February 2012 Photo Album

Welcome to the February 2012 Album of Maybe-Coonies and Mixes! Here, cat lovers from all over the world ask "is my cat part Maine Coon?" and the community answers.

Darci Lei

By: Lilah in Kokomo, IN

Darci Lei
Darci Lei
Darci Lei

Darci Lei joined our three other cats in September 2011, after loosing her Mommy at just 4 weeks old. She was bottled fed for 6 weeks. Now, at almost 7 months old she is quite a character. There are several reasons we think she may have Maine coon heritage but the most prominent are:

1. Her TAIL, it is her Pride & Joy, swishing it like a feather duster. It's constantly in motion, wagging like a dog would when you talk to her or she is excited.

2. Her coat, soft, thick but the hair itself is very fine like silk. Very silky feeling, almost slick. Her feet are larger with huge tuffs of hair between each toe, on the front and back paws. Her ears have a large amount of tuffy hair coming out and at the tip of the ear.

3. She rarely meows, but rather she makes a noise we call chirping. When she is playing with a toy, chasing it, batting around, she is constantly talking to it in her chirping fashion.

4. Drawn to water, always sitting up on the bathroom sink when someone is there. Sits outside the shower waiting for you to look out and talk with her.

5. Very social, affectionate, a door greeter to guest. Very playful, we compare her to having a two year child in the house again. Into everything! Always has to be in on the action and center of attention.

6. VERY smart, working with her she is fetching and when she is done playing will take her toy and go hide it! Bringing it out later when she is ready for another round.

Over all she has been a blessing to our family, loving, enthusiastic about everything and brings us such joy!

Roger, Lilah & Jacob Gilliland


Carol: Beautiful cat, and certainly displays a lot of Coonie characteristics. The chirping is a dead giveaway. I thought our cat's larynx was damaged when she would barely me-ow. Now I know that the greeting is strictly Maine Coon

Linda Smith: Hey Lilah what a cutie. Hope you r doing fine. Does Darci have any sisters or any Maine Coon babies around? Hope your doing fine. Hugs to you all


By: Keli in St. Louis, MO


I rescued Ramses in August of 2011 when he was 4 months old, his mom and litter mates were found on the side of the road.

I think Ramses might be a Maine Coon mix because of his good looks! He has "shaggy" soft soft fur, a HUGE puffy tail, and the cutest tufts of hair coming from his ears and paws! And those paws! They are HUGE!

He is a sweet boy, but onery as all get out! Turn your back for one second and he's into anything and everything! But then he curls up on you and purrs away and starts "talking"! You just can't stay mad at him!

When Ramses was a kitten, he really didn't have the shaggy fur, wasn't all that fluffy, but now, at almost a year old, he's shaggy and has fur sprouting everywhere! This is what makes me wonder if he's a Maine Coon mix, what do you think?


Dee Kangas: He really does look like he has Maine Coon, His face has that long look of a Maine Coon. He is just beautiful!

Kind Of Cat He Is????

By: Brenda Ashby in Hill NH


This is our big guy. To me he looks like a Russian Blue. Or he could be Russian Blue/Maine Coon.

He is one of the best cats we have owned. He is 12 yrs old now but still acts like a kitten. He is most certainly my husbands cat. I have my Maine Coon for me.

Our big guy is named Skittles and he weighs 16 lbs. Just love all my animals to death. The date is wrong in my camera. Sorry.


Sharon Duffy: He sure does have the Russian Blue color, and face. Looks like a mix with Maine Coon I believe. Whatever he is, he's a magnificent looking cat.


By: Jack & Kellie in Logan, Utah


We've had our baby Olive for two years now. We found her running along outside mewing and very hungry.

We gave her a little food and watched her. She was so playful and happy, so we took her in and we've loved her from day one.

Two years later, we can still see the kitten in her. We love to wake up and have her scamper in to cuddle with us in the mornings, but Olive also loves her boundaries and only enjoys affection on her own terms.

She is a teaser, playing pranks on her brother Zeal, and teasing the neighbor dog by standing by our sliding glass door.

Our question is- do you think she is a Maine Coon, or at least a mix?


Carol: Looks like a Coon to me! Pretty cat

Ysabeau Durant: What a beautiful girl! She looks like a MC mix and you two look very happy together-- what a match! She's lucky you found her and I'll bet she shows you she's grateful every day. Such a beautiful cat!

