December 2014 Maybe Coonies

Meet our Maybe-Coonies for December 2014!

Leo, a Maine Coon Mix?

By: Ana in Buenos Aires, Argentina


Leo Leo Leo Leo

Leo was found on the street by a friend of my mother about 10 years ago and asked her if she could keep him, and since then, he has become the king of the house.

I remember that when we first brought him home he was really dirty and filled with fleas, and now is the chubby-sweety you see in the pictures (We are working on a diet for him, by the way).

I'm pretty sure that Leo is not a pure breed Coon (he doesn't have tufted ears or snowshoe feet as I read in most websites) but he still shares similarities with the Maine Coon.

As for his personality, he is a very sweet pet, very patient with my little brother and he gets along with all of our other pets (a dalmatian, another cat and a frog).

He's always looking for my attention and sometimes even demands it. When hes not looking to be petted, most of the time he will be resting under the dining table or sun bathing on our patio.

So, what do you think, is it possible that he is a Maine Coon mix?

Olive The Possible Maine Coon Mix :)

By: Courtney Leigh in Pittsburgh


Olive lounging on the bed

Olive Olive Olive

Olive is 5.5 months old. We got her at a shelter when she was just a fluffy little baby!

She's super playful and never seems to run out of energy. She's extremely brave often chasing and scaring our dog and other older cats.

She is obsessed with water and actually jumped into the bathtub once. She isn't much of a cuddler but always is hanging around watching what we're doing. Any thoughts on if she has any Maine Coon in her?

Fiona Mae

By: Linda in Pittsburgh


Fiona Fiona Fiona

Fiona is the sweetest cat ever.

She is not 2 years old yet. Her personality certainly is much like a dog. She is right in the middle of all activity and goes toward the doorbell instead of away.

She likes to climb up on things but is not exceptionally graceful and tends to land with a thump. She has tufts of hair sticking out of her ears and her toes. Her fur is extremely silky.

Her head seems small for her body. Her tail reminds me of a raccoon and she kind of walks like one too.


By: Markos T in Warrington, PA


Odin Odin Odin

We picked him up from PAWS adoption center in Philadelphia.

He is a very vocal cat who like to speak and to be spoken to. His appetite is as large as his big pretty eyes.

He is shy around new people but is very affectionate to the people he knows.

Maybe-Maine Coon Cats For December:



He came to us a few very cold nights ago, without a collar and very hungry.

It's 20 degrees here now and I couldnt leave him out and took him in, he already became part of the family and I pray hes not being looked for. I fell in love over night.

My sister has 2 Maine Coons, "Pumpkin" loves his belly rubbed, he's awesome and has the personality of a Coon.



By: Lisa Delamare in Bogart, GA USA

Leo was given to me by a lady that could no longer take care of him.

She claims his dad was a 20 pound cream tabby Maine Coon and mom a long hair calico. What is your opinion?



By: Alaina in NY

This is Bentley - is he a Maine Coon Mix?

Maine Coon Mix?

By: Mandi Shank in Indianapolis

Maine Coon Mix?

Maine Coon?!

By: Alexandra in Romania


Oliver Oliver

My name is Oliver, I'm from Romania, I'm 4 month and... my mommy wants to know your opinion either I'm a Maine Coon or not :)

Thank you! :)


By: Naomi Price in Weymouth, Dorset
Wookie the fuzzball

Meet Wookie!!!! Wooks is the biggest softie in the world and wins over everyone in a heartbeat.

He doesn't have a meow, but a very unusual range of vocalisations that he uses all the time. When I got him, he was just an archetypal fluffy kitten.

I met mum, but dad is anyone's guess!!! My friends have suggested a wide range of other animals in relation to his parentage including squirrels, Foxes and even, yes, a raccoon (not that we have a lot of them in West Dorset).

At first I thought his tufted paws were just kitten fluff, but at six months they are growing more luxurious. He is also developing a glorious mane and is twice the size of my other cat Twooey (from the same house, but a different mum).

I know he will only be a mix if he does have any Maine Coon in him, but would just like to know what you think so I can keep an eye on the health issues related to the breed. I love my boy to pieces!!!

