by Dahloan Hembree

I received my cat, Cleopatria from a friend, when she was a kitty. She is brown tabbied, and looks like a Maine Coon.

She is long haired, with a bushy tail. She is larger than an usual cat. However, she has no ear tufts, nor is her tail as huge as most Maine Coons. I still think she is part main coon though. She loves walks, loves routines, has taken to me as her owner, loves to be near me, and has strange habits, like wanting us to sit with her when she eats.

She is extremely intelligent, and despite being nine years old, still loves to play. She decides that 10 of a night is her play time. She loves chase, hide and seek, and hiding behind the bathroom curtain. She loves to go outside and have us chase after her. I find these traits a bit odd for a cat.

She understands a lot of what we say. She plays "behind the door." This is a game where she gets behind any door, and we pull a string through the door. We say "Behind the door" And she runs behind a door. We also say walk, and she goes to the door.

About twice a week we have to walk her, especially in warmer weather. She has a walk routine. She only wants to go about four houses. She stops at every drive way, rolls, then continues her walk. She is very nervous, especially as she gets older. She isn't like most Maine Coons, in that she isn't fond of any animal, even cats. However, she loves all of the family members, and seems to have her pecking order.

She loves to lay and curl around my head of a night. She purrs all night long, and every time i wake up I pet her. Think she lays there for these pettings. If I'm sick or sad, she seems to know it, and hangs by my side even more. She isn't a lap kitty. I don't think she has sat on my lap once.

She isn't one much for being picked up either. She just loves to be near me all the time, and will follow me from room to room. Anyway, enough about Cleo. I will send a pic. Thanks for listening.

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by: Maine Coon Cat Nation

Hi Dahloan,

I feel like I already know Cleopatria! She sounds like a great girl. Yes, send a picture (up to 4) anytime and I'll add it to this page!


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