February 2014 Maybe Coonies

Meet the February 2014 Maybe-Maine Coons and mixes, and see what others have to say about them!

Maybe-Maine Coon Cats For February:

Chance Adopted As Kitten

By: Joy in Kewaskum, WI


Chance Chance Chance Chance

His tail is as long as his body. When we adopted him they said he was Maine Coon. He was a private adoption.

Humane Society Maine Coon?

By: Kris in Minnesota


Cheeba Cheeba Cheeba

We found Cheeba at a Humane Society when we were looking for a kitten. When we arrived we were told the one we were interested in was no longer available.

We went into the cat room and looked around for a bit before seeing Cheeba, at the time she was called Chevy. As I approached the cage, she began to paw at me.

Once I opened the cage, she immediately crawled into my arms and tucked her head down and began to purr! It was love! When I put her back in the cage she kept pulling my hand towards her.

After getting her home we discovered that she is an extremely inquisitive cat. She is constantly sniffing at everything and has to know everything we are doing. She loves to play and if I throw her mice she will catch them in mid air. She is very vocal and talks all day. We love her to death.

The first picture I posted of her someone asked if she was Maine Coon and after doing so checking I believe she is.


By: Crystal in Indianapolis

Seraphim was adopted alongside my boyfriends other kitten from a shelter through Petco.

She was about 9 months old then and about a year now. She's actually quite small for her age, doesn't do much talking, and when she does it's a very high pitched squeaky meow.

She also makes little chortle sounds when she's playing. Her left ear was clipped to mark her as spayed, something I wish was outlawed because it's simply unnecessary. But on the other ear, she has the little tuft of hair.

Her coat is that of a tabby, not long but not thin and she has white on the tips of her toes. I call them milk toes. Her paws seem quite large...perfect for snow?

She is a heavy lover, practically drooling in heavy breath purrs that you can barely hear over her breathing when you love on her. She has an interesting fascination with running water and has jumped into the shower with my boyfriend just to sit there under the shower head and watch him.

And she always jumps onto the sink when I turn on the faucet. She's generally very shy around lots of people and strangers, but has warmed up quite a bit and lets us hold her when she didn't used to.

But I question her intelligence since she doesn't seem to recognize her reflection as herself. Anytime she sees it, she sits and stares. Maybe this is the slow to mature trait in Maine Coons?

Her tail isn't fluffy, but it looks like a bottle brush when she fluffs it up in play. Guess I'll have to see if it gets fuller as she ages. So, what do you think? Main Coon mixed with Tabby? I will add pictures when I get to a computer. My phone does not work with this site.

Karl is on a large dog pillow!

Lucky Karl

By: Tracie Rush in Ohio

I found Karl at the shelter where we adopted our puppy.

He reached out of his cage and grabbed my husband's shirt. The rest is history...


By: Kristen in Pennsylvania


Hendrix as a kitten

Hendrix Hendrix Hendrix

Hendrix, or as I affectionally call him Henry, is a playful and curious cat.

When first meeting new people he is cautious and skiddish, but as I am his owner he is completely loyal to me and follows me everywhere around the house.

He gets along well with other cats and dogs, and according to the animal shelter I adopted him at, was found living in someone's backyard along with the rest of a litter of kittens.

My Vixen!

By: Marc in Payson, AZ


Vixen Vixen

I just adopted 'Vixie-Puss' (what I call her!) from the local Humane Society. She picked me!

My first visit to the 'cat-room' revealed this, spunky, feisty little girl! She saw me, and immediately rushed over and commenced to chew and do the 'rabbit-kick' to my hand for 10 minutes!

I just let her have fun! On my second visit [a few days later - (I needed another 'cat-fix'), I sat in a chair, Vixen rushed up to me, layed across my chest and wouldn't stop licking my face! When I went to leave, she wanted to go.. Later, I came back and adopted her.

She was a stray that was brought to the Humane Society, and at 7 months old, wasn't completely 'socialized'.. she kept wanting to play-bite mostly. After just a couple weeks, she is learning the difference between play-biting, and just being verrry affectionate! She is extremely vocal - she has a wide range of sounds both meow-like, and weird!

She even at times bleats like a Billy Goat! LOL I love her dearly, and she watches for me when I leave and return, and greets me at the door. She can be both gentle, and aggressive, but I love her wonderful personality and loving nature. She doesn't have the Lynx-Tufts on her ears, but has the 'M' mark on her forehead - which I was told denotes a Main Coon. What do you think?


By: Soni in Fort Lee, VA


7 weeks old

Kringer Kringer Kringer Kringer

We got Kringer as a kitten from a pet store when he was 7 weeks old. He isn't very vocal, but has all the characteristics and personality traits of a Maine Coon.

Now, at 6 years old, he weights almost 17 lbs. but plays outside like he's still a kitten. He's bigger than our 1 year old yorkie, who is his best friend. He plays with her and follows us every night when we walk her.

When its shower time, he's in the bathroom with me waiting for the door to open so he can come in. His normal sleeping spot is the sink, after he takes a long drink from the faucet. He's not much of a cuddler but when he wants attention, he nudges my hand with his big head.