Jasper, My Adopted Kitten

By: Sarah in Illinois


Jasper Jasper Jasper

I was looking to adopt a kitten, and a local vet had just been brought this little guy. Apparently he was brought to them after being found in a gutter by himself, with no mom or littermates in sight.

The second he was brought into the room, he walked up to me and crawled into my lap, rubbing his head on me and purring loudly. I fell in love, and brought him home.

He's a talkative one. He greets me when I walk in the room, lets me know he wants me to pick him up and snuggle him, and follows me around complaining when he knows I'm getting ready to leave for class.

The vet estimated he was 15 weeks old when I got him, and he was 3 pounds at the time, now up to 4 pounds (18 weeks). They told me he was big for his age, and would be a big boy.

In addition to his personality, his "mane," little tufts of hair between his giant paws, and little tufts on top of his ears all also make me think he might be part Maine Coon.



By: Patty Coats Boykin in Springtown,Texas


Gabby Gabby Gabby Gabby

Gabby is a rescue cat. They tell me he is 14 years old weighs 18 pounds and is huge and beautiful.

His owner passed away and the family thought of putting him to sleep but a rescue group I work with talked them out of it and they boarded him for few months.

Then Gabby's time was running out no one wanted him due to his age. Well he is in our home now. If he isn't a Maine Coon maybe you can help me with his breed. He is a very dark grey and black Tabby and when he runs he looks like a raccoon. Thank you for your time. He won't let me take too many photos. But he does love to be brushed.

Minu, 2yo Female

By: Naomi in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia


Minu Minu Minu Minu

I adopted this gorgeous girl just a few weeks ago. Her owners told me she is a Maine Coon cross (I think they meant cross domestic).

She has very large eyes and an extravagant extremely fluffy tail. But she is also quite small compared to what I have read Maine Coon cats should be, I think perhaps she may be a runt, she does not have as much of the characteristics as far as the ears go.

This cat has one of the strongest personalities I have ever seen in a cat. She can talk, she says her name, hello and iloveyou in cat meow syllables, and will copy whatever I say.

I taught her to sit on command for a treat in about 5 minutes. She is so intelligent and when she looks at me it's as if she is staring into the depth of my soul.

She does not get along with my other cats, won't let them within a foot of her, which is maybe because she is still new to the home, but she is very social with humans and ALWAYS wants to be around us, she isn't shy. She starts purring the minute I pet her, and is very loving and cuddly with head rubs and things like that.

Is My Cat A Coon? Does Anyone Know What Breed He Might Be?


Loki Loki

Hi, I got my cat Loki from a couple who was moving away and couldn't take him with them.

He is quiet, cuddly and beautiful. I cannot figure out what breed he is though. Would anyone have ideas?


By: Keith in Mid South

I call him Phantom because the white on his face resembles the "Phantom of the Opera" mask. He weights 14.6 lbs, has long silky black fur except for the white on his feet, half his face and his chest. The tufts on his ears are very small, almost non existant, but he has fur between his toes and a very bushy tail.

He is a found/rescued cat. Apparently a drop off near my house in the country, he was not approachable. I have many other similar cats that I care for and some of them friended him. Eventually my neighbor adopted him, but did not take very good care of him (no visits to the vet). When my neighbor died, he became an orphan again. He began to eat with my other rescue cats on the back porch and eventually he would let me pet him.

It took months to get him to trust me enough to pet him, but as soon as I could, I violated his trust my grabbing him by the scruff and dropping him into a pet carrier. Off to the vet to get neutered and a rabies shot, the vet classified him as "very wild" He was tested and determined to be FIV positive. The vet wanted to put him down but I did not want to do that to a cat that was very healthy.

After the operation, I put him in a puppy training kennel so that I could give him his antibiotics for the ten days after the operation. During that time, he accepted me and he became a pet. He follows me everywhere and is in my lap when I sit down. He sleeps at the foot of my bed at night. He likes to go out in the morning before dawn. When I get up and call him, he will come running across the field just like a dog would.

He is cautious around strangers, but once he sees that they will not harm him, he is very friendly. Although he is almost twice the size of the other stray cats I have, he never bullies them and he waits until the other cats have eaten before he eats.