Carrie: Why do they all seem to lay on their backs like that? And roll from side to side. I think it's just to be even more adorable. When my girl Olivia does it, I tell her she's "flirting" with me. Absolutely beautiful cat :)

Bismarck or B

By: Cathy in Pennsylvania


I want to know if Bismarck is a Maine Coon. We found him and his 5 siblings as stray kittens, their mother was hit by a car.

The mother had short hair and 4 of his siblings did, also. Bismarck and his one sister, Shadow, have the characteristics of a Maine Coon - long hair, tufts of hair on the tips of their ears and between their toes, a long mane of hair around their neck and a bushy tail. We don't know who the father is.

They are both black and it's hard to take a picture of them - they don't show well in pictures.

Is my Pretty Princess a Maine Coon mix?

By: Angela in Sun City AZ


Precious is an adopted kitty from a shelter. Her mom was a Domestic short hair. She weighs 17.48 pounds. She has the feral look but is so adorable. Is she a Maine Coon mix?

Comments welcome.


Frances: sorry she doesn't look it to me, but still wonderful

Gabriel: Your kitty looks very much like the one that I just rescued. I also have a domestic short hair and their is no way this is just DSH. I really feel that it is mixed with a Maine Coon.

My Boris is 16 Lb and 3 years old. He makes Stella look like a toy. So in my personal opinion he is part Maine Coon.

Amos & Zeus

By: Tiarah
(Steilacoom, WA)

Longer submissions like the one sent in by Tiarah get their own page. She tells us all about how Amos & Zeus turned her into a cat person! So hop on over to meet Amos & Zeus!

Marvin the Maine Coon?

By: Mike in Rochester, NY

Playing with his favorite toy
First day at home
Glamour shot

Marvin is a 4-month old kitten we adopted from an animal shelter one week ago. He was listed as a domestic medium haired kitten, but after our first vet appointment, the vet commented that he might have some Maine Coon in him.

I had been before a "dog person" and know very little about different breeds of cats, but after doing some research, I think it'd be hilarious if Marvin ended up being bigger than his (currently) bigger kitten companion. Any ideas out there if he is a Maine Coon, mix, or DMH from the pictures?


Judy - UK: As Marvin matures his parentage may become discernible. His showy whiskers are an absolute delight! He looks a thoughtful boy. I hope you both have many enjoyable, loving years together.

Frances: His head looks very MC, if he has MC in him he will grow in fits and starts.

My pure bred Oscar looked very similar at this age, first his ears and head were too big, then his body caught up, then his feet got to big, by the time he was a year he was bigger than our older cat Bridget.

Over the winter he has just looked like a feather duster, and now at 18 mths he seems to be getting bigger paws again, from nose to tip of tail he is 40 inches long.

As a "doggy person" a MC mix will be great for you as they do not seem to know they are cats, they are a species unto themselves. I wish you many happy years together =(^-^)=

Diana: Too Cute!!! First day home pic.

Wade & Angus

By: Gloria in Olympia

Wade & Angus

We rescued two brothers at a local shelter.

They look like Maine Coons with the ear tufts, the fur, the mane around the neck, their rectangular shape, their big round eyes, and their personality.

The only thing they don't have is a bushy tail. Since they are slow to mature that remains to be seen. What do you think?


Jessy: Well, I have a 9-month-old that has an opulent tail and lynx tips but no mane. Also a Siamese mix that has lynx tips! You never know how the genes are going to recombine.

Kay: They do look like they have Maine Coon in them, look at the markings on that they little one's forehead one of a Maine Coon's characteristics is they form a shape of the letter "M" on their foreheads if they aren't a solid color and that little one's forehead forms that "M" lol

Karen: They are both so cute and adorable.

Gloria: Thank you for your comments. I didn't realize the M marking was a Maine coon trait:) I have to agree, they are cute:) I figured they weren't pure bred since they are adopted from a shelter. I was just excited at the possibility of a Maine coon mix because I've always been fascinated with the breed. They are super loving and so crazy at the same time. Perfect mix for a couple of brothers:)

Jessy: The M marking has nothing to do with Maine Coons in particular. It's common to ALL tabbies--and many Coonies are tabbies.


