April 2012 Maybes and Mixes

Welcome to our April 2012 album of possible Maine Coons and mixes, where cat lovers come to ask if their cat has some Coonie in him or her!

Maybe-Maine Coon Cats For April:

Is Keaton a Coonton?

By: Cathy in Fairport, NY


Keaton at 6 weeks

Keaton Keaton Keaton Keaton

Hi! I would love some input on my kitty, Keaton. He came out of a New York City shelter and I fostered him for my cat rescue. I fostered more than 40 cats over the span of 4 years, and he was the only exception to my rule of not adopting a foster!

At two, he's a big boy; fourteen pounds and still growing. He has ear tufts and dense fur between his footpads and toes. He differs from purebred MCs in that he doesn't have much of a muzzle at all, and his tail is not hugely fluffy; more like in proportion to the rest of his shaggy coat.

He is absolutely like a dog, a very smart dog. If you are the only one home he will follow you throughout the house, dogging your every step. He insists on “helping” with everything you do by lying on it, in it, or between you and it. Create a vacuum, i.e. take a drawer out of a dresser, open a door, clear a shelf, and *poof* he's right there taking its place. You often find him waiting outside of any room you're in when you open the door, or lying in front of the door to any room you are about to enter, or blocking the door of the room you're about to leave. He seems to know where you're going before you do.

Keaton is the leader, guardian and protector of the other cats. He is taking a long time to grow up; he loves to play just like he did when he was a kitten, when my other cats were more "mature" at 2 years. He will intensely stare at his laser pointer hanging on the wall and then intensely stare at you until you get it down and play with him already. Or he'll bring you a toy and drop it at your feet like a dog.

I found this description on the MC page of a cat fancier website, and it is exactly how Keaton behaves, EXACTLY.

Sorry this is so long. What do you think?

Is my Kitten Elvis a Maine Coon?

By: Donna in Highland Lakes, NJ


Elvis Elvis Elvis

I just adopted little Elvis from the Humane Society.

He got car sick in his carrier on the way home from the shelter. I gave him a bath to clean him up when we got home and he loved it.

He is 8 weeks old and plays non stop until he falls asleep. He is very vocal and lets you know what he dislikes.

The first night he was ready to snuggle when he got tired. He is very little but has a huge personality. I have fallen totally in love with him.

To me he looks like a Maine Coon but I am not sure what percentage.

Maine Coon Maybe?

By: Cheri Hitt in Raleigh, NC

Maybe Maine Coon Kitten

Maybe Maine Coon Kitten Maybe Maine Coon Kitten Maybe Maine Coon Kitten Maybe Maine Coon Kitten

My friends had a kitten that started hanging around their house for 3 weeks. They fed and sheltered it.

They called me and said "Cheri" I think he is someone's Maine Coon. He is a very very loving kitten who seems to already be socialized. We went to the shelters and then had him checked for a chip but nothing.

About a week ago, I took him home and gave him a new home. I feel bad that someone may have lost their kitten...

He is about 7 months old, and we brought him in the house and we were worried he would have a hard transition because he spent the last 3 weeks outside. He has never once ran to a door or even want to go out. He has huge paws and knows what human food is and likes it. I have never had a cat who preferred human food.

Today I was putting away the groceries and I had a steak on the floor in a bag. He opened the bag, ripped through the packaging and started eating it. Freaked me out!!!!!

Attached you will see my 7 month old Maine Coon Maybe?

Cheri Hitt



By: Chris in Martinsville, Indiana

Tiger is 2 years old. I recently rescued him from a shelter. I believe he is full Maine Coon, but not sure.

He is very sweet and loves to cuddle. He likes to talk and get plenty of attention. By far the best cat I have ever seen or have had.

Question- Is he a Maine Coon??

By: Amanda Rathbone in Jacksonville, FL


Pharoah and my daughter

Pharoah Pharoah Pharoah

My sister found this cat when he was a few weeks old in a field near her house. She took him in and realized he had a wound and helped heal it.

