Huey Lewis

by Grazyna Weimann
(Plano, TX, US)

We adopted him from the shelter. He is 3 months old. I was wondering if he has something from coon because he is extremely family oriented :-)

He loves to play with kids and he is very gentle during the play even though he is a kitten. He has never ever scratched anything or anybody. He bites a little but as well he is gentle.

He comes to you when you call his name, always comes to welcome you at the entrance door. When you tell him go to your place he goes he is miauing though and showing you he doesn't want to but he goes :-)

He is very good family pet we love him.

Hi Grazyna,

What a sweetheart! And a super-cool name, too! Well, there's no way to know for sure. He is fluffy, and he certainly could be a Maine Coon mix. As he grows you'll see how he looks, too.

It's possible for a cat who's not a Maine Coon to share all the same personality traits and it's possible for a pedigreed Maine Coon not to have all the traits.

So in this case it's a "maybe!"

Thanks for sharing him! We'll be sure to add him to our kitten album, too!


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