By: Susan Ison in London England)

Bertie is a funny little character, amuses himself a lot, you can hear him in another room knocking his toys or the dogs, anything he finds on the floor around the room, he wags his tail side to side when he sees you, he is greedy too.


Update: I added our Bertie recently but didn't leave much information, just a picture of him being his usual cheeky self.

He is about 2 years old we found him in a local pet pet shop, we aren't sure if he is a coonie mix or not, but he has a similar look.

I have another picture of him with his friend Alfie our dog, Bertie is real character and very cute we love him lots.

Brenda: He looks like the one I found at my place a month ago. Mine also I am not sure if Maine Coon but they look like brothers.

Coon Mix Kitten?

By: Mackenzie in Madison, WI


I just adopted Tiberius two days ago. I'd been looking for about a year for a red tabby longhair (preferring a Maine Coon but not set on it) with a goofy, affable personality with no luck, when I went in to get food for my older cat one day and there he was at the store.

He was part of a litter of four that had been found and surrendered to the vet next door. I took him home the next day. (And his brother and two sisters have all already found homes as well.)

The more I look at pictures and read about Maine Coons, I think he might be a mix. His ear tufts are a bit small, but they are there, and he definitely has all the other physical characteristics. He's still feeling out our house and family, so I don't know his personality fully yet. I do know he LOVES to play, loves to snuggle, he has a high, chirpy voice, and he will bat a ball back and forth with me. I've also caught him playing with the water in his dish a few times.

What do you think?


Jessy: Reminds of the poem--
Cruel, but composed and bland,
Dumb, inscrutable and grand,
So Tiberius might have sat,
Had Tiberius been a cat.

Yeah, he might be part Coonie.

Pat in Ocala: Tiberius is a beautiful kitten and will be a great addition to your family. May you have many happy years enjoying his companionship.

Could Lulu be a Coon Mix?

By: Marrissa Bossley in Yorkton, Saskatchewan, Canada


I adopted Lulu back in the middle of January from a women who was giving away kittens.

I know that Lulu is not a Maine Coon purebred because when we adopted her we also adopted her sister Nova (same litter) whom is most likely a Domestic Shorthair with Brown Tabby markings.

What I'm curious about is could Lulu be a Coon Mix?

Lulu is 6 months old approximately 26" from head to tip of tail in length and roughly 5 pounds. She has many colors to her fur, brown, white, black and (orange like her mom), with tabby markings.

Her whiskers are really long and her paws more then double her sisters size.

Though her fur is long it's also short in places like her legs and head, whereas the fur around her neck is fluffy and longer like her tail.

Lulu is talkative though she rarely meows when she does it's a quite almost inaudible sound.

When she talks to me she sounds like a gerbil almost it's a really cute sound. I know when she wants attention because she'll make that sound when she walks towards me.

She love's to have her belly rubbed, her lower back scratched as well as her chin. She love's it when I use a fine tipped comb to brush her fur even though she doesn't really get any matts in it.

When I first adopted Lulu she was very shy with high anxiety levels, everything frightened her, which is the reason I chose her because she reminded me of myself.

Though she's come out of her shell greatly since coming to her new home she's still easily frightened, everything has to be on her terms.

Lulu loves to play with her sister Nova (they wrestle). Hr favorite toys are anything to do with strings or yarn and feathers(she'll eat if not kept an eye on) and anything with catnip in or on.

I absolutely love Lulu, she has many nicknames such as Lou, LuluBelle and my favorite and I think her's Miss. Lou/Lulu, oh and Tubby cause she's so Chubby.


Frances: She looks wonderful! I read somewhere that a female cat can have very different kittens in the same litter, if they have "put themselves about a bit"

Joanne: How can she not be a Maine Coon? So beautiful!

Carol: She most definitely looks like a Coonie

Lily Cat

By: Dolaine in Edmonton AB Canada


We found Lily Cat at a campground. She was so skinny! Her legs caved in under her as she walked. I picked her up and she cuddled under my arm and purred.

We had to keep her, it was autumn, the campground was almost empty, we were her only hope for survival. And she was sooooo charming!

We already had Kitty Cat with us, so we kept them separated a few days, then closely supervised for the remaining 2 weeks until we returned home.