I fell in love when I saw him and took him home. I am not sure what type of cat he is but everyone is telling me his a Maine Coon. Plus for him only being a year and half he is large compared to all the other cats I have ever owned.

Please can someone help me figure out what he is?? My email is (removed to prevent spam) if anyone can help.


Cheri Hitt: My cats face looks exactly the same way. Like a mask, I love it.

Sue Fogg: He looks like he has some Siamese or Tonkinese in him his face is very tri-angular and his eyes are not set like Maine Coons...but he is lovely and could have a dash of Coonie in him somewhere!!!

Our cat, 12 years old, is BIG and he really looks like a Maine Coon... Is he?

By: Sofie in Davis, California


Punky Punky Punky

We adopted Punky 12 years ago through a PetCo in California. I only recently learned about Maine Coons.

I've always known he was "special" and described him as a cat-dog... He can meow, but usually "squeaks" and looks us straight in the face as if talking.

He insists on sitting on a tall stool at the table when we eat dinner. He follows me around the house (when awake) and engages in things I do.

I truly used to think he was a little crazy but reading about the breed I can see he is NORMAL! At least if he's a Coon...

I haven't weighed him but he's a large cat. Not enormous. Very very long whiskers. Soft fur on his belly, shiny and stiffer on top. What do you think?


Miok: What a gorgeous gentleman! He has both the traits of a Maine Coon and the personality too. Also unique to him is his "calico" three colors, which is rare in a male cat. Maine Coons are one of the most dog like cats that exist. The way he chirps and follows you around is also so characteristic. I had a Maine Coon for 15 years and he was the love of my life! What a wonderful Coon you have.

I'm pretty positive I have myself a Black Smoke variation of Maine Coon.

By: Taylor O. in Florida, USA


Front Face Photo, Hiro

Hiro Hiro Hiro

Hiro is unlike any cat I've ever met. He will play fetch, do tricks for treats, and acts more like a dog than I could ever expect.

He has just turned three, and last I took him to the vet (In the fall) he was thirteen pounds, and probably even heavier now. He is a pretty big boy, when stretched from tip to tip he is almost half my height! (I am 5'4" and he is the length of my legs.)

His tail goes on for miles, and has the most beautiful, yet oddly colored coat I've ever seen. He seems to fit every characteristic of Maine Coon to a 'T'.

Is it just me, or does he seem to be a perfect match?


Cynthia: Why do I feel like I hear Clint Eastwood? "Go ahead, make my day." Love the expression!

Cindy Richards: he is gorgeous!!

Lynne: what a unique coat. def. maine coon, gorgeous.

Koda St. James, Is He A Maine Coon?

By: Jess Dawson in Australia


The day I brought him home :)

Koda Koda Koda Koda

I was doing some work experience at a pet store and some elderly women came into the store and left a kitten that they didn't want.

I thought he was absolutely gorgeous so I brought him home.I was told he was just a normal grey tabby but when he got older and more fluffier, he didn't look like a normal tabby.

Then when me and my mum went to a cat show, they had Maine Coon kittens there and they were the spitting image of my baby, so is he a Maine Coon?


April: Yes! He looks like my Gizmo

Jess: he is so adorable!


By: Jeff and Holly in Radcliff, KY

The grayish brown one


We know he was born in a parking lot and his mother was a Tabby.

He is 8 years old and is currently 15 pounds (although he has been heavier). He is very mild mannered and loving. He scares easily.

He is very sociable with other cats. He is well proportioned now, but as a kitten, was all ears, paws, and tail. The ONLY Maine Coon trait we DON'T see is the long hair.


By: Ellen
big ears for a kitten!

We have adopted all our kitties. Our latest is from City Critters, a NYC rescue and foster organization that shows kittens and cats for adoption at our neighborhood Petco.

We look at the kitties every time we go, and have to tear ourselves away lest we have an apt full of cats. But last November we saw a gorgeous little fluffy kitten with big ears named August. We played with her; I had to go to an appt.; next thing I knew I had an email on my phone from my husband with a picture of the kitten in our apt!

