I Think I Am A Dog?

by Chevelle
(Brush, Colorado, USA)

My cat came to me while I was on the road, truck driving in New Mexico. Another truck driver had a cat that had kittens and they were just giving them away.

I've owned mostly cats and this cat was different from the get go. He is "very" inquisitive and has to be involved in everything. I mean to an extreme.

poof the catBaby.....Poof 2011
poof the cat

If I cook he sits there and watches every move I make, as though he was actually trying to learn how to cook.

Last year, (summer) I was in the backyard using the hose, the hose happened to be laying on the grass and my cat just started nipping and batting at the water, something you would see a dog do. His paws were getting soaked, but he didn't seem to care.

He is extremely social and has to be around people all the time, if left alone, he will howl and cry until you come back into his view again.

Bed time is a ritual, I pick him up, he purrs and knows it's time for bed and sleeps with me all night. Driving weather, forget it, he is with me and just loves to take rides in the car.

If myself or any of my family members are sitting down, he needs to be right there by us or in your lap. If you have something in your hand, he always comes over to investigate.

While I was on the road driving truck, he quickly picked up walking on a leash. He wanted to walk up to everyone he saw and when we were done with our walk, would head straight back to our truck, proudly leading the way.

Just out of the blue, while parked for the day. He dropped his toy in front of me and sat there, as if waiting for me to do something with it I picked up the toy and threw it on the dash of the truck (which is large) and he ran and got it and dropped it in front of me, again.

"Did he just do what I thought he did" I thought to myself, "no way"? I picked it up and tossed it again and again he ran, got it and brought it back to me.

I did this five times, before I could even believe what I was witnessing. This went on for hours, there began a ritual for every time we parked and he wanted to play. To say the least, I was blown away.

He was also very inquisitive about the cd player and how once it disappeared into the dash it somehow spoke out to us (audio books).

Soon, he was nudging the cd in with the bridge of his nose and looked forward to every time I had to put a new one in.

This cat met my daughter once and after I had been on the road again for about two weeks, I called home, talking with my daughter, I asked her to say hello to the cat.

She did and immediately the cat recognized her voice and took off to the driver side and than the passenger side windows to see where she was at.

Hide and seek, tag, forget it the cat always wins! This is my cat's favorite game....
"Hey, I forget.......am I a dog"?


I love it!
by: Jenn Desaulniers

I have what I think is a Maine Coon mix, and he acts like a dog too! He plays fetch, begs for my dinner and takes walks on his leash!

Your kitty is wonderful and beautiful and may you and your "cat/dog" have many awesome years together!

"I wanna go..."
by: Anonymous

I don't know the breed of our kitten, but she is similar in look and temperament to the kitties on this site. I have to share this story with you, since you mention the leash...

The other day, I took Sammy out for a walk. When she sees her leash and collar, she sits perfectly still, as close to my feet as she can get.

After we had explored for a while, we went back inside where I removed her collar and leash, but she was not ready to come inside.

She kept looking at her leash, then back at me, and then back at the leash... I saw the look come over her face when she figured it out...she took off running to the next room, and came running back with a shoestring she plays with, and dropped it right in front of the door. She looked so pleased with herself, and the look she gave me seemed to say, "Will this do? Can we go now?"

I laughed until I had to hold my sides. She is a smart one, for barely six months old. There is nothing quite like a cat to warm your heart and fill your moments with love and joy.

...With Dignity!
by: Anonymous

I have a 1 yr old Purebred Maine Coon kitty boy. Yours does sound ALOT like mine! They do think they are dogs...just with more dignity! It's as if they seem to say, "Anything the dog can do...I can do BETTER!" :0)

Just like my Nero did.
by: Anonymous

After reading you beautifuly written story about your cat, I realized ... "He behaves exactly like my Maine Coon did!"

Yes, Maine Coons almost appear to want to hel you with everything you do and go everywhere you go.

I hope he lives a long and pleasant life!

by: Su

I loved your story, because ours in the same. We had a dog & 3 other cats when she joined us, and from he start, Sweetie made it very clear that she believed her place was with the dog.

She sleeps on his places, in every room, and at feeding time, she'll take her position, not by the catfood bowls, but next to the dog!

We call her our puppycat. :)

by: Kim Sweet

Gotta love Maine Coons !! What a story ... that would be a dream for me, drive across country with a cat like that.

I love my 3 Maine Coon guys... at one time I was a BIG dog person. Til I met my King Lewie that passed on just over a yera ago, he took me to the Maine Coon side of life and even though I still love dogs... all animals, my heart just melts for Maine Coons.

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