Do We Have a Maine Coon?

By: Tony

We found this kitten abandoned in a shoe box, we think he is about 3 to 4 weeks old.

The closest pictures we have found are a Maine Coon but are still a bit unsure, we are still having to feed "Tigger" due to him not lapping at the milk with mashed up food, although he does try for a few minutes on his own.

tiger kitten
Tiger Kitten

We are introducing our two Labradors to him on a daily basis and as each day goes by they seem to be getting on better but we have only had him for 4 days so its still early.

Tiger Kitten
Tiger Kitten


What a doll! He won the kitty lottery with you!
by: Anonymous
Bless you for taking in this little baby cat! Whether he is a maine coon mix or not, you have given this baby a new lease on life and a loving home.

If he hadn't found you, and you him he probably would have died due to his young age and inability to fend for himself.

I have 2 formerly feral babies and my kids definitely "grew into" their potential coon mix looks, including the voluminous feather duster tail, and they are 8 1/2 months old now.

They didn't start getting the longer shaggy coat and epic tail till around 6 m/o.

I think the point I am trying to make is that your little one COULD be a maine coon mix...but it may take a few months of growth and development to determine that fully.

Either way, enjoy this little ragamuffin of a kitten, and know in your heart that you are awesome for taking him in and that he is the luckiest little guy ever for finding the right person to discover that shoe box.

Blessings from another "unexpected cat mom"

Little Tigger
by: Maine Coon Cat Nation

First off, Tigger is adorable. Look at those big eyes. He is lucky to have you as his savior. I'm sure your dogs will do fine, Labradors are great.

Since he is so young, it's very unlikely that he is a full Maine Coon. Nowadays, Maine Coons are bred to a standard just like other show cats. They have pedigrees, etc.

Occasionally, a Maine Coon doesn't get spayed or neutered in time, and that's how mixed breed kittens come along. Since the poor little guy was left in a box, he didn't come from a breeder. He has such nice striking Tabby markings, so I can see why you are wondering if he has some Coon in him.

As he grows, look for a shaggy coat, big size, a mane, a bushy tail, or other personality characteristics that will give you a clue. I think he's a bit tiny to tell if he has some Maine Coon in him.

Thanks for sharing your little bundle, and keep us updated!


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