April 2015 Maybe Coonies

Welcome to our April 2015 Album of Maybe-Maine Coons. Do you think they have some Coonie in them?

Maybe-Maine Coon Cats For April:

Does My Kitten Have MC In Her?


Kitten Kitten Kitten Kitten

Hi everyone,

I recently got a kitten who looks and acts like she may have some MC in her, but definitely not full. I am new to the Maine Coon breed but know of them and have been researching them over the last little bit. However, I do know the likeliness of her having some in her is slim but I feel there is more of a chance considering where I live.

First off, I do live in a smaller city with little towns around, mostly everyone considers themselves to be "country folk". There is a major issue with people not spaying or neutering their animals here and there have been MC and Siamese mixed kittens being given away in the past. The kitten I got was from the outskirts of a small town that is vey much country area.

So on to my kitten, I got her for free from an ad I saw. I met up with the owners to pick her up, I am not sure of her parents as I never saw them, nor do I have any information on them. As far as I am aware she was an only kitten as well because she was the only kitten in the listing.

My kitten's personality is unique, I have never had a kitten that acts the way she does and I have had cats my entire life. She is very outgoing and affectionate. I first got her for my cat and dog, my cat is a 3 yr old, medium hair domestic, and my dog is a 3 yr old Akita/Shepherd. My dog loves cats, he prefers them to dogs and acts like a giant baby with them. My cat is very timid so I wanted another kitten to help bring him out of his shell. The first day I got her I kept her in a bedroom to let her get used to me and my husband before I introduced her to the cat and dog the next day. I didn't want to overwhelm her and she had never been around dogs before. The second day she was doing great so I introduced her to the cat, as soon as she saw him, she instantly ran over and started to play with him. He got scared and left, so I brought the dog in for a quick meet and greet. The dog was very excited and couldn't stop sniffing her. She just sat there and let him do his thing. She eventually got a little scared so I let the dog out.

It only took the kitten a couple days of little introductions like this before I let her out to roam the house. Her and the dog instantly became best friends.

She is very active but more cuddly. She will sleep with anyone that is sitting down, stranger or not. She has to be as close as physically possible. She especially loves to sleep on chests and curl her body up around your neck.

She will try to squeeze under the other cat's stomach as he sleeps and the same with the dog. When she is hungry she will push her food dish around and make as much noise as possible until she is fed.

She also will follow everyone around like a dog. If you are at the door putting your shoes on, she will run over and stare at you while you do it. She also likes to climb in the dogs toy box and play with the stuffed animals that are bigger than her. She will carry those around and also loves playing with empty water bottles.

She is very sociable with everyone that comes over, unlike my other cat who hides. She is the centre of attention and very intelligent. She already knows her name after only having her for 3.5 weeks.

As for her looks, she has the shaggy coat, long body, tufts of fur on her ears, and she has tufts of fur between her toes. I have never had a long fur domestic before but have known a few and she looks different to me, but I wanted some other opinions. I have asked on other cat forums and no one has responded so I thought I would take a shot on here. It doesn't matter to me if she is or isn't, I love her either way, but I am curious.

Thank you for taking the time to read my "novel" and I appreciate whatever opinions I get.

PS. I do know there are enthusiasts out there who will be offended by my question and think it's outrageous, so I do apologize to anyone like that who reads this.

Tess My Beauty

By: Lesley in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

One of my distant neighbours had Tess but unfortunately her two children had developed a cat allergy.

I was looking for a kitten and when she told me about this problem, I offered to have Tess. She is now 9 months old and weighs 3.920 kilos.

She follows me everywhere, loves to play with water and 'talks' to me with strange chirpy sounds. Her fur is beautifully silky and she has a typical long coon tail.

She also has longish white belly fur and britches. When standing, her paws are domed with tufts and her eyes are gold/green. Is she a Maine Coon or a mix?

(Note from editor: Lesley, your pictures didn't come through - This happens when they are large files, meaning high quality photos. There are tips here for editing photos for the web, if you'd like to try again. Without an email address, I was unable to contact you.)

Lily and Sirius: Could my cute little rescue kitties be Maine Coon mix?

By: Memory in Oregon

Lily and Sirius

Lily at 4-6 months (not sure how old they are, vet estimated they were around 4 months when I first got them)

Lily and Sirius Lily and Sirius Lily and Sirius Lily and Sirius

These are two of the CLUMSIEST cats I have ever had! They get so wrapped up in what they are doing that they fall off the bed or the couch.

They are both super affectionate, and my boy kitty talks A LOT. They have little ear tufts, but they have really big tufts of fur between all their little toes.

They both have a lighter under coat than their top coat. Lily's tail is very fluffy, when she walks with it straight up some of the hairs fan out, she looks like a little peacock!

Sirius' paws are already looking really big and they are just now nearing about 11 months old according to my vet (they were rescue kitties brought in by a couple who said they found them near their barn, so we don't know how old they are).

They're really sweet, getting really big, and they look kind of like Maine Coons, but I'm not super familiar with the breed so I don't know for sure.

Yoyo our yoyo cat. Is he a Maine Coon or part Maine Coon


Yoyo is my daughter's cat she adopted from a pet shelter.

He is a big goofy 6 year old male with lots and lots of fur, fluffy big tail, fur between toes and ears and big eyes. Soooo Cute.

When he was a kitten he wasn't very graceful and kept having slight balancing trouble. We took him to the vet and he laughed, he said Yoyo's tail was so long and big it was throwing him off balance and that he would grow into it. He has, but it was kind of funny and he was a ding bat so my daughter named him Yoyo.

He has always been a clown. He waits by the front, back & side door for hours for us. When I drive home he hears my truck and comes running from the back yard to the front to great me. He likes to follow us from room to room.