They told us she looked like a Maine Coon or Norwegian Forest Cat. As she grew, she showed every unmistakable sign of being a Maine Coon; from her body shape (rectangular, stocky) to her paws (large, fur tufts between toes) to her ears (large, tufted at tips) to her face (white outline of eyes, black spotted muzzle) to her coat (long, mildly oily/water repellent, thick) of course, her personality!


She's always good-natured, always in the room with us, loves being groomed, and plays fetch! She'll perk her ears whenever she hears tin foil; as soon as my husband rolls it into a ball and tosses it, she's off and running.

But her looks really nail it; she looks EXACTLY like purebred Maine coons, even tho' every website assures me every Maine Coon in the USA is accounted for, and anything else is a mutt mix.

I don't know what she's mixed with, but it works for us!

Does our kitten look like a Maine Coon?!?

By: Steen in Bakersfield, CA. US


Lana Lana Lana Lana

This is Lana, she was found abandoned in a work yard and brought to me by my Mom. She was soo extremely tiny and we thought she might be around 4 weeks (that was 6 weeks ago).

She is the first long haired cat in the family (we also have an all black cat and all white cat, both short haired and a beagle) so instantly the search was on about what she might look like when she gets older.

Then the consensus in the family became that she must be a Maine Coon based on her fluffy fur, hair puffs at the tips of her ears and in-between her toes. She has been the the vet and they said they think she is around 11 weeks but only weighs about 3lbs. I am thinking that if she is a Maine Coon that she should weigh more?

She does seem rather tall for being a young kitten though. She is extremely playful and super fast! She isn't afraid of anything, she just tackles and jumps all over the other cats, she even goes right up to the beagle and likes to get in his face!

She is a bit of a biter, not hard but that seems to be her go to move, instead of scratching like our other cats did when they were kittens. She often swings her paws at us but with claws in, so she never scratches us, just wants to grab our fingers and hands to bite on.

She will also run up to you and then jump up on her back legs with her front paws in the hair, so she is kind of standing on her back legs, then run off...is this some kind of Maine Coon trait? I've never seen a kitten do that move before!

Her fur is really long and on her tummy it seems to have a slight curl to it. She is mainly grey but has some cream and even a bit of white on her tummy and on her back legs. She also loves to jump in the shower once I've turned the water off and opened the door to dry off, she runs around in the remaining water on the shower floor, shaking her paws all around flinging little drops of water everywhere. Our other cats certainly have no interest in this activity!

Please let me know what you guys think, we are very anxious to see how this sweet little girl grows up and we think it would be amazing if she had a little Maine Coon in her!


Cheri Hitt, Wendell Jones: The ears really suggest she is Maine Coon. But this water play is something I have only seen with Maine Coons. Looks like there is at least one Maine Coon in her background.


By: Melody Dillabough in Benson, MN, USA


Kokomo Kokomo Kokomo Kokomo

We just recently adopted a very large cat from the shelter. He's very big, 12 Lbs, and has very long thick hair.

He's got medium length tufts of hair coming out from between his toes, has a very thick, long, shaggy very water-resistant coat of fur. He's got a huge nose that we like to say is more of a dog nose than a cat nose.

He's pretty vocal with a nasally meow and chirps. He pretty much got along with our other cat from the moment we got him. It did take our other cat about 4 days to get completely used to him though.

He loves to sleep right next to my son at night and will jump up on the couch and either lay right next to us or lay half on us. I thought my parent's cat was a big thick cat but he's got nothing on our Kokomo.

We've been curious for a while whether he may be part main coon or all Maine Coon. I've never seen a cat this big before. He's such a well mannered cat and very loving. I've added a few pictures to help you guys determine whether he's a Maine Coon or even part Maine Coon.

He's about 2 years old and is still very kitten-like. he loves to play and chases toys all over the place. Would you please look and see what you think? I'd appreciate it so much. Thank you very much. Melody Dillabough.


Susan: My little girl looks just like you cat Kokomo. Trying looking Turkish Angora. We had thought out kitty was a Main Coon and found out she was an Turkish Angora. She is all black. We also got her from a shelter.


