Does my kitty have some "coon" in her?

by Stacy
(Port Orchard, WA)

Day I adopted her

Day I adopted her

I adopted Olive from a shelter in September. They said she was 2yrs old. She was close to 7lbs then. I noticed excessive fur between her toes and her thick, bushy, ruff looking coat.

However it is super soft and smooth on her back. She lets me rub her belly; I never had a cat that liked that. She is incredibly vocal... that is one of the first things I noticed. Different sounds for different things. Like she is talking to me.

Not a lap cat. Very much seems like a "mouser" or "barn cat". Now in December she is probably 10+ lbs. The vet says she may be a bit younger than the shelter said. She is still growing! Fast!

Gold eyes that look into you, and a strange comprehension of what I am saying to her. Like she knows or is learning English. She is awesome, and we are getting closer everyday.

I am wondering if it's the "coon" in her that is so wonderful.


Hi Stacy,
Olive is so lucky to have landed in such a nice home :)

A lot of the things you describe would be expected of a Maine Coon mix. The bushy tail and furry toes, the talking to you, and the fact that she is still growing!

I would say she's got a very good case for being a Maine Coon mix! We'll never know for sure, so it's up to you now!

I'll be updating the photo gallery very soon, so keep an eye out for Olive's pretty face there!

Thanks for sharing her,

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CC or not?
by: Helen

By the look of your pretty kitty's face I'd say she has some Siamese blood. I have a SiameseX that is solid black, but her voice tells her heritage, along with the more pointed face.

Even domestic long-haired cats can have toe tufts. Cats are cool, no matter the breed. You are lucky to have such a nice one share her life with you.


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