in mommy's heart and I will always love you.

Jun 06, 2013
My kitty is a female version of Bruce's
by: Connie
My Kitty Callarina looks a lot like Bruce. I just discovered that she is most likely a Maine Coon. The white fur around her neck keeps growing so long...and I have been cutting it to help her with grooming.

She too has an incredible personality and is so affectionate to Bruce. Callarina loves running around me while I garden in my yard. She is a hoot!

Thanks so much for sharing Bruce's story...its is so beautiful. Many blessings to you dear...

Jul 25, 2012
RIP Bruce
by: Jenny R
I know how much your heart hurts for losing Bruce. What a beautiful boy! And as you posted on my Toby's page, they sound so very much alike!

I'm sure that Toby was on the welcoming committee when Bruce crossed and they're both waiting for us to join them some day.

Enjoy your new furbabies and make many more happy and hilarious memories to carry you through the hard moments.

And remember that you're not alone with your loss, there are many of us thinking about you and hoping that you find the love and joy you once had with your new babies.

Take care,
Jenny, Caoimhe, and Maya

Jul 23, 2012
Happy Birthday My Angel
by: Mia
Bruce my Fur baby... HAPPY BIRTHDAY in heaven my sweet Angel. Today you turn 15 years old. Mommy misses you and loves you so very much.

I know your having a ball in Rainbow Bridge playing with all the other fur babies. Mommy has two new Maine Coon kittens now, Lynxy and Jade...two very sweet girls, but you will always be mommy's # 1 baby boy.

Also a big Thank You to everyone for the kind words. I have cried an ocean of tears since I lost my Brucey and this has been a big part of my healing process.

Jul 18, 2012
I share you sympathy
by: Kim
I share your sympathy as I too had a cat that had nasal cancer and which I had to put down when his uncomfortable and stressful days outweighed his love to exist.

I hope to have one more cat before I go and I hope it is a Maine Coon.

The Animal Kingdom Mourns Your Loss :(
Dawn Of Spring

Jul 18, 2012
My Heart Grieves With You!!
by: Janny
Enjoy the Rainbow Bridge Bruce! You will have so much fun there, waiting to jump into your Mommy's loving arms. Please say a big Maine Coon "brrrit" to my beloved Mrs Kitten and Miss Munchie. They both died of cancer within three months of one another.

I can only imagine how painful it was for you to lose your Fur Baby. I hope you will find comfort in all of the love you gave Bruce and the good times you had with him. These will be memories to cherish as time goes on. Hugs, Janny

Jul 17, 2012
Big Hug Hun!!
by: Kidd~e Reese
I'm so sorry for your loss!

It sounds like you have a big heart you should take some time to greeve and then go get another Maine coon cat to love and cheer you up..
My parents would be lost without me!!!

My name is Kidd~e and I am a 15 pound, 3 year old Mane Coon and I'm such a punk, clown and a big love to my family andfriends!! I know when they are happy and I know when they are sad.. As only a maine coon can.. I'm sure you know what I mean!!!!

I am the first Maine coon my parents ever had and they would never get any other breed of cat. I'm working on talking them into getting me a friend to play with ;-) he_he
"Paws Crossed"!!!!

God Bless you and yr family!!!!
And I hope this made u smile!!!
Big hugs to you!!!!
Kidd~e and the whole Reese family!!!

Jul 17, 2012
What a Face!
by: Anonymous
that says it all....

Jul 17, 2012
A spirit is Forever
by: Maddy
Dear Mia,
My heart feels so heavy for you! I'm sorry that you have such sadness for baby Bruce. To a degree, I understand your loss. It takes time.
You and Brucie are in my thoughts!

Jul 17, 2012
Rest In Peace Bruce
by: Nina
I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. He had a wonderful family to give hin the love he needed and deserved. Bless you.....

I lost my rescued kitty Bailey to cancer 18 mths ago and rescued a kitty, Missy, in Nov. We got her all the checkups and tests she needed for her wellness.

She just recently had a large tumor removed that was pressing on her spine. The tests show she has cancer.

