Annabelle (Annie for Short)

Perhaps She is a Maine Coon Mix?

by Debbie

We have wondered for quite awhile whether our beloved Cat Annie, is a Maine Coon mix. We knew she was different from all the other cats we have owned.

brown tabby cat on kitchen table
brown tabby cat on couch

Our Daughter and Son-in-Law found her with her litter mates in a grocery store parking lot. I can't believe someone would dump off a litter of kittens in a parking lot. The litter had beautiful tabby markings.

The tiny kitty she brought home had what look like a beautiful shades of gray and black and some brown, with white paws, and solid white chest.

She looked like she had a mohawk of long beautiful fur running right down the center of her back. It was comical looking.

As Annie Grew Older, she grew into her beautiful long hair. Her tail was a large fluffy tail that looked like a raccoon tail, with the rings. She had large eyes, and the cutest most expressive little face.

My Daughter and I called her our calender kitty. We noticed how many physical characteristics that were quite different and unique from other cats we owned or had been around.

She had the tufts of hair lining the inside of her ears. She does have the tufts of hair at the top tips of her ears, but they don't appear prominent though. She had tufts of hair between her toes on her paws.

She had the mane which is mostly white, that looked like a lion's mane. She had the longest whiskers. Her paws are huge. We started thinking what kind of cat is she? She and our Dog Chester were the best buddies.

I thought at the time she was getting her personality from Chester, because I told my husband she behaves more like a dog, than a cat, in the way that she interacts with her humans, and seemed more emotionally attached than you see from most cats.

She will come to you when you call her name. She will make eye contact, where most cats choose to avoid that.

She's very vocal and loves to talk. She chirps. She's fascinated with water. She is very social and loves to be around people.

She is not a lap kitty, but loves to be right where I am and to sit next to me. Everyone just loves her, and says she is such a beautiful cat.

When I started reading about the different breeds of cats, and saw pics of Maine Coons, I thought they look just like Annie, and then I started reading about their physical and personality characteristics, and couldn't believe how many of these traits she also shared with them, so we came to the conclusion that our Annie could very well be a maine coon mix!

We just love her and she has been a member of our household for 13 years. If we got another Cat, it would have to be a Maine Coon or Maine Coon mix, because Annie has been such fun!

Sweet Annie
by: Maine Coon Cat Nation

Hi Debbie,
Annie is looking terrific, especially for a thirteen year old gal! She's a pretty lady.

You've given us such a nice description of her personality. That, combined with her photo, makes a strong case for Annie as a Maine Coon mix. As you know, a litter of purebred kittens wouldn't have been abandoned, but they could have been mixed.

Although, I bet the "owners" didn't know it. If the Momma was a Maine Coon cat, they could have used that info to help place the kittens. In any event, I totally agree with you. It's horrible to just abandon animals like that.

So, you came to the conclusion that Annie could be a Maine Coon mix, and I agree! She certainly could be. We can't say for sure, but there's absolutely enough "evidence" for your conclusion!

It's lovely to see an older cat looking so happy, loved, and pampered. Enjoy those Golden Years with Miss Annabelle,


Annie's 1st mommy
by: Sherry

I just love her. The day I saw her at the parking lot I fell in love. She and her brother were hiding in some crates in front of the store. I reached in and told my hubby she was coming home with us. It was spring time and she could have been about 7 to 10 weeks.

She is one of the most loving girls I know. When she was baby and started meowing.

My mom and I thought it sounded like a bell. So being orphaned (Annie) and her meow ( belle). She is never aggressive.

Very expressive and loves her humans. Even her best bud Chester aka doggie pal were just great together. She sure did missed him when he passed away.

As a baby I could wrap her in a blankie like I do my chihuahuas. And her fascination with water seemed inbred. With Annie you knew you has a buddy to do dishes with. Then when house work was done, it was time for a nap.

All I had to do is call" Anniebelle" and here she come running. Sounded like a small dog running across the floor. Thump thump.

LOL She is definitely the calendar kitty. Everybody has commented on how pretty she is even from babyhood. She was born to be beautiful and pampered. And that she is. I love you Miss Annie. :)

by: Maine Coon Cat Nation

Awww, Sherry,
That just makes my heart melt! A wonderful tribute to a wonderful girl. She sounds so special.

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