August 2013 Maybe Coonies

Meet the Maine Coon mixes and Maybes in our August 2013 Album, and see what others think about their heritage.

Maybe-Maine Coon Cats For August:


Monty - Our Gentle Giant

By: Liz in Fresno, CA, USA

He is a big boy, loving, smart, and handsome.

Greets me when I come home and follows me around the house.. got him from a no kill rescue.

Am guessing he is a Maine Coon Mix. He is the best.


By: Jessica Fisher in Howell, MI


Gizmo Gizmo Gizmo Gizmo

I got Gizmo a few weeks ago from a friend. She and her siblings were rescued from a dangerous factory setting.

She had spent 5 weeks living in the wild, and was quite feral when I got her. Within a few days though, she was completely affectionate and friendly.

She follows me around the house, comes when I call her and even plays fetch. She doesn't have tufted ears, but she does have fur poking out between her toes. Her whiskers are also oddly curved in towards her nose and form a sort of circle shape.

She loves running around the house making chirping noises, and wakes me up in the morning by doing so. She also likes to sleep on my pillow by my head, and lick my face. She purrs really loudly, and is one of the most vocal cats I've ever seen.

Since her mother was a wild cat, and I'm not sure about her father, I have no idea what sort of cat she is. Whatever she is, Maine Coon or not, I love her anyway.

Gattino from Paris

By: Mylene in Paris, France


Gattino Gattino Gattino Gattino

Gattino, also known as His Royal Fluffiness or 'the small fluffy person', is 5 months old and a Maine Coon cross (I'm guessing with a European shorthair.)

He's got all the Maine Coon traits, hair between the toes of his giant panws, his mane (fluffy though relatively short for now), the tail, and the talking, most of all!

He's got the linx tips but they're a bit short., though they seem to be growing, if thats possible. I'm hoping he gets longer hair across his body and becomes a small giant but I'm afraid the european short hair may have taken over on that aspect, though he does have the big tail....

Anyway, we love him tons, he's a character and keeps away the Parisian mice :)

Oscar... Is he part Maine Coon ?


Oscar Oscar Oscar Oscar

I gave Oscar a home a few months ago. My sister found him abandoned with infected cuts and scrapes from many battles.

She got him the care he needed and had him neutered with the idea of taking him into her home but as it turned out he did not get along well with her existing cat family.

So she asked me if I'd like to have him...and although I really wasn't looking to having an animal. At the time after spending the weekend with my sister his winning personality won me over.

Oscar is like no other cat I've ever had he loves people ...I call him my greeter...he's at the door as soon as he hears someone coming...he's greets people with soft meows and lays down in front of them belly up to be rubbed...then as soon as they sit he's on their knees looking for more loving.

He demands the same kind of attention from me only more so he HAS to be wherever I am with his nose into everything...I have a hard time reading or typing he wants to be in the middle of it all.

He needs to investigate everything I've found myself apologizing to the repair men because of him. After he's done his usual greeting...he follows them around "helping" them.

He hardly ever bites and if he does it's only a soft bite.. he is a great hunter and never gives up until he gets what he's after...even if it's only the occasional you can see by the picture he has many physical traits of a Maine Coon as well.

The only trait he has that doesn't fit into the Maine Coon classification is that he doesn't like other cats...he loves dogs though. I would love to know what others think he part Maine Coon...not that it matters I love him for WHO he is not for what breed he is...this is pure curiousity on my part.

Vega Bond

By: Jennifer in Halifax, NS

Vega Bond

Shortly after she was rescued!

Vega Bond Vega Bond Vega Bond Vega Bond

Vega was a rescue that was found wandering the streets during an awful cold snap we had a few winters ago. When she was found, she was underweight, mangy, greasey and her tail was like steel wool. I figure she was probably about 6-8 months old at the time.

Once she was out of the elements and back on a steady diet (oh, and gave birth to two kittens), she started to grow. And fluff out. And grew a lot more. And got even more fluffy!

She has the softest fur I've ever experienced and it doesn't matt. She loves to have her fur brushed and will run to the brush when she knows she's about to be groomed. She absolutely adores humans and as soon as a new person comes into the house, she is sitting on their lap within minutes.

And visitors can pet her in any way and in any direction and she just soaks it all up. She never hides and is always happy to be around people. She has large paws and a really tuft of fur around her neck.


By: Cynthia in Silver Spring, MD
Rudy, at a little over 2.5 years-old

I found Rudy as a stray kitten. He was skinny and dirty, and seemed like a regular domestic short-hair orange tabby, except for his extra toes, and his fluffy tail.

It took him about two-and-a-half to three years to get to full size (and full fluff).

His proportions, toe fur, extra toes, fluffy tail, puffy bottom fur, and big paws--as well as his goofy personality--all make me think he was a Maine Coon mix.

Syxx The Stray Kitten

By: Okami

We found this kitten outside in our backyard and the land lady said that the mother cat abandoned Syxx because she couldn't hop the fence.

It took about a week and a half but eventually Syxx warmed up to us and made me the replacement mommy. Ever since we got her we noticed a few things about her.

First, she loves water, (she hates baths, gets very vocal)but when set in a tub full of water she will just sit there. Whenever everyone else is asleep she will come up to me at about midnight and randomly start grooming me and becomes extremely affectionate.

My sister and I have also noticed that toys will randomly find their way under the futon where Syxx sleeps as if she took them under there herself, and finally I noticed that she seems to have an M on her forehead like maine coons do.

