by Sue

Suspecting my Bailey was (at least) part Coon I discovered this site and now I am convinced that I was lucky enough to have stumbled across one of these glorious creatures.

ginger cat belly up with remote controlAnyone seen the remote?

Diagnosed with a heart murmur on his first visit to the vet, I was warned that Bailey would probably be fairly inactive, would not live terribly long and be of stunted growth.

ginger kittyIf I must.......
ginger kittyPensive
ginger kittyPlayful

Only one of those proved to be true!

Blessed with one of the prettiest, most musical meows I have ever heard he was affectionate and playful around me, although he hated visitors. My 'stunted growth' boy weighed in at 16.5lb and was a good 14"+ from shoulder to tail. He loved getting wet then being rubbed down and groomed and lap time to him meant he laid down and kinda draped himself over me, or snored in the crook of my arm.

Alas, I fear that he eventually outgrew his already weak heart, and after going missing was eventually found this week, sleeping peacefully and forever.

Thanks for the memories beautiful boy xxx


by: Daniella Reid
How beautiful and soft looking. I just LOVE his markings! I bet when you hug and kiss him, he smells so good! =^..^=

Bailey's Best Friend
by: Pattie
No doubt you will soon be reading a memorial to my cat, my best friend of over 15 years, but I wanted to let you know that Bailey passed with a smile on his face knowing that the people that were his "family" loved him forever and still do.

It's a blessing that we get these feline friends to have in our households-even if it's only for a short time. I'm very sorry for your loss. Keep your chin up and remember the good times.

I found out that the videos we had of my girl sometimes make me cry more but for the most part satisfy my need to "see" her better than pictures ever could. Love and peace to your family.

by: Gwen
I am so happy that you will have warm happy memories of Bailey - I am sure as he closed his eyes for the final time his thoughts were warm ones of you.... I loss my 26 pound bundle of joy Bear, March 31st so I know how sad you must feel... I have a new bundle... Pookey - you can check him out on the March page of Maine Coon Nation....

There's another fur baby waiting for you to bring home :)

So sorry for your loss...what a beautiful cat...sounds like he was lucky to have a wonderful home.

Thank you......
by: Sue
...... to you all for your kind words - and for sharing your stories

I have owned cats all my life, but none seem to have impacted on me the way that boy did, and in a relatively short period of time. Miss him daily. What is it about these guys?

Have just adopted a 1/4 Coonie named Sugar Lump - Lumpy to his friends - who has so much cheek and personality it leaves little time to do anything other than smile!

Thanks again, your kind words helped enormously. Enjoy your guys too xx

for Bailey
by: Daniella
How beautiful he looks. Bailey was DEFINITELY a MaineCoon! His coat and markings are simply lovely. It shows to me, that he was one love of your life....I say this to you, my friend....he was VERY well loved!! >^..^<

My Sympathy
by: Jessy
Looks quite a lot like my Jasper (who is fortunately in blooming health).

He looks almost like my Tarzan!

I'm sorry for your loss. I have a part Maine coon. His name name is Bailey too.

by: MJ
I feel your pain. I lost my "Furby" a year and a half ago. He had so much personality and loved me like a dog! He would give me kisses night night and drape in my lap also. He loved to snuggle. I struggle with his passing but I kept him alive longer than most. Pets leave paw prints on your heart.

by: steph
Sue, I know what you mean about 'draping over' on the lap and I miss that so much. Eddie was also a very big talker which I still sorely miss.
We were so blessed.

by: steph
What a precious story of Bailey. There's no doubt you will miss him very much.

I now have two Maine Coons buried in our local Humane Society cemetery. Jack & Eddie died of Cardiomyopathy. I just lost Eddie a year ago. I'm still not over the hump.

In his case it came to euthanasia, and I can't stop telling myself that I killed him. Two doctors diagnosed him as on the verge of death within one week. He had only been taken to the vet in the 1st place because of minor behavior changes.

One week later & 10 pills a day, I had to end his life due to kidney failure from the Lasix. I now know the doc simply had no choice but to kick a Hail Mary. Jack died of a violent heart attack in '04 right in front of me--30 months old. Mr. Ed got approx. 10 years.
I love Maine Coons with all my heart.
Rest in Peace, Bailey.

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