Lily has slightly pointed tufts on her ears, has tufts of hair between her toes, is somewhat short for her length, has a long furry tail that slopes like a cougar's. We think she is about 2 years old. She has been with us for almost 6 months and has filled in quite nicely, so we keep a close eye on her weight.

Her voice is most remarkable -- a quick succession of soft mews followed by a higher pitched mweeeee! Her speech is never annoying, always delightful and amusing.

AJ Found Us

By: Brenda in Hill NH


My husband an I found AJ in our barn one day. He came right to me.

I picked him up and brought him into our home. He was on the skinny side so we fed him. Kept him away from our other four animals for a few days. When we did let them meet they were like old buddies.

I have three dogs and one male cat. AJ is a male about 1 yr old the vet figures. Tried to find his home but had not luck.

Took him in for his shots and too see if he might be micro chip but he was not. I always wanted one of two breeds of cats. One was a Pixi Bob or a Maine Coon.

I guess we will settle for a Maine Coon. Not sure if he is a Maine Coon but the Vet said he could pass as one.

At a yr old he weights 9 lbs. I would like to here what any of you have to say about AJ. What do you think?


Carol: Beautiful cat and surely looks like a Maine Coon!


Update: AJ's Rescue Story-
Not Hungry Any More

My husband and I found AJ in our barn in the loft. I called him down from there which I was totally amazed he got right into my arms and started to purr.

I said he must belong to someone. He is way too friendly. I went around house to house but no one seen or knew of anyone who owned this cat.

I took him in our home to feed him but again I was very surprised he got along with my three dogs and a cat. It was like as if they all knew each other already. Very very surprised.

AJ does not purr that much but he does what I call a chirp. When I talk to him he chirps. I love it. I took him to our vet to see if he might have a microchip but he did not. I then got his shots done.

We are going to keep him now it has been a few weeks. I don't really think anyone is looking for him. The vet said he is about 1 yr old. I am going to get him altered.

We have been told he looks like a Maine Coon and the vet said he could pass off as one. I don't care if he is or isn't. I have fallen in love with him. He is here to stay. We love our animals like they were our kids. AJ has a forever home with us.

Simba "The Lion"

By: Proud Simba Owner in Ontario, Canada


Hi all - we adopted Simba from a local pet store in early 2011 - estimated age was approx. 8 weeks when we brought him home.

Simba among a few other kittens in a cage came bounding towards my son and I when we approached the cage.

I thought he had unusually large paws for such a small little guy but didn't think too much about it.

I previously had a small female cat (for 17 years before she passed away) so thought it may be that I was used to a smaller cat.

From the first day we found Simba extremely loving but in his own way - he is definitely not a lap cat although he loves to lay beside me or any member of our family.

He is always getting into mischief - knocking items off the table, chasing us around the house, hiding behind furniture and jumping out at people - he is really lots of fun.

He is a medium to long haired orange cat, tufts of hairs protrude from his ears and paws and he has beautiful golden coloured eyes.

He also has the strangest purr - almost sounds like a tiny kitten. He just passed his first birthday and by no means is he huge but weighs in at approx. 11 pounds.

It wasn't until I heard a discussion at work about Maine Coon cats that I thought many of the comments had a striking familiarity to our cat.

Thoughts - I would be happy to hear from someone. I plan to ask my vet at my next visit in April.

Simba has been just a joyful addition to our family but now I am curious if he will continue to grow for another couple of years

Is Sheba a Maine Coon?

By: Jennifer in Zanesville, OH


The Queen of Sheba is our rescue kitten from the Humane Society. She got her name because she thinks she runs the house.

She has nearly tripled in size in just the 4 months we have had her. She is so loving, I have never had cat kisses before, and she loves to be cuddled.

I was trying to figure out what kind of cat she was when I stumbled across this site. She has so many of the traits, but the main one is her love of water.

She plays in her water dish, and the dog's, and she loves to sit on the edge of the tub while we shower and then jump in as soon as we are done and play in the drips from the faucet.

She acts more like a dog than a cat sometimes. She runs to the door when someone comes in, unlike most cats who run and hide. She also loves to play.

She has a stuffed toy that looks like an octopus that she carries around with her, we call it her baby. She likes it if I hold it up and drop it on her face so the arms wrap around her head. She looks so silly we just laugh and laugh.

