by Joy
(Perth Western Australia)

This is Majesticoon Anna-Belle - she was part of the first litter of Maine Coon kittens born in Perth Western Australia. Maine Coons are not very common in Australia and many people do not know about them.

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maine coon christmas gifts

annabelle cat rip

Anna-Belle sadly died of a heart tumour at the age of nine and I miss her very day. She was the most loving cat I have ever had.


God bless the people who love the animals.
by: Monkey & Debbie
My heart feels the pain of your loss. Their time here on earth is never long enough. We will be all together again. Know in your heart you were loved as much As you loved. The most selfless love I know. Peace be with you. =^.^=

R.I.P. Anna-Belle
by: Denise
I am so sorry for your loss of your beautiful Anna-Bell.She is in heaven now with all the other babies. I thank God everyday for my Coonie Gabby who will be 17 years old on Oct. 26. xoxox

Anna- Belle
by: Jim Van Riper
This was sent to my wife and I when we lost our Maine Coon Chowder to Pancreatic Cancer two years ago. It still seems like just yesterday. I hope this helps you in someway.

My friend, when I am very old or I no longer enjoy good health, hearing and sight--do not make heroic efforts to keep me going. I am not having fun. Please see to it that my life is taken gently. I shall leave this earth knowing with the last breath I draw...that my fate was always safest in your hands. -unknown-

Beautiful Anna-Belle
by: Dunja
Sorry to hear about your loss of Anna-Belle. She was a beauty. I am sure she will forever live on in your heart. RIP sweetheart!

Still thinking of you
by: Joy Mchenry Throssell
My new Coonie, Mink stepped on the computer and I am not sure you got my first message... Maine Coon kisses and feline Hugs,,, Joy

Adios Ms Anna-Belle Down Under
by: Andy
So sorry for your loss. Judging from the picture she looked inquisitive, intelligent and no doubt pampered & loved? My own darling (Foxxy) is now approaching 9. I suppose All Things Must's always hard when it's a good friend.

AnnaBelle and Goliath
by: Joy McHenry Throssell
Dear Joy,
I am sadder than sad for you and understand your grief only too well.I lost my Maine Coon mix a year ago this month and cry and even sob out loud often and at unexpected times.

Goliath is always in my heart, as I know Anna-Belle is in yours.. I do have another rescue Mix. He helps, but I think my heart is broken in pieces.. Joy, I was born in Perth. Grew up at the Nedlands Park Hotel, or Steves, my Dad, and in boarding school at M.L.C.

Still very close to family and friends there. Where are you? Maybe we know some f the same people, though I am very old.. /email me if you like at In feline friendship. Joy in Welches Oregon.

I'm so sorry
by: Nicoletta
I am so sorry, Anna-Belle.
I know how painful it is now. Last year I lost my Beowulf to metastatic cancer at 8 1/2.
Time does heal wounds and you will be able to remember her without crying.
Big and gentle hugs to you

So Sorry
by: Norma Ardesson
So very sorry about your beautiful cat and friend!! I know how hard it is to loose someone who is such a joy and love of your life.

Please get another Maine Coone as soon as you can. They can heal your hurt!!!

I have a new 4 month old baby -- her name is TC for Too Cute.

Norma Ardesson
Bozeman, MT

by: karen - Coburg VIC
I am sorry to hear of your loss, Anna-Belle is beautiful another gorgeous Coonie going to the rainbow bridge - you will meet up again in time. The silence is horrible, hope you get another Coonie soon. We have a Coonie called Tassie Girl. God Bless from Karen Mark and Tassie Girl - Coburg Victoria

Heartfelt condolences
by: Despo
Annabelle, I am so sorry about your tremendous loss. I lost my beautiful Maine Coon in February. He battled dIabetes for 10 years. I still cry when I think of him. They are the most loving kitties. So sorry about your loss.

So sorry for your lose its so hard when they go young I just lost my 1yr old coonie and lost a 6yrold coonie to heart issues also. so sorry HUGS

With Sympathy
by: Karen Conner-Beck
So sorry for your loss of Anna Belle. She was a beautiful girl. Although she can never be replaced, hope you find another coonie to love!

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maine coon christmas gifts
maine coon christmas gifts

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