I adopted my cat, Chi, when she is still 2 months. Now, she is 10 months.

The cattery said that she is a Maine Coon, but I'm not pretty sure to that since Chi doesn't have a certificate, so I don't know her family tree.

brown tabby coon
brown tabby coon
brown tabby coon

Some people also told me that she's more like a Persian.


Hi There,
I love the name Chi! How pretty and creative! Well, she came from a cattery and she is clearly a Maine Coon cat. Although, with those big round eyes I can see why some folks might think she has a 'Persian' look as well.

brown tabby coon

Her breeder told you she was a Maine Coon, and she came from a cattery. Her ear tufts do not lie! Chi is a Maine Coon cat.

But, since you didn't get any paperwork I'm not sure the extent of her lineage. Could there be a Persian somewhere? Maybe.

She should have a pedigree, and be registered. Our article on Maine Coon breeders talks a little more in detail about what kind of cattery one might find.

Thanks for sharing your lovely Chi!


wanna see hunter!
by: Intan

so have a trip here! I'll guide you then. :)
bandung is famous with their culinary and fashion, people from other city is usually go to bandung at weekend. So, sometimes i choose stay home than stuck in traffic jams.

Wow. So rite now, is it winter there? Actually i really want to see snow. :p it must be beautiful, isn't it?

Yup, so go take some photos from Hunter then upload it! I bet i'll be biased too. :)


I know where West Java is...not sure where exactly Bandung is, but I do watch a lot of documentaries and Java/West Java is STUNNING. (I'm totally jealous of you right now as there is about 7 inches of snow on the ground here, and I just shovelled our driveway for the third time in the past 12 hrs!)

I've longed to take a trip thru Australia, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia as that part of the world really calls to me. Your english is fine, and your name is amazing...diamond...very cool!

Danielle is french and means "God is my judge" which is funny cause I don't believe in a single entity called "god". Guess my parents missed the mark on that one ,eh?

Funny how two cats from opposite sides of the planet can look almost identical, as there is no possible way they could be related to each other.

I should have a better shot of Hunter up tomorrow so you can really see what I'm talking about!!!

hunter & chi
by: Intan

above all, they still really look like each other for me although there are some differences in them. :)

I just thinking how Chi and Hunter can meet each other someday? LOL. agree! i love their pattern, it's really stunning and cute for me.

Actually i adopt Chi because she looks like my previous cat, Berto, who was passed away (Berto is a domestic angora cat which is also has a tabby color). So when i saw Chi that time, I really want her badly to cure my feeling of losing berto.

yup, I live in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. have you heard that? :D

wow, you have a beautiful name too danielle.
btw, 'Intan' is 'Diamond' In English. :)
nice to know you too.

*sorry for my bad english, hope you could understand what i'm trying to say. :p


HUNTER just showed up as an adult one day at my sister's farm here in Ontario, CANADA so my vet guessed he's approx. 5 - 6 yrs old.

Wish I could have seen him as a kitten as he must have been an adorable little furball! The only difference I can see between Chi and him is that his eye colour is more of a gray-green and CHI's seem to be a goldish colour...that and he's a boy and she's a girl.

And both our coon's have that really cool swirling pattern to their tabby stripes...I love that as you don't see it very often.

Actually, HUNTER'S buddy, TOMMY, who recently passed away a few weeks before X-Mas had the swirling tabby stripes too, and both of them had the same coat colouring as well, although TOMMY was an AMERICAN DOMESTIC SHORTHAIR cat.

So you are from Indonesia...where about are you located there? I'm located between Toronto, Canada and Detroit, USA. And your name INTAN is beautiful, does it mean anything special?

It was nice to have met you by the way.

by: Intan

haha. seriously, then upload it soon, cant wait to see my cat's twin. :p
is it really that identical?
i'll go to HUNTER page then. :)


HOLY CRAP! Your cat CHI is almost an identical twin of my cat HUNTER.

Right now I only have a pic of him sleeping on his back on his page, but hopefully tomorrow I'll have a face shot of him uploaded so you can see that you could probably mistake him for CHI!

Gorgeous cat by the way...of course, I'm biased cause it looks like mine! LOL

by: Intan

haha. I'm glad to hear your comment. :)
My cat is silent meow-er. she just do it when she really want something.

btw, I live in Indonesia and i hear that in my country, there are only a few Maine Coon breeder, that's why i need to make sure that Chi is a pure one or not. :)

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