She is so entertaining. She makes a sound that I think is what people mean when they say that Maine Coons "chirp." I really think she is at least a Maine Coon mix. What do you think?


Carol: She surely has a lot of the Coon characteristics!!!! very handsome cat!!

Indiana Jones (Jonesy)

By: Jill in Kemah, Texas


I adopted Jonesy 8 months ago when he was 10 months old. The people who gave him to me had gotten him from someone else and had no history about him.

The first noticeable thing is his tail, proudly waving most of the time: "I am somebody!"

He seems to not have stopped growing, so I finally weighed him: 12 1/2 pounds.

He did not cooperate when I tried to measure his length. I never thought that he might be part Maine Coon until I saw a black & white Maine Coon on "My Cat From Hell."

I started to investigate the breed (and thanks for this great website!). Jonesy has a ruff around his neck, "pantaloons" on his rear legs, short hair around his shoulders and long, shaggy hair on his tummy and rear, big green eyes, and tufts of fur between his toes.

He does not have tufts on his ears or an unusual amount of toes (he didn't like my looking at his toes, either, so I am guessing about the number).

He is very vocal, walked on a leash the first time I took him out, and very affectionate.

He also was a little aggressive toward my other cats, although he is better now except for one female cat that he still chases all the time, but she runs when she sees him, so I think he perceives her as game.

I think that he must be a Maine Coon mix; here are some pictures. What do YOU think?


Heather: I have an alpha male maine coon, Talmage that sounds a lot like yours. I have a female cat he loves to chase; although they were together as kittens and great friends, now she hisses or runs when he gets near her.

If she did not run he would not chase. I have no idea why she doesn't want him around her anymore. (They both have been fixed, so she is not in heat or anything.)

He is 10 lbs heavier than her now, about 2' longer, and when they were kittens she was in charge and the same size for a few months. But they were together all the time, so not sure what happened to change the dynamics.


By: Maria in PA


Not sure if he is all Maine Coon, but I think he might have some Coon in him. Tell me what you think.


Kay: He is a Maine Coon for my sweet jet black Maine Coon Ebby could be his twin brother, they look so much alike


Lisa: Your furbaby looks exactly like my Newt!! Wow!! How handsome he is!! :)


By: Kristein in New Zealand


Chloe found in my open garage when she was 2.5 - 3 weeks old.

She chirps like crazy and when running around playing chirps and does a trill type sound.

Her purring is really loud. she can be up to 6 feet away from me and her purring is clearly audible.

She talks and even makes a demand to play etc with a "eeah" type sound.

  • She likes having a bath.
  • She knows three words, "sit" "wait," "dinner"
  • She is very inquisitive.

She is now just 3 months old and the vet thought she was 4-5 months old.


Frances: WONDERFUL!!!

Jenny: absolutely gorgeous

Sherma: Precious!!

Anonymous:Looks like my cat. Soo cute. This cat will love you to death. A good companion when you need some extra comfort.

Kristein: Thanks! She is currently sitting on my shoulder, after a hard day supervising my kitchen renovation.

Brenda: She looks just about the size of mine when I found her, she fit in the palm of my hand. How old is she now? Mine is 6 to 7 months now, but I’mm not sure. I cant understand how someone can toss these beauties out, its shameful


By: Becky in Crestview, FL


I found Theo on a shelter website and knew I had to met him.

As soon as I came in to room he spotted me and I took him out of the cage and sat on the floor with him. He curled up and looked at me as if he was already mine.

Since bringing him home he has shown all the characteristics of the Maine Coon breed and we are completly in love with him! Best $100 I ever spent!!!!


Judy - UK: With his boxy mussle, tufted ears he looks all Coon. But, whatever he is, he'll be a constant delight and companion. Best $100 dollars spent perhaps :))

Jessy: I love classical names, and your kitty looks grand enough to suit.

Melissa:defo a mix. Mine has longer ears, theo has the tufts lol. He also has the eyes of my bad boy despite mine being red/cream lol defo a mix if not full

Carol: One of the most gorgeous cats I have seen and definitely a Maine Coon or mix.

Danna: He is so beautiful, we got our Maine Coon Bob from a shelter as well and these lovable guys truly are the best rescue cats on earth. Best 100 dollars is right.

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