Meet Blue

by Cathy

Dogs best friend! Introducing Prince Blue

Blue, our MC/Persian/ginger Tom mix, came to us at 8-weeks on 1.10.13.

I was looking for a MC for our FC Retriever who had tried in vain to become friends with our 2 rescue cats.

black cat@ 7 months, bags are such fun
black cat and woman@ 7months, loves the camera!

I did research and the Coons seemed a good choice.

When it came to deciding which kitten to take, I was a bit confused as he had little MC markings, but such a regal face!

His sisters had many MC markings, fuller tail, long whiskers in the ears.

blue and dog 2014@ 7 months, loves his big brother
black cat and dog@ 4months, loves rough play!

He looked like a normal black cat, short hair, but thicker coat. His mom is MC/Persian mix, dad the ginger tom next door, so a real rough diamond!

I connected immediately, and he showed real spirit, something he was going to need with a big dog waiting for him!

From day one Prince Blue took his throne. I had planned a slow intro week, put up a baby gate in the room he was in, so he could see outside.

He was a bit nervous day one, but from night one, when he crept into bed with me, he new his place! Day 2 he claimed the dog, sleeping on his play mat, playing with his toys!

Now at just over 7 months, I can honestly say I've never had a cat like this! He LOVES water, puts his head under taps and plays in the bath in shallow water.

He comes when called by name, Ive tested and called out random names, but only when I say Blue Blue does he come!

He loves to be carried in the backpack, enjoying the vantage point to swipe at things. He lies on his back for tummy rubs, curls up on my chest and gives me pats on my face with his paw, a night time ritual!

Wakes me every morning by getting on my head and purring in my ear, a little scratch if need be to wake me. But a real gentle darling!

Runs after balls, cries at the door for a walk in the hallway. We live in a big apartment and I've heard its better to keep him inside, is this true?

He is sooo patient, lets me throw him in the air, of course I always catch him. Chores are so much fun, he attacks pillows and the duvet being fluffed, chases the broom.

But the best is the relationship with the dogs. We got a terrier a month after him, a rescue dog who unfortunately hated cats.

I was a bit concerned it would take months till we had a happy home again, as day one the cats lived on the fridge, but Blue took this in his stride and within a few days we had calm after the storm!

All due to Blue being so patient and not running when being barked at, and letting the terrier sniff him, and with some correction training from us.

Blue is always with the dogs, eats with them, not the cats. Shares their water bowl and sleeping mat. The games get very rough, but always with boundaries.

So, MC pure, MC mix, I don't mind, I love this boy. He is very big for his age and has a thicker coat, but I see very little MC yet. Will this change as he gets older? Ive heard they mature over 3 years, longer than the normal cat.

I hope to hear comments about yours MCs and how my mixed boy compares. Oh, and should I neuter him? He is not spraying, but Im not sure whats best health wise.

Yes, you should neuter.
by: Anonymous

Wow, Blue sounds very similar to my own sweetheart Oats in personality (I suspect Oats is a MC mix, but I've no definitive proof).

Having owned a female MC in my early childhood, I remember this hallmark friendliness pretty strongly. I can see from your photos he's also a pretty regal size to go with that regal face!

I couldn't tell you if Blue will get any more coon-like in appearance as he gets older... My own cats have all been acquired in adulthood (2 or more years), so I've no real experience with watching how slowly or quickly they mature or grow their hair. He's very commanding in appearance snd expression now, though.

As far as neutering and whether to keep him inside, yes you should to both of those things.

He may not be spraying now, and you may luck out and never see him spray at all, but it's very likely he WILL spray eventually.

Even if this were not true, if he ever gets out or if you decide to allow him outside, he will almost certainly find other cats out there.

Even though he won't bring kittens HOME, it is better to eliminate the risk if him fathering a litter, as thousands and thousands of cats are euthanized every single year for lack of available homes.

As for whether you should let your cat outside.... The odds of Blue contracting tapeworms, heartworms, fleas, ticks, etc. are exponentially higher if he goes outside.

He will also come in contact with other cats outside, which will raise his chances of being caught in fights or contracting diseases such as feline HIV.

Many cats live outside and are perfectly healthy, and of course, you yourself venture outside and haven't died yet.

It's just whether or not you believe the risk is acceptable (and I never really have, as my cats have been perfectly happy in the house).

Again, beautiful cat, I wish him a long and happy life!

Kimee K.
PetSmart warehouse worker and Shelter volunteer

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