These are all reasons I believe she has at least a bit of Coon in her, however we have a bunch of strays out this way so I am not completely sure.


By: Hala Masoud in Dammam, Saudi Arabia


Younger than 2 months old

Basbosa Basbosa Basbosa Basbosa

Basbosa is a playful young girl. I named her that after an Arabic dessert called "Basbosa", because she is so eatable and sweet like a basbosa. She loves being cuddled and she acts more like a human being. I raised her up since she was younger than 2 months old. She is one year and 4 months old now.

She waits for me when I arrive home from work. She talks to me directly and she knew her name very fast. She is so smart and she adopts skills very fast. She even tries eating with her own hands. She is so smart that when mom calls my elder sister she goes immediately to her and try to wake her up, by playing and jumping around her. LOL.

She is so amazing. Even when she got sick, I held her in my arms and started talking to her and telling her how a strong girl she is. She was listening to me. I know she was and as a proof, the next day she started eating and drinking water gradually until she became very healthy.

She is always curious to know everything and always wants to get attention. She is so cute and breathtaking. OH GOD I LOVE HER!

She gives so many meaningful facial expressions. This was noticeable to everyone who saw her. She even gives that look of anger and exhaustion. LOL

She is even acting jealous nowadays since I adopted a new cat who's 8 months old and almost acting the same.

I dunno what to say about her. She is simply my little girl. She is acting like my daughter. She gets everyone's attention and no one can resist her charming beauty even in pictures.

Her vet told me that she's probably a mix between Persian and American cats.

In Saudi Arabia, we don't have really much breeds experts and the most well known cats here are Persian ones.

I really find my baby acting more like human that I adopted the new little one in order for her to realize she is not. LOL

I appreciate your great and hard work on this website.
Thank you,
Hala Masoud.

Shadow, The Loud-Mouth Rescue


We got Shadow from a local shelter a month ago. He behaves very differently from any other cat we've had. He's not shy at all and never has been from day one.

When we have guests he circulates to make sure he gets attention from everyone. He meows loudly to get attention (he says "WOW!!!) His head butts are like being hit by a Mack truck. He's a big boy but not fat (13 lbs.)

Our other cat isn't so sure about him but he's eager to make friends and only hisses at her if she hisses in his face. His behavior and size sure fit the Maine Coon profile!



Lilly Lilly

A very high energy kitten who also enjoys being cuddled

Javier livin in Minnesota the 507


Clementine Clementine Clementine Clementine

I got a cat Clementine thats 1.5 yrs old. I think she is part Coon because she has some of the characteristics.

She's big, sorta has the head shape and definitely has the tail. I dunno maybe shes like 25% or 40% maybe.



I got Kitten at a shelter. I have a feeling he may be Maine Coon.

Tabby the Barn Cat

By: Haylee in Saint Johns MI

My cat tabby is around 18 pounds and in the photo this is recently actually taken today (I am 13) she is really big and has dog paws (big paws).

So we think she is at least half Maine Coon her fur is medium length with a rolling r meow that is loud and a hiss that sounds like a roar!

Wondering if this is a true Maine Coon Cat

By: Kevin in Providence, RI

Adopted him and another kitten from the pound to keep him company. Just wondering if, in fact he's a Maine Coon Cat or did I get duped?

Mr Kitty

By: Paula Yanek in Belleair, FL

Mr Kitty

Mr Kitty Mr Kitty Mr Kitty Mr Kitty

My son saved Mr Kitty from a shelter in Texas, where animal control picked him up off the street and his former owners did not want to pay the $100.00 charge to reclaim him, so they put him up for adoption and my son adopted him.

Mr Kitty

My son traveled too much in the Air Force, so he brought Mr Kitty to his Mom to keep, I had never had a cat, only having dogs all my life, but I could not imagine my life without him now.

He has all the traits, large, muscular build, big green eyes, tufted ears, chatter, and loving, almost acting like a dog.

My vet suspects he is a Maine Coon, but I have no way of knowing since he was between one and three years old when my son adopted him from the shelter.

A breeder says she is almost sure he is MC. I will love him no matter what, he is such a beautiful and loving cat.

I was I like to say awarded custody of Mr Kitty for my son who rescued him from a shelter in Texas where he was picked up by animal control in a county where cats are not allowed outside and the family would not pay the $100.00 fine to get him out of the shelter so they put him up for adoption.

I never had a cat before, only a lifelong Dog lover, so having a cat was somewhat new. He is my faithful companion with a very cute personality as he runs throughout the house chattering as only he can.I just lost my15 year old Havapoo, Dollybell, so MR Kitty is such a blessing to me.

Maine Coon (mix?)

By: Rick Blansett in Sweet Valley, PA

Here is my Sable. He was picked up as a stray but definitely has some major Maine Coon traits. He is about nine months old in this picture.

Jerry the Giant Maybe (Maine Coon?)

By: Julianne in New Jersey


Jerry Jerry

We adopted Jerry when he was 3 years old. After seeing so many beautiful cats at the shelter we knew Jerry was the one for us.

He is such a sweetheart, he loves attention and being cuddled. He is so friendly and loving. People cannot believe his size! But the vet said he is in no danger and he is big boned.

We were wondering is he is possibly a Maine coon mix? I started looking it up because he is so large and he has 2 coats of hair ( very fuzzy belly), and meets the other characteristics... what do you think?

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