by Cherie
(Greensburg, PA)

My little buddy Hoss (2005 - 2014 R.I.P. little boy...Gone too soon)

I adopted Hoss from the local Humane Society in August of 2005.

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I entered a room full of kittens in search of a companion for a grieving and depressed cat at home who had just lost his best feline buddy.

friends holding cats on laps
friends holding cats on laps

hoss the cat
hoss the cat

Out of all the kittens in the room (probably about 50 of them...all different colors, sizes and personalities), Hoss came up to me as I was knelt down on the floor and he climbed up in my lap and put his purring little self right in my face.

hoss the cat
hoss the cat

At that moment, without hesitation, I KNEW he was the one.

I took him home and he quickly became the center of my world. His presence was never demanding but always felt. He was my "cat dog".

He knew his name and came running when I called him. He was not a pesky lap cat, but had a way of inching half way across a book I was reading, or pawing at my knee when he wanted tuna and I had my head buried in the computer.

He was at the door to greet me every time I came home, and he found his way under the covers when I went to sleep at night. Always purring. Always content. Always the picture of health.

I figured I'd have about 20 good years with Hoss, as this was how long my first cat lived before I said that final goodbye.

Unfortunately, this past February, I woke to find Hoss gasping for breath on my bathroom floor.

I rushed him to an emergency vet hospital thinking he was having a bad reaction to the vaccinations he had a few days before.

He was in bad shape...They put a catheter in him, hooked him up to an IV and rested him in an oxygen cage overnight pending an EKG the next morning.

I wasn't prepared for the call I got from the vet the next day. Hoss was suffering from cardiomyopathy and was in congestive heart failure.

I was offered the chance to bring him home and administer heart meds, water pills, and blood thinners twice a day for the rest of his life. I accepted that offer and picked him up that night after work.

He didn't like pills being thrown down his throat twice a day, but accepted it, and made leaps and bounds toward a miraculous recovery for the next month and a half.

For unknown reasons, on April 16th, he relapsed back into congestive heart failure, and after hearing the vet's analysis and future outlook on his quality of life, I had to make the most heartbreaking choice of my life...to let him go, peacefully.

He was purring even as he was being taken to be put to rest. My heart was broken into a million pieces.

I loved this little guy more than my words can express, and I would like to get your opinion from his pics and what I've described in his personality to see if you think he was a full Maine Coon.

If you think he was, I sure would like to eventually get another Maine Coon. Not to replace him, because I never could, but to fill a void that's been left in my life.

I currently have two other cats (one feral, the other came with the house I rent), but the closeness that Hoss brought with the other two has disappeared since his passing.

Thanks for reading my lengthy post...Cherie :)

I'm saddened for your loss
by: Karen

Your cat is a Maine Coon and is beautiful. I know coons and I'm on my second. Frankly, I wouldn't own any other breed. My first, Casper looked exactly like Hoss, and passed in 2011 due to cardiomyopathy and kidney disorder.

Being a nurse, I also treated him at home with all the cardiac medications, IV's, etc. He lasted for 4 months and passed in my arms driving to the vet.

I took him in as a stray in 1996, it was the hardest thing being without him as he was always with me, even riding in the car, he'd stand up front feet on the dash looking in passing cars.

People would do a double take thinking he was a dog! I didn't think I'd find another, but I did! Fergus! And I haven't slept since!

In time the pain will lessen, you will always have the great memories of Hoss, and he will always be with you. And then you will see, another coon will find you. Believe me!

by: Evelyn


So sorry to read your sorry. Am also in mourning. My maine coon died Tuti died on the 29th of May 2014.

She was three years and an or orange brown black mixed tiger Tory, very hard to come by in the part of the world where i live.

She loved the outdoors and may have been attacked by a monkey that live in my neighborhood.

Take heart.

Last precious moment
by: Kim

I know how you feel. I had a Maine Coon that I had to put down due to cancer. He had between a few hours and a few days to live.

