I think my cat is a Maine Coon mix?

by Jessica
(Dublin, ireland)

Hi I recently adopted a cat called Baggins he is 3 years old- he is a large cat, definitely bigger than average.

The key things that made me think he may be a mix is the long fluffy tail, he has rather big ears and a long coat.

Personality wise he adapted very quickly to his new environment, he is very sociable and vocal. If you could let me know what you think that would be great.

Thanks for your help. Regards, Jessica

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Mar 05, 2017
by: Joey

Yep that's a Maine coon mix, I have one named Eddie and is practically the same.

Dec 23, 2013
my cat
by: 340677@students.bethelsd.org

my cat looks the same ringed tail golden rings around eyes and the markings .she came from a calico cat .her name is fionna . I deffintly think hes a maine cooon . tip if he or she has a worm and you don't have enough money try giving it coopinhagan cute collar tip if you have a coon cat blue and purple works a lot better than pink or green

Dec 09, 2013
by: Ashley

Yes, he definitely has some Maine Coon mixed in there! Beautiful kitty. I have a Maine Coon mix kitten and I envision him looking exactly like this when he reaches adulthood.

Feb 26, 2011
by: Natcat

My cat looks exactly like that I think she is a Maine coon mix also.

Nov 22, 2010
by: Dr Deborah Barry

I clicked on his pic because he reminded me of my Abraham. Definitely some Maine Coon there!
Lovely boy!

Oct 19, 2010
re Baggins
by: Anonymous

Thanks for your help Carrie- I do adore him and hopefully he likes me too!!:)

Oct 18, 2010
by: Maine Coon Cat Nation

Hi Jessica,

I love that picture of Baggins! He really looks like he's smiling at you.

I think he very well could be a Maine Coon mix. His coat is shaggy, not all one length. He's got a nice neck ruff, and the personality you described fits.

Congratulations on your new boy. He seems like a real charmer. You're lucky to have found each other!


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