Diego the Mix Kitty

by Cynthia Entrikin
(Azle, Texas)

Diego came to me as a baby of a stray cat that had showed up at my sister-in-law. His litter mates all have the long hair, big tails, tufts coming out of their ears and toes, and LARGE size.

fluffy black cat

All of the others were either brown and gray or black and white. Diego is black with a small strip of white on his chest.

He definitely is a part of the family. We had another cat when we got him that acts like a cat...i.e. touch me when I want, stay away when I don't.

Diego is a affectionate boy who demands to be scratched, stroked, and in general paid attention to all the time. He always lets us know when he is getting low on the food and water. He scoots his bowls across the room or scratches on them until we fill them up.

He is not very vocal though, only when food is low or there is a bird he can see out the window.

We recently added a tabby cat to our home and they have became best friends. There is not a rug safe in the house when they are playing. Diego hides under it until Jasper walks by and then springs out.

I do not know what type of cat Diego is for sure but I believe he is at least part Maine Coon. Doesn't really matter he is a absolute handsome, loving, perfect boy no matter what he is.

Hi Cynthia,

Diego sounds like so much fun! He really displays all the personality traits of a Maine Coon.

I love that he has a playmate! How many cats do that? It sounds more like a dog trait :)

He certainly could be a Maine Coon Mix. Thanks for sharing him,


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