Fassa, Rest In Peace

by Brandi Schneider
(Muskogee, Oklahoma)

Mufasa, or Fassa, which is what we all called him, was the first Maine Coon I had ever owned.

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He was given to me from a family friend who couldn't have a cat where he was moving. I had been around Fassa for some time & loved him to pieces. When he officially became mine, I was in heaven.

friends holding cats on laps
friends holding cats on laps

fassa catChillin
fassa catPestering Momma
fassa catSunbathing

He was like my child, and it was obvious to everyone that came around.

He was the definition of spoiled and the funniest thing ever.

fassa catFassa opening his Christmas present

When we'd be in bed, he wouldn't just lay next to me or at my feet. No, he had to be in my face, which I didn't mind at all.

He would curl around my neck or lay his face on mine and purr all night long.

About a month ago while I was out of town at a friends house, I got a phone call from my mom informing me that he had passed away.
I was so heartbroken.

I loved him to the moon and back.

I told my mom, and friends, that I would get another Maine Coon and would always have one.

I miss Fassa terribly, but I cherish all the pictures and the fun times that we had together.

Love you MarMar!

Aug 18, 2013
When you lose your best friend
by: Pattie Vogt
I'm so sorry to learn that you lost someone special in your life. I see it's been a while but I know you haven't forgotten and Fassa is still in your heart.

I, too, lost my Liddle Kiddle aka Lillispod, Lilly, Nana, Littles, on the 4th of July of this year. (2013) She was my heart and she opened her heart to accept me into her life. There will never be another one like her but there are other friends like her that can become someone special too.

I still have 2 other cats but they aren't my Liddles. Remember to keep your heart open because Fassa would want you to so she can have company. I know in my heart that our feline friends are with us at all times, no matter what others may think.

I'm sorry for your loss. There are a few of us that have suffered the same loss and trying to go on without them seems to be the hardest thing to do.

Keep your head up and I'll try to do the same. Remember they will always love us as we will always love them. -Pattie

Jul 19, 2012
loss of "mufassa"
by: chris
Dear Brandi,
What a sweet Maine Coon. How lucky and blessed
he was to have had you adopt him and become
one of your family.

We all understand the emptiness and deep loss
you must be feeling. Let the memories of "Mufassa" sustain you during these sad times

When you dream of him you will know that he
is still closeby. Big hugs to you, you are in my thoughts.

Jul 19, 2012
loss of Muffassa
by: Chris
I am so sorry for the loss of your precious "Fassa", those of us that are animal lovers, know only too well how sad and heartbroken it feels to lose such a great furr family member.

You gave him your upmost and he was loved so much.He will always be in your heart, around you
in a way we may not understand; but it is my belief that he will never leave your side.

Hope that he will come through in your dreams,
and that the times and memories you have of him
will help you through this very sad time.
Big Hugs, Chris

Jul 18, 2012
Fur Snacks!
by: Maddy
I'm so sorry about your baby.
I DO know how comforting it is to have kitty
in face and those little fur "snacks" . . .
How kind and loving of you. Another Coonie will
soon be as blessed as Fassa!

Jul 18, 2012
Love Never Dies
by: B^!!^J
At a time of need in his life, you provided Fassa a safe and loving home. He repaid you everyday thereafter by enriching both of your lives! :)

Jul 18, 2012
Sorry xox
by: Denise
Fassa is now in Heaven and playing with all the other Fur babies...R.I.P.Fassa xox

Jul 17, 2012
He is in Kitty Heaven
by: Anonymous
A pet is never truly forgotten until it is no longer remembered.

Jul 17, 2012
So sorry for the loss of Fassa
by: SB Smith
Having been thru the loss of dog and cat family members I know there isn't much I can say other than my heart goes out to you.

Beautiful Fassa knows he was loved very much. Give yourself plenty of time to work thru the loss and the grief. I know how it can feel soul crushing.

SB Smith

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