We were devastated! She's only about 6 and is so sweet. I'm beginning to believe God is sending us the sick kitties knowing we will take care of them properly. Just want Missy to live her time out pain free and enjoying herself.

Once again, bless you for giving so much love to Bruce. I feel your pain.
Thinking of you,

Jul 17, 2012
Sad For Your Loss
by: Rick
I look at Bruce and see my little Ramone. I can only imagine the pain you must feel over his loss. But you also have the precious memories of many wonderful years spent together.

I cannot imagine what life would be like if I lost even one of my three purr babies. May God be with you and comfort you in your time of grieving.

Jul 17, 2012
Baby Bruce
by: karen and mark Melbourne
I am sadden to hear of your loss, another gorgeous coonie to kitty land, it is a great and healing process that you had him cremated and you get to keep him with you at all times.

We did the same last year our boy was 13yrs and died of serve anemia and leukemia and he sits on the computer here beside me, I talk to him all the time but within 4 weeks because as you said the house is so quiet we got another little coonie (a girl) this time and it is just a great help to have laughter and chatting back in the house.

They will never be forgotten always true to our hearts. I would give to a hug but you are too far away. R.I.P Here Here to the Coonies.

Jul 17, 2012
Baby Bruce
by: Lisa Caramanello
I'm so sorry for your loss!! It's just like losing a loved one!! <3

Jul 17, 2012
by: Sue Brown
Sorry for your the sad loss beautiful cat, if you can manage to get on my FB My fluffys on there and they could have been twins. My fluffy wasn't too good a month ago and she really worried us, she's 16 but still looks like a young cat, I can only imagine what your feeling , Sue x

Jul 17, 2012
For the love of our pets
by: Deidra
So sorry. I love my cats so much and I worry about them like they were my kids! I know how terribly hard it is to lose a beloved pet! I believe St. Francis has a special place in heaven for our departed loved pets! That is some comfort and hope in seeing them again! Bless you

Jul 17, 2012
Angel by his side
by: Joann
Wanting to let you know that Bruce has my Bubba by his side, Bubba passed of cancer in March & I still cry everyday. I have made a memory garden in my yard where Bubba used to lay.

Just remember your precious Bruce is now looking over you everyday. I know Bruce would want you to find comfort in someway, he had the happiest journey thru life with you as his loving mommy. RIP Bruce you are among some gentle giants as loving as you!!

Jul 17, 2012
by: Denise
So sorry for your the loss of your baby Bruce. I am sure he is in Heaven and is in no more pain and having a ball playing with all the other furry babies. Don't worry... one day you will be with him again. My fur baby Gabby will be 17 this Oct. and I treasure everyday I have with her. They bring us so much joy and love. R.I.P. Bruce xoxox.

Jul 17, 2012
Love returns
by: Anonymous
Please believe he will send you your next fur child! That's what my Oswald did. They are not the same cat, but they will love you "for Bruce."

Jul 16, 2012
So sorry for your loss
by: Millicent
I lost my little Alexander to cancer in February of 2010. While he was sick, i felt as if everything important in life was slipping through my fingers and there was nothing I could do to prevent it. We forged on. He seemed to be improving.

On a Monday, I left him with the Vet while I went to work...I wanted them to watch him and while I got 'good' news - he was himself and letting them know that they should leave him alone (he was naughty), I lost him on the way home from the vet. Moving through the grief has been very slow for me. His pictures are everywhere and I miss him every day.

Bruce and Alexander look alot alike.

I found that I look at pictures of other kitties, but hope I'll get lucky enough to be picked again. Meanwhile, I know that the greatest blessing he brought was true, unconditional love. I am far enough from the grief to acknowledge that blessing he was in my life. I hope that you will find comfort during your tears.

Jul 16, 2012
by: Ni
That's too sad..I have 12 cats and I can't imagine how bad would it be if some of them left me T T I love them like my children

Jul 16, 2012
in Sympathy
by: Karen Conner-Beck
So sorry for the loss of your Maine Coon Boy. It is losing a member of the family. While you will miss him terribly, when you are ready, go out and rescue another Maine Coon. There is another out there that desperately needs you!

Jul 16, 2012
by: Anonymous
I'm very sorry for your loss. :(((

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