Honey is a little love bug

by Wendy
(Jupiter, Florida, USA)

I got Honey when she was 5 months old. She is almost 12 and still very healthy and active.

She loves to chase balls when I throw them and bring them back. Her purr is soooo loud and she gives me nibbles and licks and loves to lay on my chest and curl up next to me to go to sleep.

Her favorite thing is to be brushed. She just begs for it. She is absolutely the sweetest and most bonded cat I have ever had and extremely vocal and smart!

She will sit, give me her paw and lay down. she understands so much when I tell her things.

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Is she or isn't she?

by Wendy Marin
(Jupiter, FL, USA)

This is Honey. We got her at a shelter and was told that a woman gave her up because she had too many cats.

Honey is one of the sweetest cats I have ever had. she follows me around, talks a lot and purrs all the time especially if you touch her!

She is also smart. She will sit for treats, give her paw and sit up. She loves to be brushed and if she sees the brush she will come running and jump up on the sofa. I've never had a cat like her and wonder how this woman could have given this one up. She is still playful and healthy for her age (9).

She loves everyone in the family but it appears that I am her favorite because I am the one she follows and sticks by most of the time. She does go outside but stays extremely close to home and comes when she is called.

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