He's always in the room with us but never on our laps, usually sitting on the couch or back of the recliner. He's also very smart. We trained our dog to ring a bell on the back door when it was time to go outside and he also uses the bell.

When teaching our new dog to sit, he saw the snacks she was getting and wanted some, so he started sitting on command too! He is known around the neighborhood becaouse of how friendly and playful he is. One of the best cats (dogs) I've every owned!



My cat is very active and loves to hang out at the bathtub and at the sink.

He has pretty long fur and a long bushy tail that spans almost the length of his body.

He has tufted ears and paws and is very affectionate.

Mistah alias: Mistah Swoosh

By: Claudia in Canterbury, NH USA


Mistah as kitten 6 weeks

Mistah Mistah Mistah Mistah

We found Mistah in our garden... probably about 6 weeks old..this summer. Took us 4 days to catch him (he outsmarted us). Finally caught him.

He surprised me by playing fetch and bringing things for me to throw for him. He follows me everywhere, watching what I do. Nothing escapes his notice and he is ON IT, when someone comes to the door.

He chirps and cackles at me when I walk into the room. He likes water. He loves to ride around on my shoulder. Loves to be patted and also likes to lick my face... OUCH raspy tongue. He stay with me wherever I go in the house. He has huge paws, tufts between his toes, enormous plumed tail and very long body.. Neck ruff is developing.

Color is dark gray with lighter gray fur mixed in and white underbelly. He has pink pads, except for one which is black. His nose is pitch black.

The vet said he has never seen a kitten grow so fast... and he was a cat specialist. I think his parents may be: a similar body type longhair black female who lives on one side of us... and the dad lives on the other side and is a HUGE gray tabby Maine coon with the biggest coat I have every seen.

Will enter photos from kitten to now. Please help me, as I must neuter him in 2 weeks.. and I would like someone's honest opinion. I have asked 2 people, but nothing to convince me either way.

Dash, Our Big Teddy Bear

By: Kristin H. in Fremont, CA


Dash has baby blue eyes

Dash Dash Dash Dash

Dash is a 5 1/2 year old male, who weighs just over 16 pounds. We had lost him about 3 1/2 years ago and just got him backs a few months ago due to microchipping!

We got him as a 9 week old kitten from a lady who worked at a cat hospital that we were going to and she found stray kittens in her backyard from one of the stray cats.

All the kittens were orange/red with bright blue eyes. He has always been a large cat, but when we got him back he was double in size. He doesn't feel over weight at all, he's all muscle. But he still eats about a 20lb bag of cat food in a month.

He used to love bathes and would walk around in the rain. He also loved sleeping with the dog. When we had him the first time my kids were only 3 and 1 years old and he would allow them to cover him in sand in the sandbox and lay in the doll stroller. I was resently asked what mix is he?

My mother in-law has several cats around the same size of mine and was told they are a Maine Coon mix. I don't really see much of it in his face but maybe you can give some insight.


By: Sharon in McKinney Texas

We rescued Paisley from The Dallas Exotic Animal Rescue at 7 weeks old, we were told she is a Main Coon Burma mix. She is nearly a year old now and just so precious.

She does have some Maine Coon traits but not the big Mane. She just loves to play on her cat tree and run through her tunnels, she loves any toy that chirps or lights ups.

She has not been declawed and only scratches where she is suppose to, she loves running water a lot. The only thing is that she does like to bite, now we had her at 7 weeks old and there is just my husband and myself in the household, we hugged and petted her as a kitten so she would grow up in a gentle home but for some reason she bites, I can be walking and she will just attach herself to my leg as I am walking and bite, not hard never draws blood.

At night when we are asleep if my foot hangs out the bed she will grab it, quiet funny actually, When you stroke her head she will let you but starts licking your hand then gnarls on my knuckles. She is so loving and greets us each night and lays on the top of the couch with us.

We are blessed to have our sweet paisley. Have often wondered about getting her a friend, but thought maybe she would bite the other cat and cause it stress, maybe Paisley should be a only child? Thoughts anyone.

Chuy is she a Coon Cat?

By: Rizzo in Orange

Chuy is the cutest most loving cat I have ever had. As intelligent as can be she is a true friend.

When I sit down there she is waiting for a lap and a pat. She's got a thing for long hair and if you let her shell drool all over it while she sleeps.

But her favorite spot to sleep is on my belly. She loves the out doors climbing trees and eating grass. When she doesnt go outside for a day she can have some Catittude.


By: Mel in United Kingdom

Simba male aged 16 months, he is a very affectionate loving cat who loves to kiss his mammy, (me).

He is extremely playful and loves treats. He talks and always responds to his name, he is a very clever boy.

Smoky Black Maine Coon

By: Breanna. T in Ontario


Sparta Sparta Sparta Sparta

This is Sparta he is 5.

I am trying to find out if he is a Maine Coon and if theres any info on the smoky black coloring.

He has the body of a Maine Coon and the personality, definately like having a young child around, he follows you around the house like a puppy dog, he plays and sleeps in the bath tub, and VERY talkative.

Any info will help.


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