He loves to roll over onto his back and have his tummy rubbed, he also sleeps that way. He is not crazy about water, I think because someone had thrown him into a pool when he was little as punishment. But he does drink a lot of water.

We have always said we think he thinks he is a dog.

I had never even heard of a Maine Coon Cat until a few days ago when we had a garage sale.

Yoyo kept coming out and greeting everyone and saying hi. Over the course of the day I had three people ask me if he was a Maine Coon Cat. I didn't know what that was, so here I am trying to find out if our Yoyo may me a Maine Coon Cat.

Princess Purr

By: Michelle in Jefferson, NC

Princess Purr

Princess Purr Princess Purr Princess Purr

She is an extremely vocal cat especially when she wants something.

She does have the ear tufts but not as extreme as some cats, she also has a lot of fur between her toes. At 1 year old she weighed just over 11 lbs. She is also very long.

Some things that make me think no is she does get sick of the kids and search out a quiet spot, she does not like to be held, she likes to be petted when she wants to be but you better not hold her.

She really reminds me a lot of a Chow dog so not your average dog.

I Think My Rescue Kitten Is At Least Part Maine Coon

By: Linda in Troy, Ohio, US

Missy on her

A friend of mine, on seeing Missy's picture said she thought she was a Maine Coon, so I researched and she looks very much like some of the cats on this site. Her personality certainly fits the bill! So here is Missy, see what you think.

Fuff Fuff

By: Marjorie Healey in Carterton, New Zealand
Fuff Fuff

This darling adopted me. And several people remarked that he looked like he is or has Maine Coon in him.

Is Ana A Maine Coon Mix??


Hi! We got our kitty from a woman who had a Maine Coon already, but said Ana and her sister were from a shelter.

I think she looks like she could be a mix. Her personality and big, looong tail make me think she could be.

Either way she's the best cat I've ever had and I've had lots in my life. Her nickname is Doc McFluffins! What do you think??


By: Nikki in Ireland


Lilly Lilly Lilly Lilly

Lilly along with her sister Tiger were abandoned outside the house of a woman known to take in strays.

They were both just 4 weeks old and very weak when I decided to take them. Tiger was unfortunately hit with a car close to her first birthday but she was huge for age and showed a lot of Maine Coon traits.

Lilly is still going strong and is almost 3 now but is much smaller. She weighs 6 pound but looks bigger due to her fluffy coat. I have added pictures of both at different ages but they must be Maine Coon mixes?!


By: Yvonne in Hooksett, NH USA


Tazz Tazz Tazz Tazz

I think he is part Maine Coon, he has all the personality traits and his muzzle is square and his fangs are long and he has a very fluffy mane and tail.

Also he needs attention 24/7 and gets under foot all the time, he likes to play fetch,he does the most intelligent things that I have ever seen a cat do.

We always swear he thinks he is a dog. He never hides when strangers come in my house, infact he is rubbing his head all over them. He knew we had a Christmas gift under the tree for him cause he was searching for it(no cat nipp either).

Every time I open a package he thinks the item is for him,and he sometimes just looks at you with this intelligent look I think if he could talk he would say something to me when he does that, and I swear he understands English because he knows when we're talking about him and he obeys my commands, like no.

He loves laying on his back and the fur on his tummy is like down feathers, its sooo soft. He has long fangs(and a foot fetish) cause his fangs are always scratching my feet when he nuzzles it, it hurts! He is such a sweet cat. We love him.


By: Brett in Maryland


Oliver Oliver Oliver Oliver

My partner and I were fortunate to find Oliver by chance. One of my mother in laws neighbors found him wandering by the highway behind their house and started feeding them.

Cat lovers themselves, they wanted him to find a good home but couldn't keep him. We did not want a cat (we are dog people) but once we laid eyes on him, and received a hug from Oliver, we knew we had to keep him.

I have never had a cat that was so affectionate and boy you talk about a vocal attitude. He loves to nuzzle in your face and hug people. Never shies away from anyone although when he wants alone time he can tell you with just one look.

We attempted to find his owners but as he wasn't chipped it was difficult. He was already neutered and house trained, has a full set of claws/talons and has never scratched anything other than the carpet. We couldn't be more fortunate to have him. Did I mention I think he is a beautiful cat, his markings are wonderful and fluff of hair around his neck that you just can’t help but play with.

Now on to why I think he might be part Coon. He does have some of the attitude traits but not all. He is affectionate without a doubt and vocal to say the least.

If he wants something he will politely walk up to you and yell his demands. The first night we brought him home he had no reservations to perching on my chest and falling asleep, just like we had him since he was a kitten.

Oliver has no desire for toys, if it is a human operated toy (feather on a stick, etc.) he will look at you with an expression that asks who are you trying to fool. I have tried many toys with no luck even to the point of buying a laser pointer, I hate laser pointer toys, and he would not pay it any attention. He will however play with us when provoked and you can see the playful kitten come out in him, especially if there is wrapping paper involved.

His looks, I feel, have similar features, his ears do have tufts at the tips but they are shorter and long tufts coming out of them. He does have the eyes, they are big, green and convey what he is thinking. While he’s not a large cat he is of nice size, he is solid, well-proportioned and has some weight to him. His paws are big and have the tufts of fur coming out, my partner, for some odd reason wanted to trim this, I told him he was crazy. He has a big fluffy tail that is constantly in and elegant motion and is constantly wrapped around him.

Sorry this has turned into such a long rant, but when you have a cat and not children they turn into your child. As I said in the beginning he is more or less a stray to us, we have no clue who his parents were so I am interested as to what others might think. Our vet isn't sure what he is. So what do you all think?

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