I placed my ear to his heart and heard him say good bye.

It would be three years until another part Maine Coon would enter my life. His is different but I give him the same affection I gave my previous Maine Coon.

There is another Maine Coon waiting for you right this very minute. Seek him. Take him home. Love him!

Hoss was a Coonie.
by: cony

So sorry to hear of your loss. I believe Hoss was a good bit MC. Find another right away-- they seem to know just what we need, even if we don't.

I lost my Shaman the same way. It hurts 3 years later, but I got another coon within a week. He's the light of our lives and he is a reflection of the love that was still in our hearts from Shaman kitty.

I am sending you thoughts of peace and comfort. There's a kitty out there waiting for you today!

by: Rose Haupt

My heart breaks for you. May you see him one day when we all reunite💖 RIP HOSS

So sorry for your loss
by: Anonymous

You were blessed to have a MC in your life. Once you have had one, you will always want another .... but not yet of course.

I lost my MC, Harry, just over 3 years ago at age 13 and a half, and like you it shattered my heart and I totally empathize - you hope you will have them with you forever - sadly not - but you will always have your beautiful boy in your heart.

I still cry over my H, but I recently invited another young MC into my life - not to replace H (no cat could ever do that) and she has filled a hole magnificently.

When you are ready, find yourself another beautiful MC, but in the meantime, run free across the Bridge, and RIP handsome Hoss xxx

I am so sorry for your loss.
by: Christy

I think your Hoss was most definitely a Maine. Once you have had a MC in your home, You will never want any other breed. Your Hoss was so handsome!

I completely understand your heartbreak. This past Dec. I had to say goodbye to my sweet girl, Belle, after a hard fought battle with kidney failure. She was 10 years old. Belle was the center of my world.

I miss her every day. I have found a new joy in my three new MC kittens. They never replace the ones you lose. Your heart just gets bigger! When the time is right you will know.

I had not intention of bringing in babies so soon after Belle's passing, but an opportunity presented and I was able to open my heart to three gorgeous kittens!

Inka, Isa, and Maya have been my salvation. I pray you will find peace and comfort and when you are ready a new friend!

So sorry for your loss
by: Anonymous

I feel your pain. I just had to put our 1/2 Maine Coon down this last Saturday. He just turned 3 in May. Way too young to pass. He struggled for a month.

He could no longer walk, even with the IV meds. The sweetest ever. I miss his so, but we will get another. It seems to me Maine Coons have a few medical problems.

That's what out 1st vet told me. I didn't care for his comment to I went elsewhere. He said they have heart problem, & only live to 5 years of age. He was right. RIP Hoss, say hi to Myu for me.

by: Anonymous

I have had to too many down i feel your pain and I would say yes he looks a lot like a Maine I have one who is 13 years old He is my third They are the best (dogs )I have ever had. Go to Maine Coon rescue

know how you feel
by: Anonymous

We just said goodbye to our cat Slim last Saturday. Was adopted over 8yrs ago and became the man of the house.

He was only 12yrs old.Like your kitty, he also acted like a dog. Could have 100 people in the house and he'd be right there to talk and purr. He was fighting a rare nasal cancer never seen before in a living cat.

Mass was removed and he seemed to be a kitty all over again. The last month he got a URI and from there it went down hill. All the meds and stress, his poor body gave up.

The mass was growing back and he stopped eating. And we all know Maine Coons love food. So with my hand on his head and him staring at me, we said goodbye. He was comfortable and happy daddy was with him.

Slim will always be my big boy and buddy. Its been tough, but the memories of the loud mouth make me smile.

I can relate
by: Teresa

He is beautiful! and reminds me so much of my "Sammy". He is 13 yrs old now. Thank you for the post. It reminded me of how special he is. I'm guilty of fallen into the habit of not paying him as much attention as I once did.

I dread the day when my family says goodbye to Sammy. I'm sorry for your grief.

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