Can You Tell If My Cat Is Part Maine Coon

by Cameron
(Oil City, PA)

OK, my cat is not common at all. She's a grey with a red-brown that you can only see in the light when she sits in a window; otherwise she's just a darkish grey.

Her eyes are a yellow and green near the black part of her eyes you know and shes long haired but does not shed or mat all that easy and has a curly furred belly.

She is really big for a girl cat I mean she scares my dogs some times. Her mom was a grey calico with a small frame and is short haired and dad was a pure black cat with a curly haired belly also and he is big and fat and long haired.

She not all that nice like she doesn't like to be cuddled or to be petted a lot but she loves her neck and head scratched. So what kind of cat do I have?


Hi Cameron,

Did you try to add a picture? Let me know on my contact form if there are any pictures you need help with.

Based on your description, and the fact that you know your cats parents, I do think you have a domestic medium hair or domestic long haired cat on your hands.

I don't hear any similarities to the Maine Coon breed, other than fur length and size. Neither of her parents were Maine Coons, so she wouldn't be, either. Only about 3 percent of pet cats are purebred, and fewer will be Maine Coon.

I once had a beloved Red Tabby cat and I used to wonder if he was part Coon. He had all the right personality traits, and plenty of fur. And I'm in Maine :) But I knew it was unlikely.

Regardless of whether she has any particular breed in her or not, she sounds like a very pretty girl who is much loved! And that is the best part!

All The Best,

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