Getting a buddy for my MaineCoon

by Catherine Nobles
(Maryland )

I got a Maine Coon 7 months ago. He will be 5 years old beginning of January.

He seemed to be scared of people and would hiss when they tried to pet him. He has gotten better with time.

He hates to be groomed, hisses growls, lays down will try to scratch everything. I cannot use a brush so I use a large tooth comb and only for a few minutes. This is my first question.

When I got him I had an older male regular cat who had congestive heart failure and was on medication. Occasionally when he felt ok he would chase around with the MC (Sampson).

I had another cat and they didn't seem to like each other. My third is a tiny blind female who is afraid of everything. The two males passed away.

I also had a daughter staying with us who had guinea pigs. Sampson would go upstairs every morning to check on them. He became buddies with one of them. My daughter and animals moved out and Sampson got depressed.

He now tries to play with the blind one and it's too scary for her so I am looking for another cat.
What sex and age would you recommend please?
Thank you

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Jan 04, 2024
Guinea Pigs
by: Halie

Since she really likes guinea pigs, I would suggest getting her some more. Or, get her a cat companion. We got two Maine Coons so they can keep each other company. They are fast friends

Dec 30, 2023
New Buddy Coon
by: Mary Kathryn

I highly suggest a very young kitten, so as the new kitten will adjust quickly to a new home as well as being a buddy.

Im not really sure the sex or breed matters that much, unless Sampson has shown you that he prefers a certain breed and/or sex.

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