Fast Eddie - Maine Coon Mix?

By: Rebecca in Broome County, NY


Eddie - note the black

Eddie Eddie Eddie

We found "Fast Eddie" at a barn of one of the houses we rented.

He appeared to be a younger, very large tabby marked male with black " tips" on his ears, large roundish eyes, making him very wild looking like a larger non domestic cat (think bobcat, lynx)

He was still very playful like a kitten but had the appearance of a grown cat. He was neutered, which is unusual in a " barn" cat. He was big boned, muscular and long. Very lean from having no home, he was still unusually large.

About 10 lbs. Now, 3 years later, he has matured, easily weighs 20 lbs. and is still muscular and heavy, thick and rectangle in his shape with a broad chest and rear end. He is a fluffy short hair, not quite a medium hair length. He does however have medium length hair on the underside of his belly.

Ed's size and features tipped me off but the clincher for me has been the "talking" and a few other similarities. Eddie talks to you, has a vocabulary of noises and commonly " answers " you, when you speak to him.

He purrs tons of different ways, making weird noises and using a combination of both to tell you what he wants or answer you. He has a bigger than life personality and many people have remarked about his " dog like " traits and personality.

He is completely fascinated with water and doesn't avoid it. He sleeps in our sink and regularly uses it for drinks, refusing the cat water dish our other cat uses. Finally, he is my best friend, laying on my desk while I work and can never be found very far from his humans.

Is Casey Part Maine Coon?

By: Joanne in Pgh, PA


Casey Casey Casey Casey

I got him from the local shelter when he was 4 months old. He is very friendly and laid back.

He weighs 18 or 20 pounds and he likes to carry his toys with him in his mouth. He has a broad chest and big feet. His fur is thick but not long. He has small tufts on his ears and a short nose.

He loves to go out on his porch in the snow and sit and doesn't seem to mind the cold. When he lays down he tucks all four feet under and wraps his tail around his side.

I had him to the vet and they tell me he is overweight but they are not taking in consideration how big he is in comparison to other cats. I have another male, Percy, who is a year older and much smaller in stature. I have been curious about this since I got him 2 years ago.

Vinny Van Gogh - Ferral with an Ear Tip

By: Andi


Baby Pic- If you could call him a baby??

Vinny Vinny Vinny

I rescued Vinny about 8 months ago from my vet who said he was ferral and was going to be put down.

I have a 21 year old Nebelung with renal failure that I was sure was at deaths door. Vinny has been a lifesaver as I am sure that my older cat will now outlive us both.

My vet said he was probably a Maine Coon but I think he may have a bit of Norwegian Forest Cat. I named him Vincent Van Gogh due to the ear tip, such a shame for such a beautiful animal. Is he Coon? What do you think? Baby and 1 year old picture attached. BTW, I'm the momma!! Thanks All!!!


By: Cheryl in Cecil, WI


Daisy Daisy

We think Daisy is one year old. She came from our friends litter of kittens.

Her brother and sister are regular shorthairs. She is very friendly and follows us about.

We were hoping for a lap cat and she is when she wants to be.


By: Kathleen Morgan in Illinois

Don't know if he is a Main Coon Mix but he is different from any cat I have owned.

He talks to me with chirps and two other vocals.

He loves playing in his water bowl and acts more like a dog than a kitten.


Mixed Maine Coon Kitten

This kitten is up for adoption and we just were wondering if it was a Maine Coon mix.

Maine Coon Cross?

We got our cat from a cat and dog shelter but we now think he is actually a Maine Coon mix as he has all the traits, just wondering if someone would be able to tell us as he is getting bigger all the time and this photo was taken at 5 months old and 6 months.


Tina has every physical characteristic of a Maine coon. We acquired her when a man was turning her into a local shelter. Said she was crazy and destuctive.

At 2.5 months she did not yet have a fluffy coat. She grew one quickly after taking her home though. She loves to drink water and likes to chase thrown toys.

Strangely, she is a bully to my other 2 cats. She might walk past one of them and smack them for fun. She is totally in love with my husband though, and loves to spend time laying on him getting petted. She is a strange character. Lol I love her.

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