Are My Cats Maine Coon Mixes?

by Megan Michael
(Camp Hill, PA)

We don't know who their father is, but their mother does not have any Maine Coon characteristics... she has very short hair and is a very small framed cat.

But these pictures are of Christmas and Jelly who seem to have many of the physical and personality characteristics of Maine Coons...

jelly the catJelly @ 2 yrs - Big tail!
christmas the catChristmas @ 3 yrs - huge tail!

Some things you might not see from the pictures: Jelly is 13lbs, has a beautiful tail, and is polydactyl. Christmas is 15lbs, has an even bigger tail, and purrs louder than anything I've ever heard!!! Christmas is soooo friendly and loves affection.

jelly the catJelly @ 3 yrs... check out his paws!
christmas the catChristmas @ 3 yrs - Beautiful mane

Here are their pics... I was wondering if you think they're at least part Maine Coon?

Maine Coon kitten- Original
by: Anonymous

Yes, he looks just like my Rocco who just passed last weekend! i am very sad, as he was the best cat and friend it the world!

I am seeking a male Original Red, if anyone knows of a kitten for adoption. I am in Houston, I have a few breeds that are about to breed their females, so it will be a few months- I want one just like Jelly above.. that was my Rocco.. he is in kitty heaven now...... :-( very sad.. prefer a Austin, Dallas, or SAn Antiono area adoption..

thanks- Krista

by: Anonymous

Big orange cats are the BEST. I love how Maine Coons are so friendly. Jelly is very shy and always scared (I don't know why, he's never been hurt in his whole life!) but Christmas is soooooooooo freaking friendly, he's like a dog!

Orange men
by: Helen

Jelly looks similar to my Bezzer Buzzer. Bezz is just a little darker red and bigger in bone and substance. Don't you just love big orange cats? We are so lucky to be loved by them.

Thank you!
by: Megan

I thought they were at least partly Maine Coon.. thanks you guys! Don't worry, they are soooo taken care of.

I treat them like my children and I love them so much! Oh I forgot to mention, Christmas does the "chirping" thing that Maine Coons are known for!

awesome Maine Coons
by: Heather

Jelly looks just like our Finnegan!! could be twins! ill post pic.. but you have two beautiful kitties : )

Are they Maine Coons
by: Brian

Totally! The both have the M on their forehead and their fluffiness and eyes are SO Maine Coon! God Bless you for two beautiful cats!! :)

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