Fluffmodius: Maine Coon Mix?

by Jaime
(Jacksonville, FL)

Look at that tail!

Look at that tail!

We adopted Fluffmodius and another kitty (Anastasia) from a kitty rescue.

They told us the kittens were found stray at some nearby boat docks. We fell in love with them both instantly, my kids LOVED Fluff's personality (he is a total goofball!).

Both are beautiful cats and we were told that Fluffmodius was a Domestic Medium Hair. I first became "suspicious" of his heritage because of his long, lanky, awkward body that was WAY different than our other cat's.

He has an extra long feathery tail, his fur is long in some spots and shorter in others...He has very long tufts of fur between his toes, and those extra long whiskers and ear hair are crazy! As far as his personality, he kind of acts like a dog...strange, I know...but I have taught him to "Speak" for treats (and ice, he loves ice).

It was very easy due to the fact that he "talks" a LOT! The pics i have included are Fluff when he is (about?) 5 months old.

I would love to know, because I had been researching Maine Coons already having my suspicions, when the pest control guy came in to do an inspection he saw Fluffmodius and picked him up saying "Oh, look! You have a Maine Coon!".

So there was my second layman's opinion, was wondering what an expert on the subject might think! Either way, he has been a WONDERFUL addition (and comic relief) to our home and we love him SO much!!! Thanks for your time!

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Fluffy Fluffmodius
by: Maine Coon Cat Nation

Hi Jaime!

You have two stunning kittens there! Who could have possible abandoned them? Clearly they are bringing lots of fun to your house!

Well, Fluffmodius has a very strong case for being a Maine Coon Mix! He has all the tell-tale signs, and a fabulous tail to boot! His long, lanky body is an indication that he'll get to be rather large, too.

As you know, nothing is for certain, and the heritage of rescued cats is a mystery. If Maine Coons looked like, say, Siamese, it would be so much easier to say, "oh yes there are those defining marks!"

It's entirely possible he's a Domestic Medium Hair. But with everything you've described personality-wise, plus that tail and the furry ears & toes, I think you are totally entitled to tell folks you think Fluffmodius is a Maine Coon Mix. Who would possibly disagree?

Thanks for sharing your beauties! They have super-cool names, by the way. Keep us updated as they grow, too!

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