by Katheryn Baker
(College Station, TX)

I am in the Army and when I was stationed at Ft. Knox, KY. I had been there not quite a month when, on Dec 8, 2006.

My enlisted Ward Master found this black cat in the hospital parking lot and I was talked into taking her.

Harley is black with these beautiful bright green eyes and the first thing I noticed was her huge, bushy tail and tufts of fur protruding from her pads.

She does not have tufts of hair on her ears and the ruff around her neck is not to prominent. When she gets scared or mad, her tail really gets extremely bushy.

She is very social and loves to talk to people and be touched and scrubbed up and down her back as she lays splayed on the floor.

She weighs 12 pounds and I am so use to seeing her paws. That to me, they do not seem that big, but they are. She loves me to rub and touch her feet. I love to hear her purr and trill at the same time.

Harley will be 5 in October. I have always wondered if she may have some Maine Coon in her.

Hi Katheryn,

Harley sounds like a wonderful girl! I'm so glad her pictures came through this time! She's very pretty, and could be a twin to my Alice.

Based on the personality and physical traits you describe, she sounds like a Maine Coon mix. She has a lot of Maine Coon traits, though I would look for the ear tufts & prominent ruff as well.

Thanks for sharing!

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