By: Debora in Ottawa, Ontario

When my dear Felix passed away last summer, I was hesitant to get another. I kept visiting the PetSmart who receive shelter cats often.

One day for some reason I decidedly took the carrier with me. That's when I found Tommy. His owner had passed away and so I felt we had something in common.

He was almost too large for his little cubicle and had his big paw on his eyes. He was the one for me. He is soooo sweet, brings me his toy mice to play, has to be in the same room as me always, and I don't need an alarm clock any more-!

The vet thinks he is about 2 years old, and he weights 12.5 lbs. He is so vocal it took me a while to actually get use to it.

He snuggles up with me at night, and sits right my by sewing machine when I sew. Does anyone think he may be a Main coon or mix? thanks, Debora


Vickie: He looks just like my male George who is a pure coon and one year old. He also loves the water and is so sweet!!! Can have a nasty streak though; if he don't get his attention!

Lily Upton: Sounds like my Thomas! He hates eating alone, talks a lot (more than my two moggies combined) and follows me everywhere, even into the bathroom!

Donna: Just by looking at Tommy sitting near the sink, he reminds me of my male Maine Coon. Who can not get enough water.

Deb: Just wondering like many others whether my newly adopted kitty is a Maine Coon or a mix.....

Maine Coon?

By: Kelsie

A couple weeks before thanksgiving I decided my 4 year old kitty needed a friend. He had to be orange. We found a lady that was selling Maine Coons and giving away domestic kittens. She handed me the only orange kitten, which I took and named Jordan.

I was watching an episode of too cute kittens on animal planet a couple days ago and they had A Maine Coon litter on the show. The parents were both black yet they had orange kittens. This morning we we weighed Jordan and he weighs 8 pounds. Hes only 5 months old and he is already almost as big as my 4 year old cat! He is abnormally fluffy to be a domestic cat we thing. We cant tell by his tail because he was born with half a tail. What he does have is very fluffy compared to my other domestic cat.

He is very playful and doesn't like to be held unless I take him out of my room. In that case he cant be anywhere away from me. We were thinking maybe the lady didn't know the Maine Coon mommy had an orange baby?

Our Big Guy Sox!

By: Angie in San Antonio, TX


Sox Sox Sox

This is our big boy Sox. As of his last visit to the vet he weighed in at 19 lbs. We have had him since the day he was born (April 2005). I never really thought about what type of cat he might be, we'd just always knew he was a mixed cat, his momma was just an ordinary mixed cat.

But he has some characteristics of the Maine Coon... the first being his size, he is a quite a large cat both in weight and height/length. He has a lions mane and big tufts between his toes that Ive always thought were unique and cute.

Sox isn't very vocal, but when he has something to say he talks with a low pitched meow. He DOES let my husband know it's past time to go to bed if he hasn't gone to bed by 9:30.

Sox isn't a very social cat, as a matter of fact we call him a grumpy old man. He doesn't like to play with our other two cats, but will play with us.

He loves to be petted around the scruff of his neck and when he gets the middle of his back scratched he does this really funny thing where he starts bobbing his head up and down and licks the air. The faster you scratch, the faster his head bobs! He has been such a great companion and we all love him!

My Social Emily

By: Linda Siegel in Bethany Beach, DE

Emily is a rescue. She is very social. We live in a small beach town where she likes to wander a lot I get 5-10 phone calls a week from tourists thinking she's lost. She loves the Holiday Inn. The front desk calls and and says "she's here again." She's the most loving cat I've ever owned!!!


Andrew Lawton: I trust that since Emily wanders, that you have had her chipped and have an ID tag for her. I can't imagine being without our Maine Coon, but ours is strictly indoors.


King Louie

By: Emily in St. Louis, MO

We adopted this big guy not long ago. He has many of the traits of a main coon, following us from room to room, adapting quickly to leash training, acting more dog than cat-like.

Unlikely that he is a Maine Coon, but could he be a mix?

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